Bank of America Clients Hoard Cash at Highest Level in Two Decades

2022 May 17, 11:27pm   197 views  2 comments

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(Bloomberg) -- Investors are piling into cash as the outlook for global growth plunges to an all-time low and stagflation worries mount, according to a Bank of America Corp. fund manager survey that points to continued stock market declines.

Cash levels among investors hit the highest level since September 2001, the report showed, with BofA describing the results as “extremely bearish.” This month’s survey of investors with $872 billion under management also showed that hawkish central banks are seen as the biggest risk, followed by a global recession, while stagflation fears have risen to the highest since 2008.



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1   HeadSet   2022 May 18, 7:11am  

Good. Maybe my cash will do fine.
2   rocketjoe79   2022 May 18, 3:23pm  

HeadSet says

Good. Maybe my cash will do fine.

Ever hear of inflation?

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