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What else?

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114   Patrick   2023 Aug 27, 10:47am  


A Virginia high school student was pulled out of school by his parents over a controversy involving a school policy that said he couldn't fly American flags from the back of his pickup truck.

Bedford County, Virginia, student Christopher Hartless had his parking pass revoked from Staunton River High School after he refused to remove large American flags from the back of his truck.

So Christopher refused to take the flags down, which led to the school revoking his parking pass, and do you know what his parents did?

They pulled him right out of the school and made him a homeschool kid.
115   HeadSet   2023 Aug 27, 11:05am  

Patrick says

A Virginia high school student was pulled out of school by his parents over a controversy involving a school policy that said he couldn't fly American flags from the back of his pickup truck.

It is likely that in order to ban pedo flags and stay out of a lawsuit, the school had to ban all flags.
116   Patrick   2023 Aug 27, 1:39pm  


The corrupt tinpot dictators that infest our every branch of government thrive on both our apathy and absence, and so we must suffocate them by showing up and getting in their grill as often as we can. Show them they are hopelessly outnumbered. Show them we are watching their every move. Immediately call them on every wrong move they make. They will shrivel under the scrutiny of our constant gaze and will swiftly arrive at the understanding that if they make too many mistakes they will lose that coveted position of power they worked so hard to acquire.

In Summary: We have to be all over our local legislators and their jack-booted enforcers, we have to put every single thing they do under a microscope constantly, and we have to remove them if they do not execute the will of the people. From here, we will work our way up to the county, state, and federal levels.

It is really that simple. Smother those whores. By doing so we will take back what is ours—our nation, our freedom, our destiny.
117   Patrick   2023 Aug 28, 11:43am  


Driver refuses to stop for Just Stop Oil protesters and keeps his foot on the gas.

We need to see more of this.

118   Patrick   2023 Aug 28, 12:58pm  


A resolution to ban Covid shots and other mRNA vaccines is gaining widespread support from multiple counties in Florida.

The movement seeks to pressure Florida’s Republican governor Ron DeSantis to ban the injection from being sold or administered across the state.

As Slay News previously reported, the move was triggered by Republicans in Brevard County.

The Brevard County Republican Executive Committee (BREC) passed a resolution in a landslide vote to ban the vaccines in July.

After the resolution was passed, the BREC officially banned Covid mRNA vaccines and declared the shots a “biological and technological weapon.”

The resolution also declares that the COVID-19 virus itself is a “bioweapon.”

The committee has since been soliciting support from registered Republicans in the county, state lawmakers, Florida’s Congressional delegation, and Gov. DeSantis.

Republican executive committees in nine Florida counties have now adopted the resolution moving to prohibit the sale and distribution of the vaccines in the state.

The 83-page resolution also asks state Attorney General Ashley Moody to immediately seize all remaining vaccine supplies.

After the seizure, the AG is called on to conduct a forensic analysis of the shots.

The “Ban the Jab” resolution at the center of the movement was written by psychotherapist Joseph Sansone.

So far, the resolution has been adopted by local-level GOP officials in Lee, Collier, Lake, Santa Rosa, Seminole, St. Johns Hillsborough, and Brevard Counties.

Franklin County became the ninth county to pass it on Aug. 19.
120   Patrick   2023 Aug 29, 1:08pm  


This is what it will take. We have to power to overturn mandates if we stand together!
It only took 4 days for Kaiser Permanente staff to pushback and get mask mandates lifted.

Kaiser Permanente, one of the biggest ‘healthcare providers’ in the United States and an operator of many hospitals across the country had announced on August 24th that it would be bringing back mask mandates. Their staff and the general public had other ideas, however.

According to an article in the Epoch Times:

"They told us a bunch of [expletive]," Richard Staudinger, a North Sacramento resident, told CBS. "I think most of the people don't believe it now."

Another, Craig Roberts, said, "I think it's more political than anything, just think they're trying to do what they did in 2020."

Due to the pushback, Kaiser Permanente has reversed the recently enacted policy requiring masking in its Southern California facilities.

This is what can be done when people stand together against tyrannical, unscientific and dangerous so-called public health policies.

It isn’t just Kaiser, either.

Lionsgate Film Studios in Santa Monica, California had recently announced a mandate for certain employees to once again mask up at work. They have now walked that back and lifted the requirement.

It is hoped that every facility, organisation or business that tries to reimpose mandates of any kind on their employees will see similar responses.

