Russian Ambassador in Bosnia: How do you know we have no plans against Croatia, Hungary or Poland?

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2022 Mar 19, 11:10pm   230 views  0 comments

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Trying to justify his previous scandalous interview, Russian Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Igor Kalabukhov once again "distinguished himself." This was reported by "European Truth" with reference to the information resource N1.

In a new conversation with the journalist, the ambassador tried to justify his previous statement that Bosnia and Herzegovina has the right to decide whether to join NATO, but Moscow reserves the right to respond to such an opportunity and threatened to repeat the events in Ukraine.

"We are not against joining NATO. It is not a threat, perhaps a warning… Decide for yourself. It is a vicious circle, I have already said… Let me assume, for example: BiH became a member of NATO, and Brussels decides to put nuclear missiles aimed at Moscow. We will assess the strategic situation, and therefore I believe that the way out should be the European system, not NATO, "he said in a new interview.

When asked by a journalist why Russia is "not bothered" by neighboring countries that are already members of NATO, Kalabukhov made a scandalous statement:

"How do you know we have no plans against Croatia, Hungary or Poland? We have plans against NATO. We are assessing the geostrategic situation, looking at where the threats are coming from and reacting."

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