Something I learned Today: Contraceptives don't fail as much as presented

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2022 Jul 23, 11:00pm   144 views  1 comment

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For example, what does it mean that condoms have a 2% to 15% failure rate? Another way to understand this is that condoms are 85% to 98% effective. The effectiveness rate is the opposite of the failure rate. Subtract the failure rate from 100, and that number is the birth control effectiveness rate. Condoms are 85% to 98% effective (meaning they have a failure rate of 2% to 15%).

This means that for every 100 women whose partners use condoms, from two to 15 of them will become pregnant within the first year of use. So basically, the failure rate does not refer to how many times you have sex, it correlates the number of people (100) who use that method over the course of one year. Failure rates refer to the number of pregnancies that take place when 100 women use that birth control method for one year


So, condoms don't have a ~8% failure rate per act of intercourse, but over the course of a year. You can see some holes big enough to drive a Mack Truck through, starting with there's no remote camera recording every penetration to verify a condom was actually used. And what is "Intercourse over a year"? Is that once a week? Once a month? What?

Also, they choose a massive sample size, that on one hand makes sense, but also includes Moron HS Dropout Rachets as well as "regular" people really trying not to get pregnant (referenced elsewhere in the article)

NARS - Not Actually Real Scientists - continually manipulate information to further Narratives, and this problem goes right to the... boner... of everything in our Society.

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1   clambo   2022 Jul 24, 4:34am  

I have been around during the “sexual revolution” when contraceptive pills were invented, abortion became legal, and later the “disco” period of casual hookups in dancing and drinking establishments (today called clubs). Until herpes and AIDS came around 1982 it was not hard to find a sex encounter for normal guys.

I can count on one hand the females who actually used contraception methods; “the pill”, IUD, diaphragm were the ones commonly used by females. Later the sponge was a little popular (disposable diaphragm) but it caused a few women problems.

Generally women don’t like to use contraception, and maybe never will.

I knew women in college who used abortion as a contraception method.

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