universities fire long-tenured professors for wrongspeech

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by Hircus     💰tip   follow   2022 May 23, 11:58pm  


2 different professors, 2 different universities, but both professors had similar experiences - school administration clearly mounted biased cases with the cards stacked against them, and both unsurprisingly involved sexual assault accusations in some fashion.

One even made public calls for students to make reports of "discriminatory behavior" in professors to gather dirt. It's a call to their NPCs, like "lets BURY this raycist sexist misogynist problematic wrongthinker. make shit up about them."
1   HunterTits   2022 May 24, 5:17am  

I am not a big fan of tenure anyway.
2   RWSGFY   2022 May 24, 5:31am  

In 6-8 month they will be quietly paid several mil each as a result of judgements or settlements.
3   Bd6r   2022 May 24, 9:36am  

HunterTits says

I am not a big fan of tenure anyway.

It is either tenure or much increased professorial salaries in Engineering, Chemistry, Biochem etc. My students get starting salaries at companies on order of 120-150K; starting prof salaries in our neck of woods is 80K or so, and that is after postdoctoral 2-3 years which industrial positions do not require. Possibility of getting tenure accounts for the difference, and even with that, there is a trend for newly hired Assistant profs to quit, after discovering wonders of academia politics.

Of course, for faculty in English/Education/Oppression studies employment outside academia is quite limited.

WRT to OP, these are not isolated incidents. If you don't tow the Current Party Line, you will be deprived of everything.

Marquette (CATHOLIC!!! university) fired prof even though he did not say anything bad about gays. All he did was to say that liberals are inclined to deem views they disagree with as offensive and then use that to shut down debate. He also criticized a student instructor who shut down debate against gay marriage


UNC-Wilmington prof was hounded to point of having to quit, and was subsequently found dead (a variant of clintonicide??? - he was jabbed by gunshot to head)


He drew backlash in May after tweeting that people who wear masks in public look like "fools," and for calling North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper a "fascist," among other criticisms, for his response to the coronavirus pandemic. He also tweeted that women's studies is a "nonessential major"

Many more examples can be found.
4   Karloff   2022 May 24, 10:02am  

One even made public calls for students to make reports of "discriminatory behavior" in professors to gather dirt.

Sounds like a slam dunk for any lawsuit against the university for this act.

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