121   NuttBoxer   2023 Aug 30, 7:48am  

What, people at a hospital in California said No MASk!? No one else has an excuse now. I mean do anyone want to admit California was more freedom loving than their state...
124   Patrick   2023 Aug 31, 9:53am  


Finally, in terrific news, especially for people concerned about the threat of new covid mandates, local Texas CBS affiliate KENS-5 ran a story Tuesday headlined, “Texas law banning COVID-related mandates by local governments takes effect this week.”

Starting tomorrow, September 1st, local governments in the Lone Star State — including schools — will be prohibited from requiring covid-related masks, requiring proof of vaccination, or shutting down any businesses. (Private businesses can still make their own rules.)

After whining about “rising covid rates” in Bexar County, Texas, the last line in KENS-5’s story said it all:

“I haven’t admitted anybody with COVID in two years,” Dr. Neel said.

I rolled my eyes so hard I momentarily saw my own optic nerve. I guess it’s not exactly an emergency.

Anyway, that’s not all! The Texas Legislature passed over 800 new laws this year, and many of them become effective tomorrow along with the ban on covid mandates. Among many others, the new laws include:

— A ban on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion offices in colleges.

— Colleges may now fire tenured faculty for reasons like “professional incompetence” and “repeatedly failed to perform duties.”

— Courts may now remove local District Attorneys for picking which crimes to prosecute or not prosecute.

— New regulations on “sexually-oriented performances” (i.e. drag shows).

— Increased penalties for child porn.

— Requires college sports teams to limit participation by biological sex.

There’s a lot more. Here’s a more complete summary of the new laws, if you are interested.


It’s progress! It’s the counter-revolution at the Alamo. Texans, you may be a little late getting to the party, but welcome aboard the freedom express.
125   Patrick   2023 Aug 31, 9:57am  

Patrick says

Courts may now remove local District Attorneys for picking which crimes to prosecute or not prosecute.

I had the impression that picking which crimes to prosecute was always within the power of DAs. But they should be removed for picking them for political reasons.
126   Patrick   2023 Sep 1, 11:48am  


Finally, to lift your spirits back up a little, how about some great news from the counter-revolution? The Washington Times ran a story yesterday headlined, “Explicit books removed from K-12 school libraries but only after a public reading at school board.”

After unsuccessfully waging a two-year war with the Indian River County School District Board, trying to get them to remove 156 pornographic books from district school libraries, a local chapter of Moms For Liberty strategically took advantage of a new Florida law at last Monday’s meeting.

Florida’s terrific House Bill 1609, passed earlier this year, contains lots of great stuff, such as requiring schools to teach that males and females are binary options, and these two genders are immutable biological characteristics. Which of course was a totally uncontroversial science fact until about ten minutes ago.

But deep in HB 1609 was this terrific, tiny little nugget of potentially-explosive power:

Parents shall have the right to read passages from any material that is subject to an objection. If the school board denies a parent the right to read passages due to content that meets the requirements under sub-sub-subparagraph b.(I), the school district shall discontinue the use of the material.

Now we’re talking.

127   Patrick   2023 Sep 3, 10:10am  


Freedom is not something that anybody can be given.

Freedom is something people take, and people are as free as they want to be.

💥He who is brave is free💥

#BladeRunners #SayNoToULEZ #DoNotComply

130   Patrick   2023 Sep 4, 9:09am  

@richwicks It's supposed to be about the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) cameras set up in London which are used to charge people for driving around.

Yet the cars are pointed the wrong way.
131   Patrick   2023 Sep 4, 9:10am  


Walking through the Tel Aviv market only to bump into this brilliance.

132   Onvacation   2023 Sep 4, 9:44am  

Patrick says

[angle grinder meme]

Sounded more like one of these:

A Sawzall with a demolition blade will hack right through those skinny poles.
135   Patrick   2023 Sep 10, 2:42pm  


So, the Berlin State Prosecutor has launched another criminal investigation of me. Apparently, I’m being charged with reporting on the original investigation of me that the Berlin State Prosecutor launched in June.

What happened is, the prosecutor visited my blog and read a column I published in July, The Criminalization of Dissent (Revisited), which included screenshots of the alleged “hate-crime” Tweets that the original criminal investigation is based on, and that resulted in the Order of Punishment that the Berlin District Court handed down two weeks ago. So, the prosecutor opened a new criminal investigation and sent my attorney an official notice explaining the gravity of the additional charges.

