The Vaxx Modifies Your DNA

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Dr Peter McCullough: Swedish study confirms that Pfizer does modify your DNA and causes your cells to produce the toxic spike protein #Pfizer #VaccineDeaths #VaccineInjuries

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20   mell   2023 Feb 4, 8:36am  

Robert Sproul says

OK, my idea is that once the vaccinated population’s DNA is fully ‘transcribed’, we all get SPIKED by the Pod People through exchange of bodily fluids, saliva, sperm, mother’s milk, blood transfusion etc. etc.?
I want to move to a largely unvaxxed area using the county by county map on this page. Some counties are less than 20% ‘compliant’ which is very appealing to me regardless.

Unless you plan to have (more) children I don't think you should worry about s protein shedding. It's pretty harmless outside of your blood stream, maybe yet another allergen, but there are millions of those. Still those areas have many other favorable qualities obviously;)
21   Patrick   2023 Sep 1, 11:07am  


💉 The Journal of Proteomics Clinical Applications quietly published a new Italian study back in April blandly titled, “Detection of recombinant Spike protein in the blood of individuals vaccinated against SARS‐CoV‐2: Possible molecular mechanisms.”

You’ll well remember, I’m sure, all the saccharine promises by federal government officials that the covid shots’ mRNA stayed at the injection site and fully degraded within a few days. It is worth noting that it wasn’t so much Pfizer and Moderna who were making those claims — both companies were super careful to avoid public representations — it was taxpayer-funded officials from captured public agencies like the CDC, FDA, and NIH.

An then all the medical establishment’s grant-groveling, white-coated sock-puppets echoed those same lies in a cascading crescendo of brown-nosing amplification. And then the fact-checkers and social media giants shut down any heterodox doctor asking any inconvenient questions.

The chickens were bound to get back to the roost at some point.

Instead of parroting the tired old “safe and effective” line, the new April study bravely and openly described its purpose as questioning about the wisdom of continued booster campaigns:

mRNA vaccines … may represent a new standard of vaccination. However, it is the duty of the scientist not to neglect controls. Herein lies the importance of monitoring vaccine-induced Spike protein “PP” after a time period after vaccination in human biological samples. The presented method allows to assess the half-life of the Spike “PP” protein molecule and to consider the risks or benefits in continuing further booster doses of the SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccine.

The researchers dubbed vaccine-induced spike protein as “PP”, based on the unique genetic characteristics distinguishing the jab version of spike from all the other natural types from the various viral variants. They created a test allowing other researchers to detect jab spikes in people (as distinct from any of the ‘natural’ spikes).

But the study’s secondary discoveries turned out to be the real story. First, the researchers found that some vaccinees had persistent jab-spike in their bodies — long after the original jabs.

In some cases, we found the PP-Spike marker in vaccinated individuals more than 30 days after the vaccine, indicating that it is possible to detect vaccine “Spike” protein even sometime after vaccination and in any organic tissue.

When the researchers said “more than 30 days,” they meant up to six months — the duration of the study. So they actually failed to detect the “half-life” of the mRNA spike, since there was no way to determine the upper limit. They also found PP in “any organic tissue.” Meaning — putting the lie to government guarantees — the mRNA spike does not stay after all in the injection site. It spreads throughout the body.

Nor, also contrary to what was promised, did the PP degrade within a few days.

It was beyond the scope of the study to figure out why the jab spike was hanging around so long. But the researchers offered three hypothesis, and their first idea was a doozy:

It is possible that the mRNA may be integrated or re-transcribed in some cells.

Wait, what? Of all the government’s many failed assurances and broken promises, the one that the government officials and their white-coated army of obsequious jab pushers have most grimly clung to was the often-repeated promise that there was no possible way that the mRNA could modify someone’s genes and get into human DNA.

But, as the researcher’s very first theory to explain PP persistence illustrated, this study provides evidence rebutting the government’s most critical and most important promise of all: that the jabs are perfectly innocuous and cannot possibly create permanent genetic modifications.

That essential promise is starting to look a lot like what we tell kids about the Tooth Fairy.

