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183   UkraineIsFucked   2023 Oct 30, 4:03pm  

Not really. They have to lie when they rent houses to film.

When they filmed Pitates, they also had to go to a lot of trouble to deceive the ship owners.

184   Patrick   2023 Oct 31, 10:31am  


Ideas to approach your community’s lesser magistrates:
1. Look up on the internet who your county commissioners are and their county clerk. On their website you can see the usual meeting times, agendas and contact numbers.

2. Call the county clerk and ask how would someone get on the agenda at the board of commissioners meeting and ask if zoom is available for others that you would like to join you to speak at the board of commissioners meeting.

3. The clerk will share how to get on the agenda, and they will often offer 3-15 minutes for you on the agenda. You can take that time to speak or if you need more time, such as for a presentation from a science and medical team, or any other subject matter expert, you can let them know for your subject matter you really need about 30 minutes or more and ask how would it be possible for a very important issue.

4. The clerk will ask you what the subject of your presentation…. and you can share that it’s regarding the multiple adverse effects of the genetic covid shot to your community or friends and family, and that it is on the childhood schedule currently. You would like to have some subject matter experts present to your commissioners in an appeal to your lesser magistrates regarding the danger of contaminated genetic shots. Sometimes that will be enough and sometimes the clerk will ask you to reach out to the commissioner chair for permission to be on the agenda.

5. You make want to simply share that you would like them to watch a video of the presentation, or you may want the group of subject matter experts to present on zoom … let us know and we will help as much as we can to get you presenters no matter how rural or urban your county may be. We the People 50 can be some of your subject matter experts but give the group a few weeks to put your meeting on our schedule and line up testimony.

6. Have a small speech, less than 4 minutes, prepared when you speak that is timed and practiced so you can stand strong in front of the board and possible crowd. Have a resolution or action item letter to present at your meeting for their team to consider, sign and send to your AG or Governors office Etc. This may take two visits to your board, the first to educate, the second visit to present our resolution or action letter as an action item.

7. You can also approach your local state legislators, your Attorney General, Governor, your sheriff, your health district boards, your school boards, and even your US legislators with a similar approach of simply calling and asking how to do it.

8. If you are given time with a legislative aide at the US legislators office… realize that they are the workers, researchers, and the opinion drivers of your US Rep or Senator. It is worth your time to connect and share your valuable information with them.

9. Remember to be sincere, polite, and have no fear. The territory that you approach is often opposition or at best neutral territory. Prayer, having a friend go with you to be in the room as moral support, and putting on the whole armor of God will be helpful.

A book that conveys the value, authority and duty of your lesser magistrates is “The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates” by Matthew Trewhella.
185   UkraineIsFucked   2023 Nov 3, 9:06am  

Conservatives also must discover whether corporate commitments to critical race theory, gender ideology, and “diversity, equity, and inclusion” are superficial or deeply held. The basic formula for determining a boycott’s success is whether “economic pressure” and “image pressure” are stronger than a firm’s “policy commitment.”

In the years ahead, conservatives will be able to measure these forces more accurately. If American companies are using left-wing ideology for cynical and fleeting purposes, conservatives could continue to secure victories in the corporate sphere. If, on the other hand, corporations are authentically committed to left-wing cultural ideology, and these commitments are cemented in corporate life through countervailing pressure, bureaucratic necessity, and civil-rights law, conservatives will need to fight even harder to tip the scales.

186   Patrick   2023 Nov 7, 8:55am  


Washington County, Idaho, Signed the Resolution to Advise AGAINST Genetic Covid-19 "Vaccines" on Child Schedule

Just a county, but it's nice that it's local control.
187   Patrick   2023 Nov 7, 10:29am  


Yesterday, Michelle sent me one of the best ideas I’ve yet seen for pushing back against the Alphabet Army that I’ve seen in a long time, designed by attorney Mike Yoder. It starts with the “straight flag,” which I didn’t even know was a thing:

Yoder’s idea is not to try to cancel the rainbow flag or even attack it at all. The strategy is to teach normal kids to ask teachers to also hang up the “straight flag;” the flag that represents them and their beliefs. Obviously, woke teachers will obstinately refuse. Yoder, bless him, put together a ‘packet’ of case law and materials instructing parents, students and teachers about how viewpoint discrimination violates the Constitution.

