The Nazis in Ukraine are Real

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Some videos and articles attest to the extreme brutality of those fanatics; and the Western media's denial that there ARE Nazis in Ukraine makes all of them accomplices to crimes against humanity

Mark Crispin Miller

Here we are again, struggling to inform the hypnotized of facts that, though they need to know them, they don’t want to; only now it isn’t scientific data that they angrily blow off, though it could save their lives, but facts of recent history that they indignantly dismiss, though it could save us all from nuclear annihilation.

The videos and articles below make clear that (a) there are Nazis in Ukraine, that (b) they’ve been committing horrifying crimes against humanity in East Ukraine, and, therefore, that (c) all who are now parroting the media’s heroic jive are hailing Nazi criminals, whose racist ideology and wildly brutal violence have been obscured completely by this witless, all-or-nothing celebration of “Ukraine.”

Thus we are reliving the dark days of 2014, and the dark years thereafter, when the glaring evidence of Nazi criminality enabled by the US coup was systematically blacked out, and even pointedly denied, by “our free press”—most notably the New York Times, which, back then, set the tone for the vast whitewash that the media are now conducting daily. (For the best critique of that grave journalistic failure, or complicity, read Robert Parry’s Ukraine coverage in Consortium News.


And—speaking of the Times—this moment also harks back even farther, to the Thirties, when the Nazi terror in Germany was largely whitewashed by the Gray Lady and most other Western media, so that those who were aware of what was happening under Hitler, and grasped the urgency of waking people up to it, did all they could to spread the word. Those few heroic efforts included the British publication, in 1936, of The Yellow Spot, an anonymously authored exposé of the anti-Jewish persecution launched as soon as Hitler came to power, and, in France, the intrepid journalism of Phillipe Soupault (who was imprisoned by the Nazis in 1940).


(On the New York Times’ Nazi-friendly reportage—especially by the Hitler-smitten Otto Tolischus—see Ashley Rindsberg’s indispensable The Gray Lady Winked: https://www.thegrayladywinked.com/.)

For a good retrospective on the Nazis in Ukraine since the so-called “Maidan revolution” in February, 2014, see Eric Zeusse’s comprehensive article in Global Research (link below); and/or watch, and read, the grim material noted here, if you have the stomach for it.


(Whereas the ongoing celebration of “Ukraine” by “our free press” is classic propaganda, just like the Allied propaganda over “Belgium” in World War I, or the US/British propaganda over “Kuwait” in 1990, the harrowing material described herein is not propaganda, since propaganda isn’t buried here and there, requiring disinterment by some lone professor, and his underpaid assistant, for the enlightenment of a few thousand people reading Substack. Any “propaganda” that takes so much effort to dig up may, certainly, be questioned, or doubted, or found to be inaccurate or false; but “propaganda” it most certainly is not, unless it should be systematically deployed as such.)

From Dylan Harnett:

When people receive these links, they should know that these aren't necessarily safe sites to go on. I recommend having anti-malware software on your computer and to disable pop-ups. You might want to disable cookies as well. Surf the web at your own risk.

Website with hours of footage--some of it extremely graphic--from the 2010s of and about Ukrainian authorities' crimes against civilians in Eastern Ukraine

Lots of footage, including a few Ukrainian girls doing Nazi salutes; hundreds of Ukrainians in a stadium jumping up and down and chanting "whoever doesn't jump is a dirty moskal" (slur against Russian people); accounts from the people of east Ukraine of the shelling by the Ukrainian authorities; and graphic footage of corpses. DISTURBING:


Documentary Donbass by Anne-Laure Bonnel


It starts with Poroshenko in 2014 saying, "We will have work and they [people in east Ukraine] will not. We will have pensions and they will not; We will have benefits for pensioners and children and they will not; Our children will go to school and their children will stay in the cellars. Because they can't do anything. And that's how, precisely that, we will win this war."

September 10, 2014. "Ukrainian Nationalist Volunteers Committing 'ISIS-Style' War Crimes." Newsweek.