Here’s the link to the study: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/epdf/10.1002/prca.202300048
22   Patrick   2023 Dec 18, 6:35pm  


The project that gave rise to the Moderna company itself [Darwinian Chemical Systems] was a project where they were specifically figuring out how to get mRNA to write itself into the genome of the whatever target they were going after ... And the fact of the matter is: Moderna was started on the back of having proven that mRNA can be transfected and write itself into the human genome.
23   Patrick   2024 Jan 19, 7:48pm  


In the previous article (which provides important context for the ideas laid forth in this one) I discussed the habitual tendency of science to reject observations which have no mechanism that could explain how they are happening. In turn, I argued this was problematic as it results in many critically important observations being dismissed since their “mechanism” lies outside the existing scientific paradigm.

One of the most common ways this happens is for logical arguments to be put together which assert the observation cannot be real. In some cases, the argument is quite compelling, while in others (provided you understand the subject) it’s actually ridiculous.

For example, since the mRNA vaccines were an experimental gene therapy, one of the immediate fears people had about them (myself included) was that they would permanently alter your DNA.

To address this, countless articles were written which ridiculed that notion. This was done by repeating a few logical arguments which sounded nice and were deemed to be “true” because the “experts” had espoused them (e.g. consider these frequently cited pronouncements by Paul Offit and Anthony Fauci). Those arguments were as follows:

1. The vaccines cannot enter the nucleus of the cell

2. mRNA from the vaccines breaks down rapidly in the cell, so it does not have time to enter the nucleus and change your DNA.

3. mRNA is not DNA, and hence believing mRNA can change DNA represents a fundamental lack of knowledge of biology.

On the surface, that train of logic effectively “refutes” the DNA alteration hypothesis. However, in reality, each of the above premises was false or highly misleading (e.g., the mRNA was designed to resist being broken down so it could remain active for a prolonged period).
Note: a more detailed explanation of why those premises were wrong can be found in my contribution to this article which discussed how mRNA spike protein vaccines alters DNA. Additionally, Robert Malone recently wrote a more detailed critique of Offit doubling down on a related claim (that DNA contaminants in the vaccines cannot affect our DNA). ...

I can’t say I was particularly surprised when independent research conducted long after the vaccine hit the market discovered the vaccine indeed can change the DNA of a cell. ...
24   Patrick   2024 Mar 12, 11:51am  


Scientists Stunned by First Proofs of Contaminated DNA getting absorbed into Human Cells

"These cells did not merely interact with the vaccines but absorbed them, incorporating foreign DNA into their very structure"

In an explosive revelation a few days ago during a video conference with Medical Doctors for Covid Ethics International, Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, former Chair of Medical Microbiology at the University of Mainz and a distinguished figure in the field, unveiled findings that have sent shockwaves through the scientific community.

The first experiments indicates that experimental COVID mRNA jabs, may have been integrating into human cells—raising the specter of genetic modification on an unprecedented scale. ...

Prof Bhakdi's colleagues immersed human cells in vaccines, unveiling a startling truth: These cells did not merely interact with the vaccines but absorbed them, incorporating foreign DNA into their very structure. "Our two lady scientists...found that the human cells immediately took up the vaccines, and the DNA, and the chromosomes," Bhakdi said, outlining a process where cells began producing the spike protein in massive quantities. What was once theoretical fear has now been manifested into tangible evidence, showing the potential for these vaccines to alter human genetics fundamentally.
25   stereotomy   2024 Mar 12, 8:16pm  

Goddamn them, and God save us. Don't get sick, because a blood transfusion of spike-contaminated blood is a death sentence.
26   GNL   2024 Mar 12, 8:23pm  

stereotomy says

Goddamn them, and God save us. Don't get sick, because a blood transfusion of spike-contaminated blood is a death sentence.

You don't think that's a bit over dramatic?
27   richwicks   2024 Mar 13, 12:00am  

GNL says

stereotomy says

Goddamn them, and God save us. Don't get sick, because a blood transfusion of spike-contaminated blood is a death sentence.

You don't think that's a bit over dramatic?

Time will tell.
28   The_Deplorable   2024 Mar 13, 1:52pm  

GNL says

stereotomy says

Goddamn them, and God save us. Don't get sick, because a blood transfusion of spike-contaminated blood is a death sentence.