If teachers hang a pride flag, they must also hang up a straight flag (at least, upon request).

If, after getting the packet, the teacher still refuses to hang the straight flag, it becomes intentional discrimination. Straight students can get a court order requiring the teacher to hang up the heterosexual flag, stop discriminating against them, and probably awarding their attorney’s fees. It’s so clear that I’d bet a pointedly-written demand letter to the school board would do the trick in most cases.

It seems pretty clear the ultimate result of a national straight-flag movement would be the banning of all sex-preference flags. Which would be great.
188   Patrick   2023 Nov 7, 11:00am  


Notre Dame students protest campus drag show by praying Rosary, attending Eucharistic adoration

The sparsely attended show was allowed to go on with the approval of Fr. Gerry Olinger, the vice president of student affairs, under the guise of 'academic freedom' while faithful students voiced their disapproval outside through peaceful prayers.

I attended Notre Dame my first two years of college.
189   Patrick   2023 Nov 7, 6:59pm  


Petition request
That the House of Representatives ban mRNA-based vaccines and medical interventions in humans and animals in New Zealand.

Petition reason
I believe that: mRNA therapeutics pose potentially catastrophic dangers; a recent study of the risks of mRNA vaccination shows that it can modify the human genome; many other aspects of mRNA-based therapies are unknown; the human genome is the very genetic blueprint of every individual, defines our health and well-being, and should be an inviolable entity. In the past New Zealand has taken a pioneering position on the use of nuclear arms. We should do so now for mRNA-based interventions.

The link to the petition is here: https://petitions.parliament.nz/63b1d0e8-8c99-4fba-4f8f-08dbde376730

I can think of few actions more necessary or noble for a country to take at this time.

Since any person — including non-New Zealand citizens — may petition New Zealand’s Parliament, of any age, I urge you to sign and distribute this as widely as possible.

Emanuel E. Garcia, M.D.

November 2023

Could work if it gets huge popular support.

Jacinda must be hanged for her crimes against humanity. She even exempted herself from the death jab.
190   Patrick   2023 Nov 8, 12:13pm  

He's doing it wrong.

People blocking the road should be beaten with sticks until they leave the road, and the people doing the beating should get a cash reward for it.
191   Misc   2023 Nov 9, 4:24am  

Looks to me that he was simply making a citizen's arrest. The perp resisted so...guess what happened???
192   Patrick   2023 Nov 9, 10:18am  


... plenty of good election news continued trickling in yesterday, especially from local races. Since as you know, my ‘anti-Superman’ electoral philosophy is “local, local, local,” I was heartened and gratified to see many local races flipping conservative. For one encouraging example, the plucky group Moms for Liberty (a collection of domestic terrorists if ever I saw any) reported winning no fewer than +50 school board seats yesterday, and +90 more before that just in 2023:


If you want to know what is really in Republicans’ way it is ‘superman’ worship. I’m begging folks. I don’t know how better I can explain it. Trump, DeSantis, RFK, I don’t care. The over-focus on presidential politics is distracting people from actually fixing the nation’s problems.

Don’t believe me? Do you remember who it was that declared you, your church, and your small businesses were “non-essential?” Hmm?

It wasn’t President Trump. It wasn’t even Fauci. It was your local county commissioner, that’s who! Wake up! The feds only published guidelines. In most states, local politicians used their broad emergency powers to pull the country’s economic plug, and now look where we are.

Think! It’s not the clueless, shambolic idiot infesting the White House who is loading bookshelves with revolting gay porn and promoting aging, unattractive cross-dressers in the kids’ sections of your local libraries. It’s the local library board. It’s not Governor Beshear or Replacement Governor Hochul or even Oleaginous Governor Newsom instructing teachers to lie to parents about their kids experiencing dysphoric mental illness.

It’s the local school board.