The article mentions "images of what appeared to be the severed heads" of two civilian separatists--presumably killed by Ukrainian nationalists--that went viral on social media in 2014. Oddly enough, those images have become difficult to find. If you have information about where to find them, please contact us. https://www.newsweek.com/evidence-war-crimes-committed-ukrainian-nationalist-volunteers-grows-269604?source=patrick.net

Ukrainian extremists (probably the Neo-Nazi ones though I am not sure) brutally torture an anti-war, pro-separatist, and Jewish MMA fighter named Maxim Ryndovskiy

An article that does not show the unsettling images or video of the torture: https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2022/03/09/umma-m09.html?source=patrick.net

Disturbing video of the torture:

Twitter avatar for @politblogme
Maria Dubovikova
In Kyiv, local [I don’t know to fucking call them] extremists caught and brutally torture a famous Ukrainian athlete, MMA fighter, Maxim Ryndovsky. All his fault is that he trained with the Chechen club "Akhmat".
March 5th 2022

"Right Sector" Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Tried to Assassinate Politician Vyacheslav Sobolev, But Instead, They Killed His Three-year-old Son


Video of Alleged Ukrainian Nationalists Stopping a Civilian in His Car, then Gunning Him Down When He Tries to Run. The date was February 26, 2022 (purportedly or actually).

WARNING: Do NOT go exploring on the site at the link below unless you are ready to avert your eyes from some really weird, gory videos. If you click on the link and don't scroll further down than the video, you will just see lots of porn ads. But that's the least of it. If you were to click on other parts of the site, or if you just scrolled down directly below the video, you might come across images that you will quickly try to erase from your memory. The site's audience are probably sadists who enjoy to see things that would be repugnant to most people. (It's called "alivegore" for a reason.) The porn ads are so big that when you click on the link you will basically see nudity right away. Porn sites might pop up on your computer without your knowledge:

NSFW, GORE https://alivegore.com/war/2947-nationalists-with-weapons-in-their-hands-terrorize-local-residents-kyiv-ukraine.html?source=patrick.net

It's the 2nd video when you scroll down. The 1st video shows more alleged Ukrainian nationalist soldiers, who appear to threaten a civilian at gunpoint.

Tank shoots at civilians in the street. Supposedly the tank is Ukrainian-nationalist.

SEE THE ABOVE WARNING ABOUT THIS SITE. NSFW, GORE. https://alivegore.com/war/2935-bmp-4-of-ukrainian-nationalists-shoots-from-a-cannon-in-the-city.html?source=patrick.net

A Billboard allegedly reads "Zelensky Stop Shooting At Civilians, The Russians Are Not Here" in Russian
SAME SITE, SAME WARNING APPLIES. NSFW, GORE: https://alivegore.com/war/2960-the-inscription-in-russian-zelensky-stop-shooting-at-civilians-the-russians-are-not-here.html?source=patrick.net

Maxim Yarosh, Prominent Azov member, beats up a woman.


Ukrainian nationalists barging into the house of, being rough with, and kidnapping a man who allegedly keeps weapons for the separatists.

There is some debate in the comments--in the Ukrainian language--about whether the man really kept weapons for the Separatists or not.

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206   AD   2023 Sep 27, 11:56am  

Deplorable most of the Ukranians that joined to the SS subscribed to its views other than they wanted Ukraine to be an independent state and to see the Soviets power to be reduced.
207   richwicks   2023 Sep 27, 2:43pm  

Schwarzwaelder says

For instance: you said you are convinced user Bitcoin died of the jab. Yet, there was no evidence and it’s obviously not true but you repeated this over and over.

I specifically wrote him multiple times and didn't receive a response and I didn't say I was "convinced" he had died, but I considered it a possibility because the fool kept getting boosters for the coof AFTER he claimed he had a bad reaction to a booster.

What an idiot. He knew that the disease wasn't dangerous, he had a bad reaction to it, and he knew the vaccine didn't prevent infection. What a moron.

The evidence was he posted regularly, and then suddenly just stopped on May 4, 2022.


He MIGHT be dead, that's a legitimate possibility.


He stopped posting not too long before he bragged, literally bragged, that he was going to get another booster. I wouldn't be surprised IF he's dead.

Schwarzwaelder says

You also made other statements like Russia never lost a war or France is lost (after the riots). You just need to keep in mind there might be another alternative (contrary to your belief) out there that you can’t see at the moment. Maybe look into “black and white thinking”?

You're being dishonest now. I said, and I quote: "Russia has never lost a war to my knowledge"

Emphasis added.


Look, Ukraine is easy to understand. The US created wars to launder money, that is a PRINCIPLE reason they engage in war. They blow up some place, and once it's over, they offer to "rebuild", they make ONE or two buildings, and then steal the rest of the money, and US taxpayers pay for it. Clinton does this, Biden did this.

The US doesn't give a FUCK about Ukrainians, they just want to continue the war for as long as possible so they can steal as much money as they can.

