Everyone who imposed toxxine mandates must be hanged

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Mandating the injection of highly profitable experimental gene-based crap with zero long-term safety data and no definitive ingredient list into billions of healthy people, resulting in 13 million 17 million pointless deaths so far, is the worst crime against humanity ever committed. The vaxx is dangerous and ineffective, but even if it were not, it would still be a crime against humanity to force mass injections of anything, much less the new Thalidomide.

The toxxine mandates are an even worse crime because the virus which was created with Fauci's funding in Wuhan was admitted to have a 99.7% infection survival rate at the time mandates were imposed, and even that has since been proven to be closer to 99.95%, making the disease no worse than a seasonal flu. There was never any good reason for the "vaccine" at all, yet mandates continue even now for foreigners entering the US, at many universities, many US companies, and in the US military.

For children, the death rate from the virus is statistically indistinguishable from 0%, making it a yet more heinous crime to inject that garbage into children.

The crass emotional blackmail from genocidal criminals like "Take the vaxx out of love" Albert Bourla of Pfizer merits special punishment in itself.

Note that I'm not talking about lynch mobs. There should be trials for those who forced the unknown effects of this toxic slime on billions of people, perhaps the way the Nuremberg trials were run. Sure, they will claim they did nothing illegal. The Nazis were not violating Nazi laws (well, maybe they were). The point is that they were violating fundamental human rights on a mass scale.

One of the conclusions of the first Nuremberg trials was that it is a crime against humanity to force people to participate in medical experiments, and that no one should be allowed to even voluntarily participate in a medical experiment without informed consent. No one had informed consent to be part of this dangerous experiment, because there was and still is literally zero long-term safety data.

There are never any circumstances whatsoever that give anyone the right to force or mandate any medical product. It is always a crime against humanity.

Everyone who abused his or her power to demand injections via threat of job loss, or being expelled from school, or military requirements, or being denied transplants - all of them must be tried and hanged as soon as possible.

Everyone in government who lied that the death jab was "safe and effective" must also be hanged for willful participation in mass murder by injection, along with those who created the virus, like Fauci.

We are now told that no one was forced to submit to the death jabs, but being threatened with firing and expulsion and death from lack of medical care is obviously raw force. To be fired is normally a punishment for a serious offense, so to claim firing is not force is a bald lie.

This is a matter of basic human rights. Until we have justice, they will do it again and again and again - they will inject you with whatever they feel like, whenever they feel like it.

Even the mere widespread discussion of hangings will have a salutary effect, as the genocidal criminals become aware that getting hanged for their crimes against humanity is a real possibility. We must all publicly speak of hangings continuously until justice is served.

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279   Patrick   2023 Aug 25, 8:25pm  


Aug 25, 2023, “Alberta woman dies after being denied transplant for refusing to get COVID vaccine. Sheila Annette Lewis refused the COVID-19 vaccine, and was denied a lifesaving organ transplant"

July 21, 2023, “Sudbury man refused kidney transplant due to vaccination status dies. Garnet Harper, 35, leaves behind a wife and five children”
281   Patrick   2023 Aug 29, 1:13pm  


LA Fire Captain Christian Granucci: "We saw this tyranny coming we saw it coming across the Pacific"
Sep. 1st, 2021 12:18 pm
“This Is Not About Politics. This Is Tyranny. This Is About Freedom Of Choice.”


CHRISTIAN GRANUCCI: My name is Christian Granucci. I'm a captain with the Los Angeles City Fire Department. I'm a 31 year veteran with this agency. And I'm more than likely going to catch total grief from my administration from this. But I am done being silent on this matter. And so are many of our members. And this is regarding the vaccine mandate by the City of Los Angeles for all city employees.

We saw this tyranny coming. We saw it coming across the Pacific. And a week and half ago it landed in Honolulu, with the Honolulu Fire Department. And we watched a passionate plea from Captain Pelekai,* literally in tears, being forced to resign because he chose not to take the vaccine. Forced to leave the department after faithfully serving it for years.

Then it landed on our coast. It hit San Francisc—, it hit San Francisco Fire. And we heard the stories up there. Our union representation stood by idly and played a wait and see. And sat on their hands.