You don't think that's a bit over dramatic?

No because the Spike Protein is either a death sentence or a lifelong debilitating injury.
29   GNL   2024 Mar 13, 3:17pm  

The_Deplorable says

GNL says

stereotomy says

Goddamn them, and God save us. Don't get sick, because a blood transfusion of spike-contaminated blood is a death sentence.

You don't think that's a bit over dramatic?

No because the Spike Protein is either a death sentence or a lifelong debilitating injury.

That sounds over dramatic also.
30   Al_Sharpton_for_President   2024 Mar 13, 3:20pm  

If it inserts itself into a tumor suppressor gene, cancer rates will increase.
31   Patrick   2024 Mar 13, 3:38pm  

GNL says

That sounds over dramatic also.

I still think most of the evidence converges on a vaxx death rate of about 1 in 800 of the ever-jabbed within the first year or two of the jab:


And now many longer-term effects of the jab are showing up, like cancers, which is boosting the death rate to maybe 1 in 400 of the ever-jabbed (so far). It's still unclear how much more the death rate from the jab will rise. And then there are the effects on future generations. Maybe, say, the daughters of all the women who took it will be infertile. That happened with some other drug, and it took 20 or 30 years to find out.

It could be worse, but the vaxx is far, far over every established safety limit and should have never been allowed in humans at all. Injecting it into about 3/4 of all the people on earth was the worst crime against humanity ever.
32   GNL   2024 Mar 13, 4:09pm  

I agree with it being the biggest crime in history, I just have a hard time going down the road of it being an extinction level event. Yes, time will tell but, how can people be so sure when the say its an ELE? There's no way to be so sure.
34   Patrick   2024 Mar 27, 10:31am  


The short version is a research group treated some ovarian cancer cells with several different covid vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, etc). They separated out the cells that had been successfully “transfected” — meaning that the mRNA got into the cell as designed and started making spike protein. Then they let those transfected cells divide, to see what would happen in subsequent cell generations.

My first thought was geez, this test should have been done ages ago before the vaccines were ever approved for emergency use. How useless is the FDA? But I digress and ask silly questions.

Once researchers had their batches of divided cells, they sent the cells to Kevin McKernan’s lab in Boston, so that he could test for genetic integration or anything else interesting that he could find on an RNA/DNA level.

Kevin found evidence of integration. Specifically, he found some daughter cells had the DNA from contaminants in the vaccines, which is not supposed to happen. “What we found is, [contaminant] DNA that is getting transfected into ovarian cancer cell lines is replicating in the cells,” says McKernan, noting that the ratio of vaccine contaminant DNA to human cell DNA was even “higher than we expected.”

Jab defenders still argue it is “impossible” for mRNA or contaminant DNA to get into the cell nucleus. That would be called “integration,” and if it happens, then some real problems start. But pro-jabber “impossibility” arguments rest on a key flawed assumption. Jab defenders assume that the lipid nano-proteins delivering the mRNA (and the contaminant DNA) stay safely in the shoulder muscle, at the injection site. Their simplistic logic is that since muscle cells don’t divide in the first place, there’s no risk of cellular integration.

But of course, we have long known that the mRNA and its carrier lipid nano-proteins (LNPs) go everywhere. So the jab defender’s core assumption — that the LNPs stay in non-dividing muscle cells — is just factually wrong. It’s misinformation. ...

I think this is the most promising line of research going in terms of helping establish covid liability. If genetic integration is proven, it will bring the entire odious pharma crack house right down on their heads.
35   GNL   2024 Mar 27, 11:43am  

Patrick says

If genetic integration is proven, it will bring the entire odious pharma crack house right down on their heads.

If this has not been proven yet, how can anyone take a side in this debate? This is why I wait and see. Since I am not very smart AND I am not 100% sure I know of anyone harmed by the jab, I must wait and observe my circle. Are we still expecting a Deagle sized depop? Is so, and this has not been proven yet, based on what?
36   richwicks   2024 Mar 27, 12:09pm  

GNL says

Are we still expecting a Deagle sized depop?