That's why $700 of shit nothing was given to Maui.

People have said I'm too cynical, I'm not 1/10th as cynical as I ought to be, and I'm starting to view everybody around me as fools.

They fucking say it to your face, and you still don't believe it.
208   richwicks   2023 Sep 27, 2:45pm  

Schwarzwaelder says

What’s also upsetting is the fact that the US doesn’t support Maui residents more financially but sends billions to Ukraine.

The billions sent to Ukraine just enrich the people who send the money. They are just money laundering.

Why do you think they don't want audit trails? Trump was impeached when he started asking about corruption in Ukraine and wanting accountability for the money. This is what our fucking bullshit media called a "quid pro quo".
209   Patrick   2023 Sep 27, 4:59pm  

Patrick says

Trollhole says

What about Shokolwhatever? He's the bot.

I do suspect he's someone paid to be here, or maybe AI, but I don't really know. Just going by his recent appearance and the straight war-machine party line he takes.

OK, now that he's changed his name to @Schwarzwaelder I think he's even more sus. Why the name change?

Why German names? I can speak German myself reasonably well, btw.
210   richwicks   2023 Sep 27, 5:44pm  

StillsearchingforagoodName says

I have been changing names since the beginning. I don’t know why more people change their names. Maybe they love their names. I

So people know who they are talking to. That's why people use names. If you change your name constantly, you may as well NOT have a name at all.
211   richwicks   2023 Sep 27, 6:49pm  

StillsearchingforagoodName says

Funny. You just recently posted that 90% of people are dumb shits, cattle, etc.you call people all kinds of names but not by their user name.

Aren't people cattle? The US has bombed 7 nations in the last 20 years, can you name them? Can you name why they bombed them?

People care about about what they are TOLD to care about. Ukraine is in a war with Russia - so? Libya has slavery markets and is in civil war because the US got Qaddafi killed. Maui residents got $700 per family as the most blatant FUCK YOU I've ever seen the government give. Palestine Ohio is still poisoned. Remember when our media was screaming about women's rights in Afghanistan? Are they now?

When I ''call people names", I do not call them out by username, because the people who are, know they are. I don't make judgements on people, I attempt to change them, to make them look in the goddamn mirror.

I have talked to dozens of people who mentioned they "served" in the military. I point out they swore an oath to the Constitution and swore to protect it from enemies both foreign and domestic, and point out we have clear domestic enemies of the Constitution in Langley Virginia and Washington DC - and their oath means nothing, because they will do nothing about it, they won't even speak out against it. You know what response I get? I never get a response, I get silence, because they know I'm right. They are murderers for hire, and there hasn't been a person in the military to protect the rights of US citizens in my lifetime, and I was born in 1971.

I find shame to be a useful tool but I'm up against shameless people. Hillary Clinton will just outright lie to people, with a "journalist" just ignoring she's lying. They have absolutely no honor, no shame but what drives me spare, is that people don't notice this, no matter how obvious it is.

I once wrote here that I think from hypocrisy comes all evil, not deception, hypocrisy. If our nation actually had the values they claim to have, and upheld those values here and abroad, we really would be a shining beacon on the hill. Instead, we're a sewer. We have a president whose having his son sell finger fucking paintings for 1/2 million dollars each to accept bribes. I can see this, our intelligence agencies can see this, our military can see this.

They aren't stupid, they are criminals, but the cattle cannot accept that obvious truth.

Yeah, people are cattle.

We just went through a "pandemic" - did you see dead bodies on the street, were ambulances cruising by your place constantly? TV tells MOST people what to believe, even if it counteracts what they actually see and experience. They're robots, they're not people.

And now children, CHILDREN, are drying of heart attacks and strokes. "It's not the vaccine" the propaganda box tells the cattle, and they believe it. I have VASTLY over-estimated people all my life, they are cattle.

But there are people, it's just a small percentage.

Am I wrong that 90% AREN'T cattle? I'd sure like it to be 51% aren't, but that's not my experience.
212   UkraineIsTotallyFucked   2023 Sep 27, 10:27pm  

Patrick says

Then again, at some point that is actually trolling, because it's false and deliberately inflammatory.

I am already seeing that. Takes a troll to catch a troll. :)
213   UkraineIsTotallyFucked   2023 Sep 27, 10:28pm  

StillsearchingforagoodName says

Funny. You just recently posted that 90% of people are dumb shits, cattle, etc.you call people all kinds of names but not by their user name.