Well now it's here in Los Angeles. And the mandate has come down from the mayor and the city council that we, all city employees, including first responders, shall take the vaccine.

If we do not take the vaccine we have to be subjected to testing twice a week. If we refuse that, termination.

Again, I'm a 31 year veteran of this department. I have literally bled for this department. I used to love coming to work. I respected the administration of this department at one point. I even respected our union leadership. And now they are lockstep with total tyranny.

I want you to be clear on this. I want everyone to be clear on this. This is not about politics. This is not about left or right. This is not about red versus blue. This is not about Republican versus Democrat. This isn't even about vaccinated versus unvaccinated. This is tyranny. This is about freedom of choice.

The department has said that we can seek medical exemptions if we so choose, if we can. That is a pie in the sky. We can even try and seek some kind of religious exemption, but they know that they have end runs around those.

The vaccinations will come. And then after that, it will be a booster and another booster and another booster. And when will this end? When will this tyranny stop? I'll tell you where it's going to stop. It's going to stop right here right now. And I am putting my administration and my union on blast. You had the opportunity to get in front of this and you didn't. We want to give you the opportunity to do the right thing and represent the membership.

You'd think that the union that's there fighting for the little guy would jump in front of this, and this would have all kinds of handles on it for you to grab and run this in for a touchdown. But no, you decided to play politics with this.

An you have the, you have half this department, you have a split right down the middle. And this is what tyrants want. They want to split down the middle, they want to divide and conquer.

I am so hopping mad right now, you have no idea. My head could pop.

Again, we want to give our union the opportunity to step in front of this and do the right thing. But know this. There is a large group of us, in the hundreds, and we have an attorney on retainer and he is a shark. We'll give you the opportunity to stand up and take the fiery arrows from the adversary of tyranny and step in front of this and fight for us. But if you don't, our Plan B, a large group, and it is growing by the day, we have him on retainer and we will seek legal counsel and we will take the fight to you, the City of Los Angeles.

Again, I'm going to catch so much grief for this. But I don't care. I wouldn't be able to look at my wife. And she's going to kill me. I wouldn't be able to look at my wife, though, and my sons, in the eye, as they grew up under total tyrannical law and rule, when I had a chance to stop this, I had a chance to fight, but I did nothing.

This is bigger than me, this is bigger than the Los Angeles City Fire Department. This is bigger than my union. I don't recognize this place anymore. I don't recognize this country, I don't recognize this state, I don't recognize this department any more.

Again, I want you to be very clear, I want everyone to be very clear on this, this is not a political issue, this is not left right, this is not Democrat Republican, this is not vaxxed unvaxxed, this is a fight for freedom of choice, free will. This is a fight against tyranny.

Make no bones about it, we have an uphill battle. A sizable financial commitment from several hundred of our members. I don't want to be doing this at the end of my career. I'm looking to do a few more years on this department and just fade off into the sunset. But you know what, damn it, this landed in our lap and we got to do something. We can't sit back and let this happen, let this happen to our country.

I'll leave you with this. And I saw this online couple days ago. It was a gym owner in Oceanside, California. And like so many businesses here in California, they have just been knuckled under. And he was speaking in front of his city council and he pointed at them. And he said, you told us, like the country's administration told us, and you, our city government, told us, just give us two weeks to flatten the curve. And this has gone from 2 weeks to flatten the curve to show me your papers.
282   Patrick   2023 Sep 1, 10:13am  


In what might be one of his last official acts, “Joe Biden” announced last week that Americans would be “encouraged” to get a new-and-improved mRNA vaccine booster against the new Covid virus strain EG.5 “Eris” (named after the Greek goddess of strife and discord). The “president,” said he asked Congress for funding “for a new vaccine that is necessary, that works…. It will likely be recommended that everybody get it no matter whether they’ve gotten it before or not.”

Say, what…? Did the earlier vaccines not work, Joe? Most assuredly they did not. The shots injured, disabled, and killed a great many people, and it staggers the rational mind that the CDC is still pushing these shots. You might conclude that they’re pretending this didn’t happen to evade responsibility. After all, what would be the consequences if these officials admitted that all the previous Covid vaccines were ineffective and harmful? And what would be the reaction of the 81.3 percent of the population who got at least one dose of the previous vaccines and the 65.6 percent who are “fully vaccinated” with two or more shots? (Note, statistics from the CDC.)

