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What else?

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496   Patrick   2024 Jun 12, 2:44pm  

And a screenshot of that for the memes:

497   Patrick   2024 Jun 15, 8:19pm  


Speaking of Second Amendment rights, Breibart (but not one corporate media outlet) ran a terrific story yesterday headlined, “Gov. Landry Signs Bill Blocking Anti-Gun Banks from State Business.” Boom.

Governor Jeff Landry (R), was elected late last year in a stunning conservative victory cementing full Republican control of Lousiana’s government for the first time in a decade. While serving as Louisiana’s attorney general, Landry battled the state’s democrat governor and the Biden Administration over vaccine and mask mandates, which launched him to a conclusive win for Governor last Fall. ...

In March this year, Governor Landry signed a re-submitted permitless carry bill into law.

That was great news. But the second, possibly more interesting bill bans all state agencies from patronizing banks that discriminate against gun manufacturers. Gun shop owners and manufacturers currently face a tightly limited landscape of banking options, since many big banks refuse to give them accounts or process their credit card transactions.

It sounds like something Florida Governor Ron DeSantis would do, and I hope the Sunshine State follows Louisiana’s lead. If enough red states refuse to do business with anti-Second Amendment banks, things might change.
500   zzyzzx   2024 Jun 17, 8:31am  

Ripped off from another thread:

501   DemocratsAreTotallyFucked   2024 Jun 17, 2:08pm  

zzyzzx says

Ripped off from another thread:

502   Patrick   2024 Jun 17, 4:57pm  


Young men need to be encouraged by older guys (by which I mean men my age, not someone as old as Dave) to be more aggressive and ask women out. And yes, this is entirely aligned with my efforts to curb female sexual trauma, because as my girlfriend Alyssa pointed out in our pod together, women are vastly more comfortable around sexually assertive men than guys who are covert about their intentions.

Anyway, in terms of transferring financial resources to men, I fully agree with David. Young men should read my job stacking guide so they can learn how to make $450k per year by age 28 scamming woke megacorporations. They should then use their newfound wealth and status to obtain a buxom housewife they proceed to impregnate multiple times per year. This is the way you secure your imagined trad future, not by operating a dour integralist blackpill pharmacy.
503   Patrick   2024 Jun 17, 5:20pm  


vigilant.fox posted September 21, 2023

Christine Anderson is a German Member of the European Parliament.
Christine Anderson's website is https://christineanderson.eu/en/home/

CHRISTINE ANDERSON: We just need to find a way to wake the people up. Because the point is simply this, it, it comes down to choice. It's either freedom, democracy, and the rule of law, or enslavement. There is no such thing in between. There is no such thing as a little freedom, a little democracy, a little rule of law, just as there is no such thing as a little enslavement. So that's, that's the choice. It comes down to, it's either the globalitarian misanthropists or the people. It comes down to, it's either us or them. And that's, I think, what this really is all about.

Now when my colleagues and I were elected to this parliament, there was no question about it, we were on the side of the people. Because the people actually pay us to act in their best interest. That's our job.

And once again, I will say to every single elected representative around the world, to every single member in every elected government around the world, if you do not unequivocally stand with the people and serve in their best interest, act in their best interest, you have no place in any parliament or in any government. You belong behind bars. You may even rot in Hell for all I care at this point, because that's exactly what you deserve if you sell out the people.


Now I would like to make a promise to the people and I'm pretty sure I can speak or speak on behalf of my colleagues. We will continue to stand with you, the people. We will continue to fight for freedom, democracy, and the rule of law. We will not shut up. And we will not stop going after those despicable globalitarian misanthropists.

But we would also like to have you make a promise to us. You may have heard, it's all coming back. The first countries are already starting talking about talking mask mandate sin Israel, they're already imposing it, I've heard of a few universities in the United States. They're already bringing it all back. And I would really like for you, the people, to not go along.

Simply say no!

They want you wear a mask, say no! They want you to put in another mRNA shot, say no! They want to impose a curfew on you, say no!

That really all you have to do. And might not be, might sound a little hard, but it's actually not that hard. Because once you've made it clear to them that you will no longer go along, once you've let them know, they cannot scare you anymore. Because as long as you're afraid of what they might do if you don't comply, they have power over you. Take the power away from them! Simply say no. Once you do that, they don't have power over you anymore. You will feel so free.

Simply say no!

And considering what we've heard today, and considering what we've seen in the last three years, considering what we know they want to implement, heck, you might even be well within your right to tell them to screw themselves and go to Hell. That's where they belong.

What will you get out of that? I can tell you. Once you've done that, once you've told them to just go to Hell, they no longer power over you, you will have an incredible feeling, kind of like a sensation of freedom will swamp through your body. I promise. You will feel so relieved. And is the state of mind that I would ask all of you to get to.