214   UkraineIsTotallyFucked   2023 Sep 27, 10:30pm  

richwicks says

StillsearchingforagoodName says

I have been changing names since the beginning. I don’t know why more people change their names. Maybe they love their names. I

So people know who they are talking to. That's why people use names. If you change your name constantly, you may as well NOT have a name at all.

Just changed my name. To make a point about this crap.
215   Ceffer   2023 Sep 27, 10:33pm  

You think the interloper is Iwog, reincarnated as a malignant AI spreading baneful propaganda? Maybe that last group of Immense Hirsute Lesbians he was challenging on the Berkeley streets chipped poor Iwog, and he their ignominious bot slave now.
216   UkraineIsTotallyFucked   2023 Sep 27, 10:58pm  

Ceffer says

You think the interloper is Iwog, reincarnated as a malignant AI spreading baneful propaganda?

No. Just skipping all the way to the point that changing names a lot ends up with something like I just did.
217   UkraineIsTotallyFucked   2023 Sep 27, 11:03pm  

StillsearchingforagoodName says

now IWOG

You were never called IWOG.

218   UkraineIsTotallyFucked   2023 Sep 27, 11:04pm  

StillsearchingforagoodName says

But until then, I won’t post on your Ukraine posts anymore so you all can calm the fuck down, lol.

Works for me.
219   richwicks   2023 Sep 28, 2:06am  

iwog2 says

Just changed my name. To make a point about this crap.

What point are you making?

I think you're just trying to aggravate people
221   WookieMan   2023 Sep 28, 7:44am  

Patrick says

Patrick says

Trollhole says

What about Shokolwhatever? He's the bot.

I do suspect he's someone paid to be here, or maybe AI, but I don't really know. Just going by his recent appearance and the straight war-machine party line he takes.

OK, now that he's changed his name to Schwarzwaelder I think he's even more sus. Why the name change?

Why German names? I can speak German myself reasonably well, btw.

I've never liked the name changes to be honest and I've mentioned it. It's a quasi way to erase you comment history as people have to remember all your past names. Based on the writing this user is 100% Bitcoin. I've given up caring about the name changes though. I can spot the same users a mile away over a decade here.

I've butted heads with many here, but also refuse to use the ignore feature because even the dumbest in this crowd can have a good thought or idea from time to time. I just don't like the name change because it seems like running and hiding from a bad statement or comment. Easy enough to claim you weren't that user. I'd like to see it go. I mean do these users change their legal name after they make a stupid comment in public? Probably not. Just seems weird and insecure. Most here do it though. Patrick, Rich, Komputo (sp?), myself and others have stayed the same for ever. Much respect.
222   richwicks   2023 Sep 28, 4:54pm  

StillsearchingforagoodName says

I never once denied I was user bitcoin. I confirmed it several times.

Well, I apologize for calling you a stupid moron for getting another booster for convenience after you asked Rin for help when you had a complication.

But it does seem INCREDIBLY stupid.

StillsearchingforagoodName says

I think the true reason is: I said stuff about Ukraine/Russia that’s unpopular here.

I have people that DESPISE me for being CORRECT about Ukraine and Russia, and telling the truth. If I repeat stupid puerile propaganda, people have no problem with it, but if I tell the truth, there's complete outrage.
223   richwicks   2023 Sep 28, 5:14pm  

StillsearchingforagoodName says

No need to apologize:) I don’t take offense, I actually think it’s hilarious that you thought I am dead because I got the vaccine.


Lisa Shaw is.


Even Wikipedia admits it. Once people started DEFINITELY dying of the vaccine for a disease that was VASTLY and OBVIOUSLY overblown, I moved on from "it's my duty to warn people" to "these people aren't people, they're cattle, and there's nothing to be done".

Now, IF you were telling the truth, and I don't think you have any compunction about lying, that you actually experienced a complication from the vaccine, you were very foolish to take another booster.

There's no longer any question that the vaccines provide no protection against the disease (not that we needed it anyhow), and that they are dangerous and have killed people. Who knows, maybe you're the walking dead. Your body may STILL be producing the spike protein, your body may do this for the rest of your life and it might just kill you.
224   richwicks   2023 Sep 28, 6:04pm  

StillsearchingforagoodName says

I wouldn’t read or engage in any Covid related posts. I would love a button to hide those along w/ the Ukraine threads.

How hilarious that you ignore two of the most important issues in this world today.