I’ll tell you what would happen: the CDC officials and a great many other persons on the public payroll would be in court on criminal charges. And doctors and hospitals would be subject to so many lawsuits they would never again have time to actually practice medicine, while millions of people with damaged immune systems and wrecked organs take flight like so many black swans flapping into the setting sun of their own prematurely attenuated lives. If you care to be astounded, listen to this talk that Dr. Peter McCullough gave to an audience in New Hampshire a few days ago, calling out all the principals who devised the Covid-19 fiasco by name: Ralph Baric, Anthony Fauci, Peter Daszek, and Francis Collins, and then describing exactly how the dastardly act and the cover-up went down.
283   Patrick   2023 Sep 2, 11:18am  


Pfizer Tested ‘Booster’ on 23 People before Biden’s FDA Approved Shots for Public Use

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer tested its Covid “boosters” on fewer than two dozen people before Democrat President Joe Biden’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the mRNA shots for full public use, explosive unsealed documents have revealed.

Political watchdog group Judicial Watch forced the unsealing of the documents through legal efforts.

The organization has now published a batch of those documents to expose Pfizer’s far-from-rigorous testing practices.

According to the documents, Pfizer only tested the safety and efficacy of its Covid vaccine booster on 23 people in 2021 before putting in a request with the FDA to approve the shots for nationwide public use.

Biden’s FDA immediately approved the Covid booster shot and pushed it out to the public at the end of September 2021. ...

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton issued a statement warning the American people to carefully examine the documents before being pressured by the Biden admin to take the booster.

“With the planned push for new boosters by the Biden administration, the public would do well to examine these troubling documents about the shotgun approval of prior COVID boosters,” said Fitton.
284   Ceffer   2023 Sep 2, 11:34am  

Dunno, read somewhere that CDC et alia. are no longer accepting any VAERS reports at all any more, so that sham is down. Why waste time on your other fictions when your main fiction is simply going to be enforced by MSM propaganda and brute force anyway?
286   Patrick   2023 Sep 2, 12:31pm  


Setting aside the extremely curious question of how, exactly, humans are giving covid to deer — kissing them? petting zoos? people who identify as deer? — the study re-raises the original objection. As we continue to sprint after evasive viral variants with ever newer and improved-er vaccines, what precisely do we hope to achieve?

If we can agree the virus is out now and is never going away, then the only legitimate objective for vaccines is personal risk reduction. And if that is true, there is no justification for mandates, zero, none whatsoever.

Look at it this way. Let’s say my personal risk of dying from a covid infection is 0.001%. Should all personal risks of 0.001% or greater require government intervention? Obviously not. And don’t tell me it’s about grandma — the jabs don’t stop transmission. Grandma can get the jab as much as she wants, and if the jabs work, then she should be fine.

If the jabs don’t work, nobody should take them. Seriously. What is so hard to understand about all this?
288   Patrick   2023 Sep 3, 5:20pm  

Re the recent bullshit that there was no compulsion to submit to the death jab:


So if an employer says "sleep with me or you're fired" then that's ok?

Because there was no compulsion? There was a choice?

How would that defence stand up in court?

290   Patrick   2023 Sep 3, 6:37pm  


Nazi hunted down today, yes Germany, huge praise, you must never end hunting these beasts down who killed innocent Jewish people, Hess, Barbi, Mengele et al. & we must be same seeking COVID Taliban

Germany charges 98-year-old former Nazi camp guard with being accessory to murder; this is a tremendous headline & we must be same, as long as it takes, we will one day get the 20 Horsemen accountable

We as the COVID hunters, too will keep looking for and getting legal proper accountability from the 20 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse for they did wrong and benefitted and no matter who they corrupt, who they silence, e.g. even Freedom Fighter media to be ‘hands off for donor money, we the people will not stop, we will use people like me with the science to help ensure they the 20, one day sit in a proper legal inquiry even postumously…they were part of a COVID fraud on the world and they killed people by their COVID lunatic policies and inventions and vaccines.
291   GNL   2023 Sep 3, 8:07pm  

