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What else?

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455   Patrick   2024 May 17, 2:01pm  


🔥🔥 There was clearly something in the atmosphere yesterday, as the news — and this post — scraped bottom. Fox 5 New York reporter Michelle Arezou Ross was on the scene, out in front of the Manhattan courthouse yesterday when a terrorist attack happened, sort of. An unmarked truck hauled up on the side of the street and, well, in Michelle’s own words, it kind of erupted, or discharged:

Someone just pulled up to the Donald Trump hush money trial outside Manhattan Criminal Court in a UHaul and released dozens of pink balloons in the shape of male genitalia with the faces of DA Alvin Bragg, Judge Juan Merchan, and Special Counsel Jack Smith on them.

Pro-Trump artist Scott LoBaido flashed a hundred genitally shaped balloons painted with the faces of Alvin Bragg, Judge Merchan, Judge Engoron, and Jack Smith into the open air right outside the Manhattan courthouse. The licentious balloons were part of a libidinous artistic display titled ‘D—ks of Hazard,' a provocative political commentary aimed at puriently criticizing everyone involved in President Donald Trump’s salacious prosecution.

If you think about it, the bawdy theme fit the trial. It accurately mocked the case’s subject matter. There’s a higher level of criticism that can, if you squint hard enough, be found in the lubricious commentary.

Scott’s satirical efforts were cleverly creative — well, at least middle-school clever — and it obviously took a lot of hard work, so I hate to criticize. After all, who among us can even say what ‘art’ is these days? It depends on what you mean by, ‘art.’ But the bawdy artist pointedly missed the most pressing target: David Pecker, the state’s first witness rising against the President. Is that David Pecker in your U-Haul? Or are you just glad to see me?

Maybe not effective resistance, but fun.
460   AmericanKulak   2024 May 24, 11:10pm  

Old Glory Bank, with John Rich as an investor and Ben Carson, Larry Elder, and several Hilldale College alum as Board members, creates alternative to GoFundMe for conservatives

461   Patrick   2024 May 26, 8:48am  


Courtney Ann Taylor stands up to Gwinnett County Georgia school board over mask mandate
posted May 21, 2021

From a podium below the dais, Courtney Anne Taylor addresses the 4 present members of shcool board, all four of whom are masked.

COURTNEY ANNE TAYLOR: [inaudible] its on TV when it comes to public parks [inaudible] I don't know if you've been to one of those lately but they're packed. There are no masks, there's no distancing, just people living their lives and there's children being children. And I want to be very clear about this. This has been going on for months. It has absolutely nothing to with what the CDC decided to suddenly flipflop on last week. OK, this has been happening.

So my question to you tonight for the four of you is, why do we as a society do all of these good things and great things and push us towards towards normal and wonderful but the six of you view my kindergartner as a threat to someone's existence? Because that's the way I'm seeing it. She's sitting at a desk, 6 feet apart from everybody, everybody facing the same direction, can she take her mask off? No. Why? Why? Because you view her as a threat.

My child is not a threat to anyone, so please stop acting like it.

The children in this county and the children in this country have been let down and left behind by the so-called grownups in this country for over a year.


[loud clapping]

COURTNEY ANN TAYLOR: I am asking you, I am begging you to stand up and to be adult with me right now, to be the adults that these children need us to be to pick them up and carry them out of this mess. Now this school year ends in 6 days and that mask requirement better be lifted. And we, we —

[loud cheers and clapping]

[inaudible] vaccine requirement in its place. It is not one or the other, it is freedom of choice for both. We are the children's parents and we make that call. Not you.

[loud clapping and cheering]
462   Patrick   2024 May 27, 10:20am  

We had chickens for about 7 years, and that was good for eggs. The work is in putting them in at night so they don't get eaten by raccoons (assuming you let them roam) and in cleaning the coop when it gets too disgusting. Chicken shit is great fertilizer though, so it complements having a garden.
464   Patrick   2024 May 27, 7:43pm  


Furious Malaysians Unite in Rage and Prayer Against WHO, Showing Solidarity with Victims of Genetic mRNA

"As a medical doctor, we are so ashamed of the mistake that we have made!"

26 May 2024, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysians are coming together, filled with anger and prayer, standing against the World Health Organization (WHO). Their fight is for those who suffered from genetic mRNA vaccines. This powerful moment happened at the AEFI (Adverse Event Following Immunization) gathering, named "A Prayer to Reject the IHR Amendment and Solidarity with Vaccine Affected Victims," held by Malaysia's Muslim Consumer's Association (PPIM). Here, vaccine victims and their families shared their pain and demanded justice.

The event was both heartbreaking and empowering. Families mourning loved ones stood with medical professionals who now regret their decisions. One doctor, filled with sorrow, admitted, "As a medical doctor, we are so ashamed of the mistake that we have made!" His words echoed the regret of many healthcare workers.