That website it BS. Much was made of it (and I fell for it), but it's just some lunatic or crazy man running the site. If you look at past predictions made by that site, it's just nonsense as well.
37   Patrick   2024 Mar 28, 9:34pm  

Do you mean https://www.coffeeandcovid.com/

I think that Jeff Childers, the guy who runs that site, is entirely sane and very smart. I don't know of any bad predictions by him.
38   stereotomy   2024 Mar 28, 10:08pm  

The Branch Covidians are relying on the (now largely discredited) Central Dogma of genetics. Among its most dubious claims was that reverse transcription/integration of mRNA into DNA was impossible. The cultural inertia wrt what people have been told about the "science of genetics" acts like a stealth meme virus that allows the scam narrative surrounding the poke 'n croak to program the NPCs/sheeple.
39   Al_Sharpton_for_President   2024 Mar 29, 5:32am  

GNL says

If this has not been proven yet,

It has been demonstrated in vitro.
40   richwicks   2024 Mar 29, 9:50am  

Patrick says

Do you mean https://www.coffeeandcovid.com/

If you're asking me, I was talking about https://deagel.com/
41   The_Deplorable   2024 Mar 29, 11:44am  

"...the Spike Protein is either a death sentence or a lifelong debilitating injury."

GNL says
"That sounds over dramatic also."

It is not over dramatic. That is data - a fact - and in science we follow the data.
42   richwicks   2024 Mar 29, 12:06pm  

The_Deplorable says

"...the Spike Protein is either a death sentence or a lifelong debilitating injury."

GNL says

"That sounds over dramatic also."

It is not over dramatic. That is data - a fact - and in science we follow the data.

Spiked blood may not be a problem actually, but it very well might have the spike contamination in it, but your body can clear that.

What is THOUGHT MIGHT be happening is that the same process in which they use to modify bacteria to produce the mRNA that is injected into your body to create the immune response is causing your body to be modified to produce the mRNA for the rest of your life once injected because they aren't removing all the material used to modify the bacteria.

That's the hypothesis I've heard, and since this is WELL BEYOND my area of knowledge, take it with a grain of salt but it seems to make sense.

Basically, this is gene modification technology and once injected, either your body will kill of the effected cells eventually, OR your body will be producing the spike protein for the rest of your life. It may only effect some batches, who knows? I've have to know the process and spend a year understanding biology a lot better, and I'm not going to do that.
43   Patrick   2024 Apr 26, 3:24pm  


New Discovery Shows Human Cells Can Write RNA Sequences Into DNA – Challenges Central Principle in Biology

From 2021.
44   Patrick   2024 May 14, 8:43am  


Remember, the jabs were definitely not gene therapies; that’s misinformation. But another new study poking a hole in that exhausted refrain appeared this month in the journal Methods and Protocols, titled “Methodological Considerations Regarding the Quantification of DNA Impurities in the COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Comirnaty®.”

According to the researchers, it turns out that Pfizer may have slightly under-reported the amounts of DNA contamination in its magic spike protein elixirs. Behold my shocked face: 😑. And by slightly under-reported, I mean by orders of magnitude. Their conclusion included the alarming determination that contaminant DNA enters patients’ cells. In the study authors’ own words:

"The available information and data indicate that the ready-to-use mRNA vaccine Comirnaty contains DNA impurities that exceed the permitted limit value by several hundred times and, in some cases, even more than 500 times, and that this went unnoticed because the DNA quantification carried out as part of batch testing only at the active substance level appears to be methodologically inadequate when using qPCR.
Further, DNA impurities in Comirnaty® are apparently integrated into the lipid nanoparticles and are thus transported directly into the cells of a vaccinated person, just like the mRNA active ingredient. What this means for the safety risks, particularly the possible integration of this DNA into the human genome, i.e., the risk of insertional mutagenesis, should be a secondary focus of the discussion required, which must go far beyond what could have been considered years before the so unexpected introduction of mRNA pharmaceuticals into the global market."

Haha, “unexpected introduction of mRNA” into the global market. Nice one. Unexpected is one way of putting it.

See, what you really don’t want in a vaccine is a cellular delivery system for random bacterial DNA. What could go wrong? One thing that could go wrong is cancer, or ‘oncogenesis’ in public health’s dialect.

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