The charges are of the utmost gravity. I am officially accused of “relativizing” or “minimizing” the crimes of the Nazis … by republishing the two Tweets that I originally tweeted.

Here, once again, are the Tweets …

Yes, that’s right, I just published them again. I am going to explain why I published them again.

I’m not going to explain the Tweets again. I have explained them in several previous columns. I have explained them to Matt Taibbi of Racket News, Max Blumenthal of The Grayzone, James Freeman, Patrick Henningsen, Elena Louisa Lange, Dirk Pohlmann, and Christine Black at Brownstone Institute (forgive me if I’m forgetting anyone). I explained them to Stefan Millius of Weltwoche, and to another journalist at a big Swiss newspaper. My attorney has explained them, in German, to the prosecutor, and to German audiences on Kontrafunk. RT published a piece explaining them. I believe they have been exhaustively explained.

Not that they ever really needed explanation. You would have to be a certified moron to believe they “minimized,” or “relativized,” or in any way made light of the crimes of the Nazis. You and I are not certified morons. Neither is the Berlin State Prosecutor. Neither is the District Court of Berlin. Not to put too fine a point on it, the charges are horseshit, and everyone involved knows it. They are a blatant pretext to crackdown on dissent.

OK, now let me explain why I just published the Tweets again, knowing full well that the Berlin State Prosecutor is probably going to read this column, become extremely agitated, and charge me with additional “hate crimes.”

No, I am not a glutton for punishment. I’m not at all enjoying my introduction to the so-called “German legal system.” It is taking up my time. It is making me angry. It is upsetting my wife, which I do not appreciate. It is costing me a lot of money. It has forced me to ask other people for money, which is something I do not like to do. It’s screwing with my sleep. It is distracting me from my work. And so on. Which is exactly the point.

The goal of horseshit prosecutions like mine (and those of many other dissidents currently) is (a) to punish us for speaking out against “New Normal” totalitarianism by making our lives as miserable as possible, (b) to make examples of us to discourage others from speaking out, and (c) to intimidate us into shutting the fuck up.

Totalitarians, fascists, and other power freaks are essentially just glorified schoolyard bullies. They may cloak themselves in the mantle of the law, but their modus operandi is brute force. Beneath all the bullshit, their message is simple: “either do what we say, or we will hurt you.”

OK, prepare yourself, because I’m going to give you some advice. I do not generally like to do that, but, in this case, I’m going to make an exception.

Never, ever, give in to a bully. The second you do, that bully owns you. What the bully wants, more than whatever he is demanding, more than anything else in the world, is your fear. The bully interprets your fear as respect, because the bully doesn’t understand respect. The bully craves your fear, and your obedience, because they reify the bully’s “authority.” They enable the bully to feel powerful and important. The bully needs to feel “powerful” and “important” because the bully feels weak and unimportant, and afraid. All fascists are essentially cowards. They are cowards, and nihilists, who hate themselves, and fear themselves, and hate and fear life, which is why they are so obsessed with controlling everything.

The point is, never give in to a bully. Never reify a bully’s “authority.” If you do, you will find yourself sucked into the bully’s sadistic, nihilistic “reality.” You will be playing by the bully’s rules. And that is all “reality” actually is, a set of rules we agree to play by, or, in this case, do not agree to play by.
136   Patrick   2023 Sep 10, 5:09pm  


Huntington Beach votes to BAN mask and COVID vaccine mandates across city - amid fears of a 'tripledemic' in California of coronavirus, flu and RSV
Mayor Pro Tem Gracey Van Der Mark introduced the bill to a crowd Wednesday
She declared the city 'a no-mask, no-vaccine mandate city' as the bill was passed
140   stereotomy   2023 Sep 14, 8:58am  

Patrick says


Freedom is not something that anybody can be given.

Freedom is something people take, and people are as free as they want to be.

💥He who is brave is free💥

#BladeRunners #SayNoToULEZ #DoNotComply

To the tune of Tavares' "It only takes a minute":

It only takes a minute girl,
To fuck Big Bro, to fuck Big Bro
143   Patrick   2023 Sep 15, 10:53am  


You may recall London’s recent step toward becoming a 15-minute city, the so-called “ULEZ” incentive plan, where non-smart cars, or ‘dumb cars’ I guess, are charged $16 every time they leave the driveway or hit the expressway. Later in the fall, the daily driver fee will shoot up to $224 per day (but an affordable $112 per day if you pay within two weeks).