Simply don't let them grind you down anymore. You are worth it, you are deserving of just standing up for yourselves, and tell them all to go to Hell.
506   HeadSet   2024 Jun 19, 7:54am  

Patrick says

Remember, Islam is a religion, and rules can be changed to suit. They just need to exhume the pig and get an Iman to declare a Fatwa to recleans the land.
510   HeadSet   2024 Jun 22, 6:43pm  

UkraineIsTotallyFucked says

Carthage 2.0

The overwhelming number of folks will do nothing. After all, nothing is happening now with open borders, the Covid tyranny, and groom events like "Drag Queen Story Hour." In fact, Biden still have a credible chance of being re-elected despite packing his staff with serious deviants, going the banana republic route of inventing crimes to prosecute his political rivals, his obvious graft, and opening borders to an invasion.
511   DemocratsAreTotallyFucked   2024 Jun 22, 8:14pm  

HeadSet says

The overwhelming number of folks will do nothing. After all, nothing is happening now with open borders, the Covid tyranny, and groom events like "Drag Queen Story Hour." In fact, Biden still have a credible chance of being re-elected despite packing his staff with serious deviants, going the banana republic route of inventing crimes to prosecute his political rivals, his obvious graft, and opening borders to an invasion.

512   Patrick   2024 Jun 23, 2:24pm  


Okay, I don't know if this was the work of some GigaChad, or if it was a deranged homeless person, but the end result of tearing down the gay idols paid for by tax dollars is quite admirable.

I mean, it's disgusting vandalism! That's why I pay my taxes, to fly the gay flag outside of National Monuments to homosexuality!

Over 150 rainbow flags lining New York City's Stonewall National Monument for LGBTQ Pride Month were vandalized this week — for the second year in a row — police said Friday.

Someone broke 160 flags both inside and outside the monument, in Manhattan's Greenwich Village neighborhood, between Thursday evening and Friday morning, a spokesperson for the New York Police Department said in the statement.

The vandal climbed a fence to gain access to the monument, the spokesperson said. No arrests have been made.

This is just the latest rebellion against the government-sponsored pro-sodomy celebration. Murals are being vandalized left and right, taxpayer-funded flags destroyed, and now a National Homosexual Monument has been defaced.

Almost like we're all tired of paying to have pride shoved down our throats.
514   Patrick   2024 Jun 25, 4:07pm  


Weird: DeSantis signed a law requiring hospitals to ask patients about immigration status and suddenly Medicaid spending on illegal immigrants plummeted ...

Oh, think of the consequences! Like ... I don't know, fewer illegal immigrants taking jobs, taking benefits, using up our tax money, driving down wages, driving housing prices up, and getting a free ticket to stay in the US thanks to anchor baby laws?

That would be awful!
517   DemocratsAreTotallyFucked   2024 Jun 25, 10:17pm  

Patrick says

What crime did he commit? Vandalism?

Because the supermarkets did this during Covid.
518   Patrick   2024 Jun 26, 11:34am  


Yesterday, Arkansas’s Supremes reinstated a state law banning an “X” as an option for ‘gender’ on driver’s licenses and state-issued IDs. A lower court blocked the bill earlier this month, arguing it would literally harm cross-dressers. ...

The ACLU’s “emergency” doesn’t seem too emergent or very big. Fox noted that, out of Arkansas' 2.6 million active driver's licenses, only 387 were designated as "X" gender. Of the state’s 503,000 IDs, only 167 were marked with the mysterious “X.”

It’s now down to only 21 states plus Washington D.C. who still let gender confused people pick “X.”
529   Patrick   2024 Jul 6, 8:34pm  


A little before 2PM June 27, 2024, I arrived at the Capitol building of Connecticut in Hartford. ...

Early in 2024, I obtained all the 2015-2023 death records from Connecticut for the purpose of studying the Seasonality Profile as outlined in my book, The Real CdC. ...

While investigating causes, the health data auditing system I created, Automated Learning in Public Health Analysis (ALPHA), again produced anomalous death statistics for Connecticut as it did for Massachusetts and Minnesota. Given the alarming results for Connecticut, I was morally and perhaps legally compelled to alert the governor, public health commissioner, and attorney general of Connecticut regarding the epidemic of acute renal failure (ARF), also known as acute kidney injury (AKI), that killed thousands of Connecticut citizens more than expected since 2020.

I drafted a brief to serve them, drove to Hartford, and attempted to deliver the brief in-hand to any agent of the three aforementioned state officials.

Upon asking the officers at the security checkpoint where the governor’s office was, I was told that because I am not a law enforcement official (not a constable or sheriff or other official process server), I would have to bring the document to the mail room. ...

The security personnel behind the plexiglass in the lobby of the state office building called upstairs to try to get anyone to come down and sign for the document. After no one wanted to come down, the security person then tried the mail room for the state office building, but no one was there. Finally, she did get someone from the AG’s office to come down to the lobby. The gentleman who came down said he’d take the document. I asked him to sign for it. He told me that he was told not to sign anything, turned, and walked away. So I left the building without leaving the document there. ...

Everyone at the front desk seemed confused about my desire to drop off a document for the AG’s office. It was as if no one from the public has every delivered papers there before. There were a couple sheriffs behind me who were delivering something and were allowed in. It is likely normal that sheriffs deliver court filings all the time. I just wanted someone to receive and sign for having received one 22-page document. ...