@Patrick, who are the 20 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse?
292   Patrick   2023 Sep 3, 8:13pm  

Well, Dr Alexander has a list at https://palexander.substack.com/ but I think he includes Dr Malone wrongly.
293   Patrick   2023 Sep 4, 11:39am  

Well, not the people and not the Constitution, but the corrupt oligarchy, yes, they are the great satan, as proven by the toxxine campaign among other gross violations of human rights.
294   Patrick   2023 Sep 5, 12:35pm  


Next, Humetrix gave the top officials at HHS the bad news, for consideration of the vaccine advisory committee:

Our observational study VE findings show a very significant decrease in VE against infection and hospitalization in the Delta phase of the pandemic for individuals vaccinated with either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine for those 5-6 months post vaccination vs. those 3-4 months post vaccination.

“VE” means “vaccine efficacy.” It was bad enough that, right while the government was throwing out mandates faster than a t-shirt shooting machine at an SEC Bowl Game on federal employees and contractors, airline pilots, and who knows what else, they already knew the vaccines didn’t prevent covid infections. But it’s even worse than that.

From the Medicare data, they knew in September 2021 that the negative jab efficacy also applied to hospitalizations. It says it right there, in black and white. They are still maintaining the lie that jabs prevent hospitalizations for severe covid. But what does the Medicare data show? Hmm?

You might be wondering, maybe they had other information that contradicted Humetrix’s findings. We certainly heard zero discussion of that issue during the vaccine committee meeting, or anywhere else for that matter, but still. It could be, right?

Nope. The next two emails tell the story. Leaving Humetrix out of the chain, HHS’s Peter Marks replied to Janet Woodcock and Julia Teirney, both in FDA. Marks was the Director of the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) at the FDA. The CBER oversaw the vaccine approval process for the covid shots.

Marks first expressed surprise, like us, that the DoD’s Artificial Intelligence project was involved. Had they known that, they could have shut it down. And, again like us, he was surprised the CDC — which also had full access to the Medicare data — hadn’t said anything. But notice Mark’s final comment:

As I said yesterday, the totality of the evidence is remarkably consistent.

Remarkably consistent evidence! And, he’d said it before, to someone, even before getting the Humetrix email. So, contrary to what they were saying publicly, that the jabs worked great and prevented hospitalization, internally HHS officials were saying that the remarkably consistent evidence showed the exact opposite was true.


Finally, we have Janet Woodcock’s reply to Marks’ email. Woodcock was the top official at the FDA overseeing the vaccines.

Woodcock “supposed” the vaccine committee would discuss this data. That seems logical, but for some reason, it didn’t. For some reason. But her final sentence put the nail in the covid coffin:

Actually Peter this is more worrisome than the other data we have in my opinion.

See that? She even disagreed with Marks. To Woodcock, the Humetrix findings were even worse than what they had been seeing.

But none of this ever made the public discussion. What happened inside the FDA that prevented the vaccine committee from discussing the remarkably consistent evidence?

And yet, the government doubled-down on mandates, full throttle, until courts finally forced them to stop.
295   Patrick   2023 Sep 5, 1:27pm  


DR. DAVID MARTIN: Anthony Fauci stated in Congress in December of 2019 before any of this got started that within his career he would get the United States to accept a universal vaccine program. Universal. You know what? That's what he's doing. This has never been been about public health. It's never been about a pathogen, it's never been about a disease, it's never been about anything. This is about a program where industrial pharmaceutical companies have decided to use the cover of a medical countermeasure in an emergency to get product liability immunity and that's all it is. This is a profit-generating terror campaign. That's it. There's nothing else to it.

SAM CHANEY: It, yeah it should be self-evident to everyone, but [laughs] man, the propaganda is so—

DR. DAVID MARTIN: Yeah but here, let me just point something out, and I said this before. The problem with people who say they are about free speech, the problem with people who say they're about the freedom movement, the problem is, they're not having this conversation. They are adding to the confusion. This is a racketeering crime. This is a financial crime. And it's murder.