The system was originally designed to run using special ULEZ traffic cameras (Ultra Low Emissions Zone). But after up to 50% of the stationary pole cameras had been vandalized — sitting ducks, after all — London moved to plan ‘B’, which is now employing roving Big Brother-style white-panel vans equipped with despised, roof-mounted fee-charging cameras.

But the organism evolves, and plucky opponents of the Mayor’s too-clever plan have also shifted tactics, and are now targeting the ULEZ vans, spray-painting camera lenses and windshields, and letting air out of tires. Londoners are also crowd-sourcing the current whereabouts of every ULEZ van, coordinating their efforts to help uncompliant drivers avoid being recorded.

Between the start of April and the end of August, 510 crimes relating to ULEZ cameras were reported. London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan, who expanded ULEZ from an inner zone to the entire city on August 29th, has scolded people attacking cameras that “protest should be lawful, safe and peaceful”, but adding encouragingly, “It is really important to stay on the right side of the law.”

That’s true. Just ask January 6th rally attendees.

Londoners, keep fighting. We are with you in spirit. Viva la resistance!
144   Misc   2023 Sep 15, 11:05am  

I think the opposition should post the names of those who actually pay the fees and have everyone harass the ever living shit outta them. From what I understand over 50000 have told the government to pound sand. I think my idea would get the compliance rate even lower.
147   NuttBoxer   2023 Sep 16, 9:45am  

Some interesting ideas from Corbett's Solutions Watch series like putting stickers on QR codes to make them unreadable, or stopping autonomous cars with traffic cones.

original link
148   stereotomy   2023 Sep 16, 12:33pm  

Perhaps Frank Herbert wasn't too far off. In the far future, government has become "too efficient." What was a surreptitious network of saboteurs eventually evolves into the Bureau of Sabotage, or BuSab - it's mission: to impede overzealous government initiatives and thus insure the stability of society. The adventures of BuSab's top agent, Jorj X. McKie, are documented in the novels "Whipping Star" and "The Dosadi Experiment."
149   Patrick   2023 Sep 17, 3:37pm  


A top European Union official has gone rogue to warn the public that Covid lockdowns and mandates are “all coming back.”

Christine Anderson, Germany’s member of the European Parliament, issued a statement calling on citizens around the world to rise up against the return of Covid restrictions.

During an address before the European Parliament, Anderson vowed to continue fighting for the freedoms of people across the globe.

However, she asked that, in return, citizens everywhere peacefully reject the incoming wave of Covid lockdowns and mask and mRNA injection mandates.

“It’s all coming back,” Anderson said.

“The first countries are already starting about talking mask mandates in Israel.

“I’ve heard of a few universities in the United States.

“They’re already bringing it all back, and I would really like for you, the people, to not go along.

“Simply say no,” she urged.

“They want you to wear a mask? Say no.

“They want you to put in another mRNA shot? Say no.

“They want to impose a curfew on you? Say no.”

“That’s really all you have to do,” she said in a message to people all around the world.

“That may sound hard, but it’s not that hard.

“Because, once you’ve made it clear to them that you will no longer go along, once you let them know they cannot scare you anymore.

“Because as long as you’re afraid of what they might do if you don’t comply, they have power over you.

“Take the power away from them: Simply say no.

“Once you do that, they don’t have power over you anymore.”

Anderson added that with everything that has taken place in the past three years, the people of the world would be within their rights to tell authoritarian governments “to screw themselves and go to Hell” where they belong.
150   GNL   2023 Sep 17, 6:00pm  

NuttBoxer says

When you earn a living without transacting in US dollars, you've left the system.

@NuttBoxer, please tell me how this can be done.
151   NuttBoxer   2023 Sep 18, 6:46am  

Patrick says

A top European Union official has gone rogue to warn the public that Covid lockdowns and mandates are “all coming back.”

They ain't coming back here, California already shut it down..
152   NuttBoxer   2023 Sep 18, 6:49am  

GNL says

NuttBoxer says

When you earn a living without transacting in US dollars, you've left the system.

NuttBoxer, please tell me how this can be done.

I believe this is the realm of agorists and sovereign citizens as they tend not have social security number, banks accounts, etc. I haven't done it, but everything that makes you self-sufficient enables you to leave.

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