This gathering was not only to honor those lost but also to seek compensation from big companies like Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca. These companies are blamed for causing more harm than good with their vaccines. The participants made it clear that their suffering is real and cannot be ignored or dismissed as fake. This united stand of Malaysians, crossing all ethnic and religious lines, shows their demand for truth and accountability. They refuse to let the voices of their loved ones be silenced, calling for justice and transparency in the wake of these vaccine tragedies. ...

"We cannot tolerate it, because we can’t keep letting our people die every day. Every day people die, every day there are adverse effects. And now we are getting more and more. What about the turbo cancer? We had spoken about this two months before the vaccine was launched. We debated 2 years ago, and 2 months before the vaccine was launched. They said 'oh no, just minor pain.' Now they are silent. Now AstraZeneca, Pfizer themselves admit that the vaccine has side effects. This is just now. We don’t know what will happen in another 5 years. We don’t know, and I suspect it could be worse. It could be worse,"

-Professor Dr. Mustafa Ali Mohd, former WHO Scientific Advisor and Professor of Medicine at the University of Malaya
479   Patrick   2024 Jun 4, 8:09pm  


Yesterday, at long last, proving he does in fact have no shame, former Covid Czar, bureaucrat-entrepreneur, evil mastermind, and human cockroach Anthony Fauci testified before Congress on covid origins and coverups. The day’s video was simultaneously exhilarating and exasperating. The Daily Mail ran its report on the story headlined, “Dr. Anthony Fauci tears into mystery person who sat behind him.”

The strategically placed mystery man who so annoyed Doctor Frankenstein, I mean Doctor Fauci, was none other than Brandon Fellows, now 29, a convicted felon who just got out of federal prison last week, after a three year sentence for smoking pot in Senator Jeff Merckel’s office during “the insurrection.”

Funny-face Brandon was ultimately hauled out of the hearing, and used the opportunity to yell that Fauci should be the one in prison. Let’s go, Brandon!
480   Patrick   2024 Jun 4, 8:47pm  


Seminole County man accused of destroying nearly $100K worth of automated license plate readers

Thirty-five-year-old Eric Fiedler is accused of causing significant damage lately.

"I've got eight separate allegations of criminal mischief of a thousand dollars or more," the judge said.

Automated license plate readers have been popping up around the area and have helped solve many local criminal cases.

But over the last few weeks in Seminole County, only poles remain in some spots.

In one of three cases just filed against Fiedler, the sheriff's office said it spotted a "driver exiting and dismantling the ALPRs," or license plate readers. They say it was Fiedler trying to "conceal himself from passing vehicles" while he was "dismantling them with a cordless power drill" then "throwing them, shattering the solar panels, and removing the wiring."

God bless this guy. Automated tracking of citizens without a warrant is an egregious violation of the 4th Amendment.
481   Patrick   2024 Jun 4, 8:53pm  


Too long to post, but good point: everyone should be calling his or her Rep and Senator over and over and demanding the release of the J6 political prisoners and the prosecution of those who organized ran their kangaroo trials.
482   HeadSet   2024 Jun 5, 7:31am  

Patrick says

prosecution of those who organized ran their kangaroo trials.

Many of the J6 have been held for years and not even seen a kangaroo trial yet.
483   Patrick   2024 Jun 6, 1:34pm  


FLCCC Alliance Launches New Independent Medical Journal

Many Existing Medical Journals Have Lost Their Way

Something positive has happened in the world of science. The FLCCC Alliance has just announced their launch of a new medical journal.

It is called the Journal of the FLCCC Alliance and “will publish crucial scientific research and insights from leading experts worldwide, and cover critical, often-under-reported topics of growing concern in the medical community.”

This new journal “will advance unbiased, high-quality medical knowledge and evidence-based resources” and “will not accept funding from pharmaceutical companies or governmental agencies” [emphasis is mine]. Many people would be aghast if they knew how many medical journals accept massive amounts of advertising dollars from big pharma, which has proven to be an unmanageable conflict of interest.
484   Patrick   2024 Jun 6, 3:05pm  


Included in the platform is a proposed law that would require candidates for statewide office to win a majority of the counties in the state, a model similar to the Electoral College.

This gives much more electoral power to deep-red rural counties and makes it almost impossible for Democrats to get elected.
486   zzyzzx   2024 Jun 7, 10:00am  

Ripped off from another thread:

488   Patrick   2024 Jun 7, 10:40am  

Not sure that's real, but I hope so.
489   stereotomy   2024 Jun 7, 11:46am  

"Taste the Rainbow"

"It tastes like shit - bring back non-fag skittles."
493   Patrick   2024 Jun 9, 8:42pm  


Newsweek wrote an entire article about Kyle Rittenhouse calling President Biden gay, and when they reached out to Kyle for a comment he simply stated "Newsweek is gay"

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