And if they start talking about, well, we still don't know where the thing came from, so let's have 10 conversations about that, and let's have 5 conversations about ivermectin and 10 conversations about, you know, hydroxychloroquine. I'm not suggesting that there's not a valid conversation to be had about medical interventions for the poisoning of people. I think that there's probably a role for that. But here's the problem. The problem is, in the liberty side of this equation, what I'm going to call the alt-mainstream, is still not talking about the crime. They are talking about the symptoms of the crime. And what that does is it feeds the confusion in the mainstream. If we had, within this side of the movement, if we had people staying focused on topic, it is criminal racketeering, it's deceptive medical practices, it is domestic terrorism through coercion, and it's murder. If we had a simple message, and everybody started saying that message, we wouldn't have the problem we have.

We have 3 and a half years of nonsense where people sit there going, well, was it China, is it the US, is it this, is it that. We need the same focus that the other side has because if the other side had this level of distraction they wouldn't accomplish anything. So what do they do? And you've seen it, Sam. What do they do? We're going to pretend like there's covid counts going up. We're going to pretend like we need to have masks. We're going to pretend like we need to get injections. Three simple messages. And they repeat them so often that everybody believes them.

You know what we don't have on our side of the conversation? Three simple messages. And here they are. This was a bioweapons program started in 2005 officially as a bioweapons program. Number two, this was coercion and domestic terrorism. Number three, this is deceptive medical practices racketeering leading to murder. Those simple statements, that's it, are all we need to keep reciting so that we actually have a simple message that the public can understand.
296   Patrick   2023 Sep 5, 3:24pm  


98-year-old German man charged with 3,300 counts of accessory to murder over his role in Nazi concentration camp

And this is how it will be for the mass murderers Pfauci, Collins, Bancel, Bourla, and everyone who mandated that toxic slime be injected into billions of previously healthy people.

Killing millions of people has no statute of limitations. They must be hunted down, tried, and hanged no matter how long it takes.

All of them.
298   Patrick   2023 Sep 7, 10:23am  


💉 Megyn and other mRNA-damaged people can be forgiven for buying all the false messaging. Believing in the massive scope of the lie was simply more than many people could stomach, a worldview inversion their brains could not easily comprehend. As formerly pro-jab comic Scott Adams famously said in January, people who distrusted the government won.

“It’s never wrong to distrust government,” Scott admitted.


Newly disclosed documents confirm that Scott was a hundred percent correct. A few weeks ago on August 17th, after more than a year of painful litigation, the South African high court forced its government to release the original 2021 jab contracts. So the public can now view the full scope of maladroit, malignant, and mendacious government misfeasance in a fully-disclosed, unredacted Pfizer “Manufacturing and Supply” agreements.

The newly-disclosed contract between Pfizer and the Republic of South Africa is dated March 30th, 2021 — four months after the jab rollout started in America. Both the South African government and Pfizer hysterically opposed releasing the contract. A heroic South African citizens group spent over a year and who knows how much money forcing its release; meanwhile the government and Pfizer used TAXPAYER money to slow it down and try to stop it.

Spoiler: only someone in John Fetterman’s condition would have signed this contract.

The agreement defines “Purchaser” as the government of the Republic of South Africa. Under Section 5.5 (“Purchaser Acknowledgement”), clearly spelled out in black and white, Pfizer admitted it had no idea what the jabs might do or might not do in the long run, or whether they would even work at all, shifting all the risk completely to the South African government.

In Section 5.5’s first sentence, Pfizer admitted it hadn’t even yet finished studying the vaccines’ “components and constituent materials.” Think about that. Turn that around in your mind and pitilessly examine it from every angle. Compare that admission to all the public messaging from the CDC and all its white-coated, grant-grabbing pretend doctors.

In English, Pfizer was saying, look, we’re not even sure what’s in these things.

And South Africa said, sure, that’s cool with us.

Not to belabor the point but, while in its confidential legal agreements Pfizer was saying they weren’t even sure what the shots included, what we were being publicly assured was that the shots were the most studied vaccines in history, not to mention the safest and most effective ones — ever. Ever, ever. Ninety-five percent effective. You remember.

