Groomers are Real Thread

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2022 Apr 2, 1:56pm   2,223 views  28 comments

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Oregon Elementary School Teacher Wright:

Sent nudes to a (probably male) student, huge advocate for LGBTQ and Gender Bending Grooming.

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1   Ceffer   2022 Apr 2, 4:12pm  

4   FortWayneAsNancyPelosiHaircut   2022 Apr 29, 10:21am  

LGBT activists went really crazy online, they are the once who promoted this a lot to children. If you are a parent, many of you guys here are, keep your kids away from social media. It's how those activists get them. They do shit like "if you feel x, it means you are trans", for "x" just fill in the blank. That's just one. Trust me guys, those faggots are very manipulative, they know how to target and fuck children up with their shit. Children are easily manipulated, they don't have enough life experience to counter this crap well, especially when surrounded with information that creates a pro trans bias.

Just be careful, they are targeting our children, they don't have to succeed 100%, they just have to fuck yours up to ruin your family.
5   AmericanKulak   2022 Jul 8, 5:33pm  

Famous Gay Cop from DC arrested in Florida for meeting with 16-year old off Grindr

Parson told them they were mistaken. He wasn't following the gray sedan. He was just lost and looking for Interstate 95.

"I'm a cop from D.C.," he said. In reality, he had been retired and only a reserve officer for two years.

They let him drive away. Then they went to talk to the driver of the gray sedan.

The window rolled down to reveal a thin White boy. He said he had pulled over to text a friend. The officer told the boy he didn't believe him. In his report, he described what the teenager - who turned out to be 16 - did next.

"He dropped his head, took a deep breath, and stated he met the guy who was following behind him online and they were meeting to 'hook up.' "

The teenager began to tell the officers the story he would repeat at least three times that night, including at the sexual assault treatment center where he was taken after his parents were called.

He'd met Parson on Growlr, a dating app for gay men that requires users to be 18. He'd lied about his birthday to use the app, claiming he was 18. He said he and Parson exchanged oral sex in the parking lot of a day care.

He said he knew Parson used to be a police officer.

What he didn't know was that Parson was not just any police officer. The man who had just driven away was known nationally and internationally as a pioneer of gay rights in policing.

In the nation's capital, Parson built an award-winning liaison unit that investigated hate crimes, befriended advocates and marched in Pride parades, slowly revolutionizing the relationship between the police and the city's LGBTQ community. People saw him everywhere: dance clubs and book clubs, hospital bedsides and funeral homes, early-morning court hearings and late-night domestic disputes.

The city's 2019 guide to Pride called Parson a "living legend." The Department of Justice, the State Department, Amnesty International, the Southern Poverty Law Center and other police departments relied on his expertise.

Now, he was going to jail. The warrant for his arrest listed two counts of unlawful sexual activity. If convicted, he could face a prison sentence and a lifetime as a registered sex offender. Under Florida law, claiming to be misled about the age of a victim cannot be used as a legal defense.

10   FortWayneAsNancyPelosiHaircut   2022 Sep 22, 4:00pm  

Patrick says

By now everyone should already know how the censorship is coordinated between tech companies. I wouldn't use anything from big tech unless its throw away like my fucking email address. They cancelled Alex Jones and Parler the same way. Overnight every platform bans, no time to even catch up.

Lesson I learned is simple, never use their platforms. I just hope this shit doesn't come to our physical devices disabling... that would fuck things up a lot.
13   FortwayeAsFuckJoeBiden   2022 Nov 26, 8:37pm  

in ca i remember lots of shit aimed at kids to influence them to think that gay is “cool and fun” and straight is boring and bad.

faggot propaganda is very real
14   Patrick   2022 Nov 27, 6:01pm  

A fun twist on "OK Boomer":

18   AmericanKulak   2023 Jan 18, 7:26pm  

A months-long Townhall investigation reveals disturbing new details about the affluent LGBTQ-activist couple accused of sodomizing their young adopted sons—now ages 9 and 11—and distributing "homemade" child pornography of the sexual abuse. Half a year after the shocking story made national news, Townhall is the only outlet following up on the criminal case in Georgia that has since seen zero headlines written about it. We've found that it's far, far worse than what was first reported.

Not only did the married men allegedly rape the two boys who were adopted through a Christian special-needs adoption agency, they were pimping out their children to nearby pedophiles in Atlanta-area suburbs, Townhall's follow-up investigation discovered.
24   Patrick   2023 Mar 11, 12:18pm  


Queens City Councilwoman Vickie Paladino (R-Whitestone) has been booted from the chamber’s mental health committee as punishment for her strident opposition to Drag Queen Story Hour.

“I was targeted. This was a retaliation,” the conservative firebrand told The Post — laying the blame squarely at the feet of Council Speaker Adrienne Adams, who she said gave in to pressure from progressives.

“As an individual she is a lovely lady but I really think she is being bullied … She is afraid of the progressive left,” Paladino said.

The freshman lawmaker was formally removed from the Committee on Mental Health, Disabilities and Addiction by a full vote of the Council on March 2.

Paladino, 68, has called the city-funded programs that bring fully-bedecked drag queens into public schools and libraries to read to and socialize with kids — often without the consent or knowledge of parents — “cultural indoctrination” and “child grooming.”
26   Patrick   2023 Mar 29, 7:48pm  


Drag queen appears to perform lap dance on student at Pride event with high schoolers

In a statement to Libs of Tik Tok, Forsyth Tech made no effort to apologize for the inclusion of underage teenagers: “Forsyth Tech is committed to being a place of promise for our students. In order to fulfill that promise, we have clearly spelled out our mission, vision and equity statements,” it read. The spokesperson also confirmed that this event was open to all students on campus, including high school students: “These students, like all college students, are open to attend any student event.”
27   Patrick   2023 Jun 29, 4:27pm  


Compare the following paragraph from the NBC article with all the denials you’ve heard from the left about how trans people aren’t groomers and there is NO EVIDENCE of that at all, it has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with kids, it’s juts about free adults in a democratic society making their own way and living how they want, in private, not bothering anybody, but preferring not to have a bunch of crazy, judgmental religious fundamentalists oppressing and harassing them.

Here’s what NBC reluctantly admitted:

The “coming for your children” chant has been used for years at Pride events, according to longtime march attendees and gay rights activists, who said it’s one of many provocative expressions used to regain control of slurs against LGBTQ people…. Last year, Gothamist reported, people at the Drag March chanted, “Ten percent is not enough: Groom! Groom! Groom!”
FOR YEARS. In other words, it should have been trivially easy for the fact-checkers and reporters to have found the “evidence” that children were involved, to some extent, in the “movement.” But somehow they couldn’t. Call it confirmation bias if you want to.

The current narrative, that these chants are only jokes meant to lampoon conservative critics, rings hollow. Try to think of one single time that the corporate media ever gave that kind of charitable interpretation to something a Trump supporter, or even the President himself, ever said.

That’s what I thought.

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