When folks become completely fascinated by one person as their political ‘savior’ — whether it’s Trump, Beshear, DeSantis, whoever — they cheapen politics, turning civic participation into a rah-rah sporting event. They forget all about the fundamentals. Folks say they hate the uni-party, but that’s a lazy excuse for inaction. There’s no uni-party in local politics.

The national uni-party convinces folks to root for a single person, turning presidential politics into the Super Bowl, so folks will get so distracted they won’t do the work to take and keep control of their own home towns.

Before he retired, antihuman billionaire Scrooge McSoros dumped more of his money into local races than on national races. Why do you suppose he did that? Why do you think the big blue cities are now all experiencing controlled demolition? You don’t think it was a coincidence, do you? You don’t think that nincompoop Biden did it?

Sure, Governors and Presidents have roles to play. Having a good one is especially helpful in the short run, like in emergencies, like how Governor DeSantis did in Florida during the pandemic.

But local is where everything important starts. Local citizens first cut their teeth on politics as city commissioners, mayors, tax collectors, and supervisors of elections. It’s a meritocracy. As they gain political experience, the best local ones run for state offices. As they prove themselves at the state level, the best state-level ones percolate up and run for national office or high state office, like for governor. National-level politicians who last get appointed into federal agencies, or to run universities, or into other top federal offices. It’s simple:

Local —> State —> National —> President, Agency, University, etc.

(Sure, there are exceptions, but that’s the core political formula, and always has been.)

This simple formula has somehow become a secret that the uni-party conceals from everybody while we’re all distracted by the latest, greatest Superman. But if everyone could just focus on the quality of the beginning of the pipeline, at the local level, everything else would follow along naturally. Want secure elections? Then first, secure the supervisor of elections positions and the district attorney jobs.

That’s what that awful George Soros did. You can see the result.

Think about politics as if it were an investment strategy. In investment circles, they talk about default portfolio ratios. The basic idea is, to maximize return on investment, investors should keep a certain proportion of assets in cash, a certain percentage in real estate, a percentage in stocks, and a small part, say 10%, in high-risk, long-shot opportunities.

You could think about politics the same way. To get the best return on a political investment, folks should allocate seventy percent of their time and money to local races. Twenty percent should go to state-level races. And a little bit, ten percent, into national races, including for president. I made those numbers up, but you get the idea.

To be clear, I’m not saying the next presidential race is unimportant. The issue is a matter of proportion, of how we invest our limited time and treasure.

So, pretty please with organic whipped cream on top, could we try investing more time securing local offices, like helping sane moms get elected to school boards, and spend less time arguing with each other over which Superman should be the next Republican presidential candidate?

Let’s reverse the ‘Soros scheme.’
193   NuttBoxer   2023 Nov 10, 7:15am  

Record number of parents refusing all experimental shots(aka vaccines). And they claim they don't know why...

194   Patrick   2023 Nov 10, 10:20am  


Might not be real though. One comment claims it's about Catalonian independence.
198   HeadSet   2023 Nov 15, 11:44am  

Patrick says


Brave act, considering what Trudeau did to truckers previously.
200   Patrick   2023 Nov 17, 11:35am  


I’ve applied Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle to litigation. It’s not a perfect analogy, but I refer to a peculiar feature of human psychology as the “Heisenberg Effect.” Put simply: people act differently when they know they are being watched. And usually, they act nicer, more moral, more fair, and more lawful.

It is often significant in litigation, like when I review evidence. For instance, I always look for a demarcation point in emails, between a time when the participants were chatting freely and then the point where they realized that eventually someone else would probably be reading their correspondence. (Usually at that point they start talking a lot less).

In addition to helping figure out why people did certain things in the past, the Heisenberg Effect can also be used as a tool. You can make people act differently, better, by deliberately increasing their consciousness that someone else is paying close attention to what they are doing in a certain area.

In that way, the Heisenberg Effect can be wielded politically. When government officials know we are watching them about a specific topic, their behavior in that area improves. For example, the DOJ might hire more staff to handle CICP cases when it knows that a judge will soon be considering how well-staffed the program is. Or, legislators who just voted to table an impeachment vote can learn that they need to be more careful about border issues because irritable voters care. Some of them might even vote differently — better — next time.