The most interesting encounter was at the building a half mile away at the Connecticut Department of Public Health (CDPH), where is located the Commissioner’s office. ...

The CDPH is locked up tighter than the Capitol building or the state offices housing the Attorney General, both of which had open doors to their lobbies. I pushed the button. Someone answered from the lobby. The woman wanted to know my name, why I was there, what the document included, and had other questions. After a few brief interchanges, she said someone would come out and talk to me. At one point, the intercom woman told me that we were not allowed to video there. Two gentlemen were with me in all three buildings. They were video taping me walking around the offices and interacting. I told her to cite the Connecticut code or law that says we do not have a right to video record. There was no response regarding video recording after that.

After 20 minutes or so, I told the camera guys that no one was going to come and that they would just wait us out hoping that we would leave. I was wrong. Seconds after I said that, two people entered the lobby and proceeded out the doors to greet me. One introduced herself as an attorney for CDPH. The other introduced himself as the “comms director.”

While he seemed genial, the woman made it perfectly clear that she was snippy and annoyed that someone from the public wanted to deliver a document. Eventually and reluctantly, she received in-hand the document. As she departed, my last words to them were, “I suggest you take this seriously.”

There is a noticeable difference in engagement between the elected officials with whom I’ve interacted and the permanent bureaucrats. Elected officials such as state senators, state house members, and executive branch elected officials generally approach conversation with a smile and warm greeting. Even in Massachusetts and even knowing that a constituent doesn’t like them, state senators and reps will often be genial, regardless of the genuineness of the smile. On the other hand, the bureaucrats who park themselves in a career job supposedly working for The People often have disdain and contempt for The People. ...

I envisage CDPH bureaucrats to believe in the absurdities of NIH, CDC, and FDA covid narratives so much that they refuse to question the mantra that becomes their dogma. And because they believe these absurdities, they feel justified in the atrocities of thousands of fatalities resulting from their refusal to challenge a single sentence from the NIH. The NIH COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines are still killing hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizens while state health departments blindly recommend their continuance. The CDPH has had in their possession records that can end all debate in one man-week of work. If they allow me into their system to perform an audit, debate would end and both sides would know facts and TRUTH from which to make informed decisions. Currently, decisions are coerced by mandate, threat, or disinformation that creates fear in the public.

The brief delivered to the state offices will be released to the public the week of July 8, 2024. The title is THE CONNECTICUT MEMORANDA SERIES - NOTICE OF HOSPITAL HOMICIDE & ACUTE RENAL FAILURE DEATHS - Vol. I. ...

Yet the governments seem to have missed this “worst epidemic in 100 years” event.
530   Patrick   2024 Jul 6, 9:02pm  




Sadly, you can't sign it if you block Google, because it contains Google spyware (ReCaptcha) to funnel all signer info to the NSA.

Nor does it have any contact info to ask them to remove that spyware.
532   Patrick   2024 Jul 10, 1:43am  

Patrick says



A whopping 2000 plus doctors, scientists, and academics have signed a declaration demanding governments around the world order an “immediate” ban on Covid mRNA shots.

The unprecedented statement, called “The Hope Accord,” has also been signed by over 2700 other healthcare professionals.

In total, the document has now gained over 33,000 signatories.
533   Patrick   2024 Jul 10, 2:18am  


The plane reached 10,000ft. I took out my laptop, planning to peruse the internet and maybe do a little work if I got really desperate.

I connected to the in-flight wi-fi and opened my browser. The network login page demanded credit card details. I fumbled for my card, which I eventually discovered had hidden itself inside my passport. As I searched I noticed that the login page was encouraging me to sign in to my airmiles account, free of charge, even though I hadn’t paid for anything yet. A hole in the firewall, I thought. It’s a long way from London to San Francisco so I decided to peer through it.

I logged in to my JetStreamers Diamond Altitude account and started clicking. I went to my profile page, where I saw an edit button. It looked like a normal button: drop shadow, rounded corners, nothing special. I was supposed to use it to update my name, address, and so on. ...

But suddenly I realised that this was no ordinary button. This clickable rascal would allow me to access the entire internet through my airmiles account. This would be slow. It would be unbelievably stupid. But it would work. ...

Before I could access the entire internet through my airmiles account I’d need to write a few prototypes. At first I thought that I’d write them using Go, but then I realised that if I used Python then I could call the final tool PySkyWiFi. Obviously I did that instead. ...

Here’s the basic idea: suppose that I logged into my airmiles account and updated my name. If you were also logged in to my account then you could read my new name, from the ground. You could update it again, and I could read your new value. If we kept doing this then the name field of my airmiles account could serve as a tunnel through the airplane’s wi-fi firewall to the real world.

This tunnel could support a simple instant messaging protocol. I could update my name to “Hello how are you.” You could read my message and then send me a reply by updating my name again to “Im fine how are you.” I could read that, and we could have a stilted conversation. This might not sound like much, but it would be the first step on the road to full internet access. ...

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