Biden does Emperor Palpatine, Nobody Gives a F

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2022 Sep 1, 6:16pm   9,507 views  152 comments

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In a grim, red light with military uniforms in the darkened background, "Rejecting Hate".

And what's funny is, nobody literally gives a shit. I mean that in a good way, as in, nobody gives a shit.

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84   Onvacation   2022 Sep 3, 11:16am  

85   GNL   2022 Sep 3, 11:52am  

It's sad if these 2 women feel the need to proclaim their commitment to America.
86   Ceffer   2022 Sep 3, 12:38pm  


In fact, it is illegal to use military personnel in the way portrayed in the speech, unless they are acting as part of a valid color guard, which they weren't. It's pure propaganda to make it appear that Biden has a military force prepared to go against the Republic.

This article is from our friends at Real Raw News, so take it with as many grains of salt as necessary:
87   Patrick   2022 Sep 3, 1:00pm  


The speech itself was a malignant act of demagoguery that will have colonels and generalissimos everywhere catching their breath with envy. The neo-totalitarian stage set, replete with red lighting effects and military personal flanking the shouting, gesticulating Biden, was right out of central casting. Next time, perhaps Biden will wear epaulettes along with his signature aviators. ...

According to the creed of Biden and the elites who formulate his thoughts and speeches, the radical Democratic agenda of climate change, “green” intimidation, wealth redistribution, and sexual perversion is the gospel of light. Outer darkness is occupied by people who espouse such traditional American values as hard work, frugality, patriotism, individual liberty, and the canons of private property that guarantee those rights. It is a strange and unforgiving religion, one whose primary sacrament is excommunication. ...

You often hear the world “democracy” uttered in these heady precincts, usually in the now-noxious phrase “our democracy” (translation: their prerogative”). As I note in a column on “Joe Biden and the Sovietization of America” for the October edition of the Speccie, it is a world in which “democracy” really means “rule by Democrats.” ...

While we wait for the answer, it is worth remembering that it is Democrats, typically, who have resorted to violence in order to get their way. Consider the violence perpetrated by partisans of Black Lives Matter in the summer of 2020. Those “mostly peaceful protests” left scores dead or wounded and a property damage bill of some $2 billion. And if it is violence in response to an election that doesn’t go your way, consider this compilation of Democrats calling for violence against Trump and anyone who supports or works for him in the aftermath of the 2016 election.
88   Patrick   2022 Sep 3, 1:02pm  


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Having politically weaponized federal law enforcement for his own political gain, President Biden has now taken to the airwaves to warn that democracy is in real danger.

"Folks, I'm using the feds as best I can to destroy my political opponents, but let me be clear: I'm going to have to break more laws and seize even more power if I'm going to stop fascism," yelled President Biden, lighted in blood-red and surrounded by soldiers. "I don't care if that means a federal takeover of elections, an overthrow of the judiciary - heck I don't care if I have to use F-15s to carpet bomb every single Republican neighborhood in the country. We will forcibly commandeer every lever of power and communication our nation has - to, you know, defeat fascism."

President Biden went on to call for the expulsion from democratic society anyone who questioned the integrity of an American election. "If you question an election's fairness because our intel communities told media companies to bury damaging stories about me, or because COVID was used as an excuse to illegally change voting practices without legislative input, or because the FBI spied on Trump's campaign after Democrats gave them a bogus dossier - then you have no place in civil society," said Biden. "In fact, while we are at it, if you don't support abortion through nine months, or the genital mutilation of children, you are an enemy of the state. And we will foment violent protests and assassination attempts to intimidate you - to save democracy."
89   Ceffer   2022 Sep 3, 2:05pm  

Clif High says that we outside of the foreign occupied foreign city state of Washington DC are in a Constitutional Republic. Those within the borders of the foreign occupied foreign city state of Washington DC are in a stipulated legislative democracy ruled by the legislative branch. When the polltical shills talk about 'our Democracy', they are referring to their fetid, corrupt organization within DC, not the Republic.

They are correct, it is THEIR democracy, not ours.
102   Ceffer   2022 Sep 5, 10:30am  

104   GNL   2022 Sep 6, 5:04pm  

Patrick says

I believe the whole world is a stage. Many actors doing their part in this global play. Disaster is in the offing.
105   AmericanKulak   2022 Sep 6, 8:35pm  

Ceffer says


Execute Order... uh... Jill Where's My Damn Ice Cream?
115   Patrick   2022 Sep 11, 1:11pm  

"To be honest, even I was a little creeped out by Biden's speech." - Satan
117   Patrick   2022 Sep 14, 9:46am  


Biden’s ventriloquists juice the nation’s schism for political gain...

Should unobtainable forms of equality become thematic imperatives in national policy, sociologist Robert Nisbet warned fifty years ago, government institutions would try to achieve the impossible. But failing, they would insist on greater, and finally unrestricted, power to make things right, but in fact use that expanded power to buttress themselves and their clientage. ...

What indeed is fascist? The government can track and record you in concert with media corporations. Internal Revenue Service tax farming looms. The Hollywood colossus and academe have done their criminal part in degrading traditional virtue and purging cultural heretics. The teachers’ unions are revealed as stooges of anti-white ideologues and identity radicals, pushing the New York Times’s seditious 1619 Project. ...

The prudent will make decisions involving their location, the schools their children attend, the places they work, shop and congregate, all designed to maximize well being. Persistent minority ill will combined with demand for more attention, resources, and homage perplexes them, but more to the point strikes them increasingly as self-interested injustice collecting.

Public decorum, honest work, intact mom-and-dad families, and civic order is not destined to become the exclusive province of the rich. The pursuit of freedom, safety and order will dominate domestic politics in the coming decade. Left or right, affluent or not, Americans will make political arrangements to avoid the dysfunction.

If cries of white flight and racism ensue, many voters won’t care. They will be doing their best to provide police protection, basic education, clean water, and reliable health and emergency services. They will be trying to keep monsters in jail and vagrants off the streets. If the federal government punishes this civic energy, the pushback against centralized tyranny will likely be swift and astonishing.

Trying to restrain the administrative state and its identity goons is not “extremism” or “taking this country backwards.” It is not a threat to “the soul of the nation,” not at all. Biden’s ventriloquists know this, but are nonetheless juicing the nation’s red-and-blue schism for political gain. Whether slandering the opposition succeeds or backfires at the polls remains to be seen.
121   Ceffer   2022 Sep 14, 12:58pm  

Screaming Fuhrer Biden Actor Stable, or Genghis Biden Actor Stable: your choice. Nice touch with the King Lear thespian senility rage. The Oscars beckon.

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