Tom Tiffany

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Tom Tiffany, U.S. House Wisconsin District 7, Republican


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1   Patrick   2024 Feb 10, 2:21pm  


We can thank James O’Keefe for breaking the story on the shady NGO’s bussing migrants into sketchy, secret facilities that refuse to let reporters in and call the cops on them. Yesterday Wisconsin Representative Tom Tiffany (R-Wi.) — citing O’Keefe’s video — tried for himself to inspect a converted Ramada Inn in Arizona, pursuant to his Congressional oversight authority, but was shut down cold.

CLIP: ‘The manager is not here,’ man tells U.S. Congressman trying to inspect Ramada Inn converted to illegal alien processing facility. (5:36)

And, of course, they called the cops on him. In the video, you can see Congressman Tiffany suggested, several times, he intends to call for public hearings in the Judiciary Committee (at least) and potentially subpoenas. Let’s hope so. Somebody needs to shine a light on these cockroaches. I’m not being racist! I treat all pestilential insects as equals.

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