Turdeau Must Go

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2022 Jul 27, 9:46am   22,269 views  172 comments

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Dear Prime Minister,

I’m a Canadian Muslim woman of Pakistani origin — all three. Muslim, woman and ethnicity are labels you claim to support. So, it is my humble plea that it is time for you to resign as prime minister.

I don’t say this because I don’t like your face — nice haircut though! But around the globe the Italian prime minister resigned; the Pakistani prime minister was pushed out and the Sri Lankan head of state ran for the hills (in his case, the airport). The Tory party in U.K. threw Boris Johnson out.

All for less than you and your cronies have subjected Canada to. If you care to listen, I’ll share with you:

You had a fantastic career as prime minister in which you showed the Canadian public how to do Bhangra in India with a questionable

You showed Canadians that blackface matters.

You love selfies and photo-ops but when real media ask you pertinent questions that impact your citizens, you hide behind a plant.

Alexa : Mr. Trudeau, what other agreement, besides the Known Travellers Digital Identity, have you signed with the World Economic Forum?@JustinTrudeau : no answer! pic.twitter.com/Gn9AENf1P5

— Alexandra Lavoie (@ThevoiceAlexa) July 12, 2022
You hold friendship very dear, so you helped your friends as SNC Lavalin and a few other questionable organizations.

You paid off a terrorist and turn a blind eye to government funding of organizations with a history of antisemitism and hate.

You’re beholden to Communist regimes.

You’re paranoid when you see a truck. You have imprisoned a native ‘real Canadian’ woman — Tamara Lich — for allegations that are
contrary to our freedoms and democracy.

Your minister of transportation has made Canadian airports the laughing stock of the world. From being the best airport in North America to the worst in the world! And please don’t give me the COVID BS, being prepared was your government's responsibility.

In your words, “a Canadian, is a Canadian is a Canadian”! So, aren’t unvaxed Canadians — Canadian?

And to make matters worse (if that’s possible) now there is a SURPRISE at the airport. When you come back already tired from a long trip and have to wait a couple of hours to be randomly tested. From a dynamic G7 country, are you trying to make Canada a third world country?

Your best present to Canadians was the ArriveCan app. By the way, how does one get a passport? Do we apply to you directly?


I’m tired of just listing all your activities. I think it's time you took a vacation again on one of the Aga Khan’s Islands and you might do Canadians a favour this time by just staying there. And while you’re at it, please take your inexperienced, inefficient, intolerant cronies with you.

Goodbye. Hasta la vista. Au revoir.

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96   Karloff   2023 Jun 20, 3:20pm  

Patrick says


Thanks for the video. It's quite good.

"Safe supply". Another one of their sick jokes. "Hey bro, we made sure your poison didn't contain any unexpected poisons!"
99   Misc   2023 Jun 21, 12:53pm  

About that Canada tax thingy:

If you run the numbers for households in the US and included medical expenses as part of "taxes", I bet the percentage of income "taxed" would be higher here in the States.
100   zzyzzx   2023 Jun 27, 6:07am  

Lord Blackface Castreau
102   HeadSet   2023 Jun 27, 12:34pm  

Patrick says

Be careful of any stats that use percent increase, as percent increase is almost always a propaganda tool. Canada's population in 2021 was 38,155,012, in 2023 it is 38,781,291.
103   Patrick   2023 Jul 1, 9:57am  

The graph is true though.

105   stereotomy   2023 Jul 25, 10:53am  

They'll gobble cock on their knees while being demolished in the pooper at the same time. They're complete degenerate globohomo whores.
107   stereotomy   2023 Jul 29, 7:34am  

zzyzzx says

For any man thinking of reproduction, he's gotta keep "the boys" cool. Oh wait, they're both globohomo, so nevermind. An asshole doesn't need refrigeration, just lubrication.
108   AmericanKulak   2023 Aug 2, 10:25pm  

Turdeau and wife seperate after 18 years.


109   Patrick   2023 Aug 3, 1:15am  


In a brief statement, Trudeau called for privacy as his life crumbled around him. "Please stop asking if Sophie was really a woman," said a tearful Trudeau. "You're hurting my feelings! Sophie is real. She's real! The next person who asks is getting curb stomped by a Mountie!"

Trudeau's Canadian wife, who no one has ever seen and may not exist, has reportedly had her bank account and assets frozen pending reconciliation. If she returns home and lets her husband decorate the living room of the Rideau Cottage the way he wants, she will be welcomed back with open arms. "The ball is in her court," Trudeau maintained. "She has to stop having her own opinions and feelings."

"Or else," he added ominously.
115   Booger   2023 Sep 30, 6:33pm  

Ripped off from another thread:

119   HeadSet   2023 Oct 20, 10:42am  

Patrick says

Not much different than the druggie dying of an overdose.
121   stereotomy   2023 Oct 26, 10:05am  

^^^ That doesn't look like an EV RV.
124   Patrick   2023 Nov 10, 5:49pm  


💉 Finally, to help start your weekend off right, for your Friday amusement, enjoy this comical public service announcement from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Remember ladies, he’s single again!:

The “booster advisory” clip shows a slack-jawed, chuckling, lightly tattooed man sitting in a chair and getting his shoulders wiped with prep pads. That’s it. For the life of me, I can’t understand why they would so obviously cut away —twice— deliberately not showing the injections, which were the whole point of the message.

Maybe the Prime Minister cried when he got the real shots, and they had to film it over again, once he was feeling better and had his lollipop.

128   The_Deplorable   2023 Dec 1, 1:30pm  

The arguments of this neoCon Globalist Nazi are not valid:
• If the vaccine offers protection to the vaccinated then why is he considering the unvaccinated to be a threat to the vaccinated? Where is the logic here?
• Besides, this loser is not a medical doctor, so why is he practicing medicine? Who asked him?

Patrick says

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