So, it’s not always about the short-term, like winning a particular lawsuit or convincing an official to change their current position with a phone call. Often the Heisenberg Effect delivers results in the long-term, as the cumulative benefit from slightly more careful, slightly-better conduct adds up over time.

Never underestimate the value of just paying obvious attention to what government actors are doing. And, although it works just as well on spouses, coworkers, neighbors, and kids, be sure to apply the Heisenberg Effect to your home town officials as part of our “local, local, local” strategy.
202   REpro   2023 Nov 17, 1:38pm  

HeadSet says

Patrick says


Brave act, considering what Trudeau did to truckers previously.

The YANA Canada website has been removed.
204   Patrick   2023 Nov 19, 10:53pm  


The pharmaceutical industry knew that they were losing in court in the 1970s and early 1980s when it came to lawsuits over harms from vaccines.

In 1986, they got Congress to pass the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, and that gave them liability protection. You cannot take the pharmaceutical industry to court if your child is harmed by a vaccine because of the 1986 Act. There is a separate court system which doesn't work very well. The government stands in on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry, rather than the pharmaceutical industry representing itself.

The way to solve the problem of toxic vaccines being forced upon the population is to remove liability protection for the pharmaceutical industry. Put it back into the courts. Let's fight it out in the courts. Let's have a conversation about the data in the courts in an adversarial system, not with the CDC and the FDA that are captured. But you would have to repeal the 1986 Act. You would also have to repeal the PREP Act that happened in the early 2000s after the events of 9/11.

If we do that, the pharmaceutical industry would have an incentive to create safer vaccines. Right now the only incentive is to add as many vaccines as possible to the schedule because it's all profit. There's no risk because they can't be taken to court right now. That's how we should deal with the pharmaceutical industry.
205   NuttBoxer   2023 Nov 21, 9:40am  

They've really only rejected the template, but the reason seems to be mostly based on health concerns:
212   HeadSet   2023 Nov 29, 8:26pm  

Patrick says

Also, this kid is an Injun whose dad is on a tribal council.
213   Patrick   2023 Nov 30, 10:47am  


A 26-year-old taxi driver of Middle Eastern origin who had been charged with raping a 14-year-old Swedish girl was found hanged in a nature reserve. The girl, her boyfriend and three brothers are now suspected of the murder, which the prosecutor said “took on the character of an execution,” according to the Swedish newspaper Fria Tider.

Events began in February this year, when the then 14-year-old girl reported that she had been raped by a taxi driver.

On March 26, the man’s taxi was found abandoned with the meter running in a car park in the Hjälstaviken nature reserve in Enköping, north of Stockholm.

On April 1, the taxi driver was found hanging 500 meters from the car. Police quickly turned their attention to the newly accused group of teens. The youths all deny the crime, except the girl, who admitted that she had lured the man to the secluded location.

According to the indictment, the girl lured the taxi driver to the scene of the murder on March 24 and kept him there until the four boys arrived. The boys had previously purchased ropes, masks and clothes, which they used as aids in the murder.

According to the prosecution, the procedure was a “torture death” for the taxi driver, and the prosecutor said the murder had the “character of an execution.”

Police found plans for revenge on the taxi driver the day before the murder on the raped girl’s phone, where she mentioned that her boyfriend’s brothers were meeting the rapist.

“They will meet my rapist. HAHAHAHA,” the girl wrote.

The night before the murder, the girl sent a message to the taxi driver, asking him to bring vodka and meet her in the deserted place. According to the indictment, the rapist was hung the same day.

After the murder, the girl took a picture of her boyfriend and later sent a message to an acquaintance that her rapist had died.

Hard to say he didn't deserve it, assuming he did rape a 14 year old.
214   GNL   2023 Nov 30, 11:51am  

If he raped her, yes, of course he deserved it. A good message was sent to the community.
215   Patrick   2023 Nov 30, 12:51pm  

Of course this won't really help much if the Fed can just increment Disney's bank account as much as they like.
217   Patrick   2023 Dec 6, 11:54am  


Vigilant News (cited because corporate media dutifully ignored the story) ran an article yesterday headlined, “Slovakia Shocks the World: New Prime Minister Rejects Signing the WHO Pandemic Treaty.” Ha! Another one.

