Selective Justice Thread

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2022 May 8, 9:37am   19,639 views  152 comments

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Selective justice is not justice at all.

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113   Patrick   2023 Mar 20, 9:48pm  


THREAD: Joe Biden was the architect of the 1994 Crime Bill that sent millions of Americans to prison for doing what his son is doing right here.

Why aren't the Bidens being prosecuted for the 459 fully documented crimes found on Hunter's laptop?

See https://bidenlaptopreport.marcopolousa.org/ for the 459 crimes.
114   richwicks   2023 Mar 20, 10:09pm  

RayAmerica says


I'd caution about people getting into bed with people like Dershowitz.

The guy is human garbage and if you get into bed with him, it will stain you.
115   richwicks   2023 Mar 20, 10:14pm  

Patrick says

Selective justice is not justice at all.

Whatever happened with Emily Rose Grover?


Apparently (apparently) the charges were dismissed:

A spokesperson for the sorority told The Post: “At the time Emily Grover pursued membership in Alpha Delta Pi, she had been fully cleared of all charges.”

I bet she was just a psycho cunt asshole. No shortage of them. Why this would rise to the level of law enforcement is stupid. Apparently her mother worked for the school, and she was using that account. That's a dick thing to do but, who cares?
121   Patrick   2023 Mar 23, 9:08pm  


So Hilary Clinton funded the Steele dossier as a legal expense; found guilty & that dossier was used to push false Russia collusion on Trump; so why was Hilary not indicted? What about the gun running by Eric Holder? This is pure politics and the democrats best be careful doing this for political purposes for it will come back to you; so both cases same, yet Trump is being pursued? How come? Putin is charged by ICC? What about the weapons of mass destruction and Iraq by Powell and the US government? Be careful what you people do as to Trump and Putin, it will, not if, but ‘will’ be visited onto you. This is politics. Kafkaesque. Am I wrong to raise this? Let us be honest and be upfront.
122   HeadSet   2023 Mar 24, 7:50am  

Patrick says

Be careful what you people do as to Trump and Putin, it will, not if, but ‘will’ be visited onto you.

Won't happen. The Dems fear no repercussions any more than Stalin did.
125   Misc   2023 Mar 29, 6:58pm  

Maybe we won't arrest people for intimidating judges.

I didn't lie to Congress. I never saw those training materials.

Now that it was pointed out that I was lying, I still ain;t gonna retract the lie I told to Congress.

I am head of the DOJ, nothings gonna happen to me.

132   Ceffer   2023 Apr 10, 11:38am  

Who would invest in a country in which an installed kakistocracy lies satanically and relentlessly about everything, and renders the system of laws entirely arbitrary and useless?
137   Ceffer   2023 Apr 16, 2:19pm  

I love all the logic holes that people avoid to take face value of the Brinton thing. How the fuck did he know what was in the luggage he stole, x-ray fag vision? Why did the luggage he stole look exactly like his own luggage? Haven't you ever seen a 'briefcase exchange' in the spy movies?

It was an intel exchange plain and simple. He's a mentally ill drag creature sociopath. He was like a kid in the candy store in his government position, deciding how and where he could sell the office for personal gain.

Why is he is fingered for a 'petty theft' citation? That is such a nothing, they would have just paved it over They are avoiding his public trial based on spying and treason to avoid embarrassment.
138   richwicks   2023 Apr 17, 7:48pm  

Ceffer says

Why did the luggage he stole look exactly like his own luggage?

Why do you think this is true? The first time he got caught, he didn't even check on luggage.

Ceffer says

Haven't you ever seen a 'briefcase exchange' in the spy movies?

This isn't 1960 anymore

If I wan to smuggle the entire Manhattan Project today, and I mean every bit of it, it fits on this:

You can't stop me from smuggling that either. I can just put it in my phone. Nobody smuggles information anymore on paper format. I bet Sam Brinton doesn't even use paper at the office, why would you? It used to be easier on the eyes to read a paper print, but screens today have HIGHER resolution than printers do.
139   Patrick   2023 Apr 20, 9:08pm  


No charges for Alec Baldwin in set shooting! who for one moment doubted this would happen?
140   Ceffer   2023 Apr 20, 11:14pm  

The Masons were as good as their word. "Don't worry, Alec, we're good with the magistrates and justices, you'll walk. Oh, here's your promotion coin"

Alec Baldwin was also on set with Anne Heche in her last movie. Was he supposed to kill her, too, for her participation in pedophile exposes? Failed in one, made good in another?
Patrick says

No charges for Alec Baldwin in set shooting! who for one moment doubted this would happen?
142   AmericanKulak   2023 Apr 21, 8:17pm  

Patience is running out.

143   Patrick   2023 Apr 21, 8:46pm  

I'm sure there are too many Republican names on Epstein's list for them to do anything.
145   Ceffer   2023 Apr 22, 11:27am  

CIA is a consortium based in Switzerland, the reconstituted SS and Gestapo revived by Merovingians. They have always regarded us and the Republic as enemies, along with Tavistock who study us to inflict social control and social terrorism. If we won't continue to be the corporate murder monkey for the Vatican and the City of London, then we will be euthanized as a society and a government. They are now in the process of destroying their hired killer.

In addition to our tax money, they have independent black bag income by controlling criminal enterprise and money laundering, drug trafficking, human trafficking, arms sales etc. which is part of their heavy investment in Ukraine as corruption central.

Pictures of Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton smiling while gazing at poppy fields in Afghanistan said it all. I think those pictures have been wiped, can't find them any more.

CIA Masonic fools have convinced themselves they operate according to some Luciferian higher goal, and that they demonstrate superior enlightenment. It's always remarkable how psychopaths attempt to narcissistically glorify their treachery.

Director of CIA overseeing computer banks and Vatican Leonardo satellites in Frankfurt and Spain to do the Hammer and Scorecard manipulation of the 2020 elections seems to have been largely forgotten.

Presidents thought the services of CIA could be neutrally contracted without the CIA consuming the country. They were wrong.

Myriad of intel agencies exist in the military and out because nobody trusts the CIA. CIA is a Masonic Satanic debacle.
151   Ceffer   2023 Apr 22, 5:55pm  

If Trump really wanted to win, he would tell the Globalists he was the only candidate who could START WWIII.

152   Ceffer   2023 Apr 22, 5:59pm  

They will start by confiscating all guns from priivate citizens, and distribute them to Anitifa, BLM, ghettos, illegal aliens and Chinese soldiers fresh from the Darien Gap, and the homeless. Posse my Comitatus that, Batman!


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