First, 1/2 the world might have been poisoned by pharmaceutical companies.
Second, we may be facing WWIII or the potential breakup of NATO as a result of a war dumb Neocons started.
226   Onvacation   2023 Oct 3, 8:49am  

WookieMan says

even the dumbest in this crowd can have a good thought or idea from time to time.


Ignore doesn't require a button. I just scan through some users posts.
227   Patrick   2024 Apr 22, 7:37pm  

AmericanKulak says

An Israeli student finishes high school without ever hearing the name "Genrikh Yagoda," the greatest Jewish murderer of the 20th Century, the GPU's deputy commander and the founder and commander of the NKVD. Yagoda diligently implemented Stalin's collectivization orders and is responsible for the deaths of at least 10 million people. His Jewish deputies established and managed the Gulag system. After Stalin no longer viewed him favorably, Yagoda was demoted and executed, and was replaced as chief hangman in 1936 by Yezhov, the "bloodthirsty dwarf."

228   AmericanKulak   2024 Apr 22, 7:53pm  

Same reason most people don't know who Yagoda's replacement, Nikolai "The Poison Dwarf" Yezhov was. He tripled the Gulag population and killed quite a few people, and over 10,000 Old Bolsheviks in the Purge, but only lasted two years before Stalin got rid of him too.

Or who Alois Brunner was.
229   Patrick   2024 Jun 11, 4:12pm  


The alleged President of the United States, the free world’s bastion of freedom and democracy, the shining light upon the hill, the country that saved the world from the German Chancellor with the funny mustache, is now officially and literally arming nazis.

In a story describing Ukraine’s infamous Azov Battalion only as “a one-time militia with a checkered past,” the Washington Post ran this understated headline: “U.S. lifts weapons ban on Ukrainian military unit.”

A military unit! Not even a “controversial” military unit!

The article competed for being WaPo’s shortest story, offering only a few terse paragraphs. There’s so much that could have been said about Azov, including easily obtained, eye-popping visuals like the one I included above, all fussily ignored by WaPo’s editors.

In WaPo’s few short paragraphs, the corporate media platform never applied the N— word directly to Azov. Instead, it reported the goose-stepping regiment as having “far-right and ultra-nationalist roots,” which is the same generic label it often slaps on Americans attending a MAGA rally.

A long-standing federal statute — the Leahy Law — sensibly bars any U.S. military aid to foreigners who ever committed serious human rights violations. So up until now, the deal with Ukraine logically prohibited giving any of our U.S. high-tech weapons to the Azovs, who not only believe in literal Hitlerian Nazism, but since 2014 were busy little nazis overrunning western Ukraine, where they committed countless serious human rights abuses against Russian-speaking people, which President Putin often claims was one of the reasons for the invasion in the first place.

Following a short but disastrous flirtation and betrayal between Stalin and Hitler at the start of World War II, Russians have always hated Nazis. Especially Nazis who rape and pillage their comrades with the official imprimatur and support of Ukraine’s government.

But like Alfred E. Neuman always said, don’t worry! The State Department’s neocons have now given Azov the all clear. Apparently, Azov’s stormtroopers have refrained from war crimes for a short while, and they aren’t even really the Azov battalion at heart, so it’s all okay now...

To reach its abhorrent conclusion, the morally flexible State Department performed some legalistic sleight of hand, redefining the current Azov Battalion as different from the old pre-war one.

Why do this now? My best guess is that Biden’s Neocon Brigade thinks this is a way to hurt Russia, by turning the propaganda knife in the nazi wound, and siding with Russia’s historic enemies even while preposterously insisting the Azovs are reformed nazis, and not nazis per se. ...

Biden and his State Department Necons want to slice this maneuver very thinly by simply pretending that the Azovs aren’t Nazis, despite everybody knowing perfectly well that is just a lie of convenience. By arming neo-Nazi insurgents like the Azov Battalion, Biden is shamefully turning America into the very evil it fought in World War II.

Chalk this up as one more red line over which Biden has wandered. I’ll ask again: Where is Congress?
230   Eric Holder   2024 Jun 11, 4:33pm  

Patrick says

A military unit! Not even a “controversial” military unit!

Yep, a military unit. The whole Nazi thing has been proven wrong when ALL Azov fighters captured in Mariupol and accussed of being "Nazi criminals" were let go w/o the promised trial for their supposed "Nazi crimes".

Put that bullshit to rest along with staged photos with uknown people holding a non-existent flag.

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