That’s not all. On Monday, rising, newly-elected Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico — another conservative upset — publicly described the mRNA jabs as “untested experimental vaccines,” while informing his party that, like fiesty little Estonia, Slovakia will refuse to sign on to the WHO’s heinous, dictatorial Pandemic Treaty.

Here’s Fico’s statement (subtitled): CLIP: Slovakia Shocks the World: New Prime Minister Rejects Signing the WHO Pandemic Treaty (2:52).


Who knew the Eastern Europeans had all this great stuff in them? I guess they got enough communism during all those Stalin years.
219   NuttBoxer   2023 Dec 11, 10:19am  

Pan seared some skirt steak from our local rancher yesterday, delicious!
221   Patrick   2023 Dec 11, 1:36pm  


Uncensored USA
( at ) CarlosSimancas
October 19, 2023
TEXT OF TWEET: Best video today. This is exactly what you need to do in a situation like this. DO NOT COMPLY & STAND YOUR GROUND.


TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: This was filmed by a customer inside a Wells Fargo Bank branch in Tennessee. The customer is a woman, as is the police officer and, except where noted, all bank employees. The customer's voice is remarkably sweet and calm. Source:

MASKED TELLER: [inaudible]

CUSTOMER: No. Here's the options. You— I'm not putting cash through the drive-through. I'm not doing it. I put checks—

MASKED TELLER: [inaudible] person [inaudible]


MASKED TELLER: [inaudible] the drive-through.

CUSTOMER: No. I'm not putting cash through the drive-through. Here's our choices. You let me deposit my money, you guys shield, you can wear your own mask, you can do what you want, it's a non, it's not a mask mandate state. So go get my money. Go get my money. Just start cashing it out, start counting. That's our choices. I'll go to another bank.

MASKED TELLER: [speaking on telephone, inaudible]

MASKED BANK EMPLOYEE (BLACK HAIR, GLASSES): Ma'am we can help you with the drive-through.

CUSTOMER: No, I'm not going through the drive-through. You can take my cash. You're standing right there. Deposit my cash—

MASKED BANK EMPLOYEE (BLACK HAIR, GLASSES): We can help you with the drive-through.

CUSTOMER: — or go get my money out. Right now. Go get my money out of the safe, go look at my accounts.

MASKED BANK EMPLOYEE (BLACK HAIR, GLASSES): We can help you, all you [inaudible]

CUSTOMER: Cash out my money. Right now.

MASKED BANK EMPLOYEE (BLACK HAIR, GLASSES): Go to the drive-through unless you want to wear a mask. [points to sign] We have masks right here.

CUSTOMER: No. Go cash out my money. There's a safe. Go start counting.

MASKED BANK EMPLOYEE (BLACK HAIR, GLASSES): [points again to sign] We're providing you options, ma'am, so you can wear a mask—

CUSTOMER: Your option is to deposit my cash, or go get my money out of the safe, and I'll take it someplace else, cause this is over. And I'm done. And I did everything everybody wanted me to do for a year. We're done. Tennessee is not requiring mandate, a mask— You are practicing business in the state—


CUSTOMER: Well, you know what, you're in the state of Tennessee. OK? Respectfully, you're in Tennessee—


CUSTOMER: —You are working—

MASKED BANK EMPLOYEE (BLACK HAIR, GLASSES): — requires us to wear a mask.

CUSTOMER: CDC does not require it. It does not require it.

MASKED BANK EMPLOYEE (BLACK HAIR, GLASSES): Wells Fargo is requiring it as well.

CUSTOMER: OK. Then go get my money. OK?

MASKED BANK EMPLOYEE (BLACK HAIR, GLASSES): We can't do that ma'am, do the drive-through.

CUSTOMER: You're not going to put 200,000 dollars through the drive-through.

MASKED BANK EMPLOYEE (BLACK HAIR, GLASSES): Just one moment. We are bringing security over here.


MASKED POLICE OFFICER [entering through front door into lobby]: Good morning, ma'am.

CUSTOMER: Good morning, how are you.

MASKED POLICE OFFICER: I'm doing well. Um. So my understanding is, is that, ah, the bank has a policy for masks. Um, are you, are you just trying to attend to one of your accounts here?


MASKED POLICE OFFICER: OK. Um, they are willing to help you through the drive-through if you don't want to wear mask in the business.

CUSTOMER: OK. Hold on. Hold on. Why are you here? What's, is there a law that's been broken?

MASKED POLICE OFFICER: Well, it's their policy here is that you have to wear a mask.

CUSTOMER: Is there a law that's being broken?

MASKED POLICE OFFICER: Well, if they're asking you to leave, then, because you're not adhering to their—

CUSTOMER: It's open to the public and I have over 200,000 dollars in the bank here for over 25 years. So I gave them an option. I said, I'll be happy to leave, if they'll walk over there to the safe, pull all my money out, and give it to me. I'll go. There are banks who want my business. So—


CUSTOMER: — if they'll just pull it all out, I'll happily leave. But if I'm not breaking the law, I don't really need you here.

MASKED POLICE OFFICER: Why don't you come step outside with me, we'll, we'll talk about it, but it's not, this is not a public property. This is a business.

CUSTOMER: It's open to the public.

MASKED POLICE OFFICER: If they ask you to wear a mask inside, you have to adhere to those guidelines, and if they ask you to leave because you're not adhering to those guidelines that they've set, um, then, then you have to leave.

CUSTOMER: OK. Tell me what that law is. I'm a lawyer. So tell me what that law is.

MASKED POLICE OFFICER: OK. Would you like me to call a supervisor here?

CUSTOMER: Yeah, sure.

MASKED POLICE OFFICER: OK. Do you want to step outside with me and then I— ?

CUSTOMER: No, go ahead and call them, because I want to know what the law is. Because Tennessee does not have a mask mandate. Listen to me. This is a business—

MASKED POLICE OFFICER: I'm listening, ma'am, and I understand, I understand what you're saying but—

CUSTOMER: Listen. Listen.

MASKED POLICE OFFICER: This business can set their own guidelines as well.

CUSTOMER: But they are operating, they have, are registered with the Secretary of State to operate a business in the state of Tennessee, and they are open to the public of the state of Tennessee, that does not have a mask mandate.


CUSTOMER: So if they don't want, it's fine, if they don't want me as a customer, there's nobody else in here, we can stay 6 feet apart, they can go get my money.

MASKED POLICE OFFICER: Ma'am, I understand what you're saying as well, um, I—

CUSTOMER: Go get my money and I'll leave. Just tell this young man right here, to step out, go, with, take, get my money out.

MASKED POLICE OFFICER: Like I said, I'm not, I'm not going to—

CUSTOMER: Well, they're holding my money.


CUSTOMER: They're holding my money. They're refusing to give me my money, I've asked for it for four different people, I've asked her, I've asked the blonde lady, I'm now asking this gentleman over here. Could you just get my money out of the bank, please? Just cash? Right there, you've got a safe.

MASKED MALE EMPLOYEE: I'll have to talk to the manager on that. [inaudible] Just a moment.

CUSTOMER: OK, well, get your manager. We'll just start counting it.

[sound of footsteps]

CUSTOMER [to manager]: Can you just take my money out? I'll be happy to leave.

MASKED MALE MANAGER: No, ma'am, unfortunately we don't carry that type of cash in the branch. So with that large of an amount we would have to actually order that specifically for you. Now if you want, I'll be more than happy to process your transaction. I was with another customer, I apologize. But we'll take care of you.

CUSTOMER: Thank you, sir.

MASKED MALE MANAGER: I'll be right back.


CUSTOMER: Thank you, sir. You have a good day now. Thank you.


MASKED POLICE OFFICER: So could you just hang tight with me outside? I just want to clarify with them. To make sure.

CUSTOMER: Why? Why am I hanging tight? Huh. Am I under arrest?

MASKED POLICE OFFICER: No, absolutely not.

CUSTOMER: OK I'm leaving. I've got work to do. Thank you.


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