Section 5.5’s second sentence is arguably even worse. It included two different disclaimers. The first disclaimer expressly says that South Africa AGREED that “the long-term effects and efficacy of the Vaccine are not currently known.”

“Not currently known.” In other words, Pfizer said we have no idea what it’s going to do to people, or whether it even works.

Haha! There it is, in black and white, three months after first responders and healthcare workers in the U.S. had all gotten the jabs and just before the “vaccinate or terminate” mandates started rolling out. Do you remember our vaunted public officials saying anything about unknown long-term effects? Did President Robert L. Peters ever say “the long-term effects and efficacy” were unknown? Did anyone in charge ever say that?

Nope. They said the reverse opposite.

The second disclaimer may be the most reprehensible of all. On behalf of its citizens, South Africa obsequiously agreed that “there may be adverse effects of the Vaccine that are not currently known.”

Oh. Thanks for letting us know.

That’s bad enough. But combine the two sentences together, and what you get is Pfizer saying they don’t know what’s in the jabs, what it’s going to do to people, and it might even kill them, for all Pfizer knew.

And South Africa said, Sounds great! How many can we get?

Needless to say, Section 5.5 is not a standard provision in a government contract for goods, even in an emergency. Normally, purchasing contracts contain guarantees of performance standards. Imagine the South African government were buying generators, or solar power stations, and the seller’s contract said “we don’t know whether these generators will work, and they might even explode and take down the power grid when plugged in.”

Who but a drooling moron would sign such a contract? And what lawyer would ever let his moronic client sign it?

It gets worse. Section 8 of the contract is titled “Indemnification.” It says that if Pfizer is ever sued by anyone — for any reason — because of the shots, then South Africa must pay for Pfizer’s complete defense, and then pay any judgment if Pfizer loses.

Since South Africa is, essentially, made up of its own citizens and their tax money, the contract basically says citizens have to pay for their own injuries.

You’re welcome, citizens!

And, since South Africa agreed the jabs might not work, and agreed Pfizer wasn’t guaranteeing the jabs wouldn’t hurt people, South Africa cannot ever claim it was fraudulently induced into the contract, or that Pfizer has provided a defective product.

So. Now we know why the governments are working so hard to deny the jabs are dangerous and gaslight the victims, for the simple reason they don’t want to have to pay for the massive claims. You couldn’t conceive a more diabolical agreement if you tried. All the incentives are completely backwards.

How on Earth could this happen? It happened through a dark, demonic combination of two anti-democratic factors: executive authority and government secrecy. Emergency executive authority meant that rank-and-file legislators were kept out of the loop. Had this contract been debated in South Africa’s congress, it never would have been approved.

Second, official secrecy — keeping the Pfizer agreement’s terms ‘confidential’ — allowed the executive health authorities to agree to anything, even something this bad, because they faced no public scrutiny or outcry. Citizens were forced to assume good faith, that the contract was carefully-negotiated and included normal buyer protections.

The citizens were 100% wrong, of course, but they had no way to know it. The critical terms of their mandated jabs were officially “confidential.”

How is that “informed consent?”

I would bet a year’s salary that every Pfizer contract in the world includes the same protective provisions. But one thing I am completely sure of is that government lawyers knew how bad the contracts were. A hundred percent. The Pfizer contract isn’t tricky or ambiguous, it’s painfully clear. Non-lawyers can read and understand it just fine. But health authorities obviously overrode their lawyers, which raises the most intriguing question of all: why?

If one person in the executive branch had the power to approve something like this, and it was always intended to remain deeply buried under all the other odious state secrets, then it would have been trivial to … incentivize … that one person to overcome their normal concerns.

In other words, I would bet my right hand somebody got paid.

Anyway, thanks to the South Africans, we are one more baby step closer to unraveling this hideous atrocity.

Here’s the link to the contract.


Still redacted? Jesus, how could it get worse?
300   charlie303   2023 Sep 8, 7:03am  

Patrick says

Megyn and other mRNA-damaged people can be forgiven for buying all the false messaging.

Wasn't Megyn Kelly supposed to be a leading, critical thinking, investigative journalist?
And she fell for the covid scamdemic?
I guess her career was mostly based on her looks.

301   charlie303   2023 Sep 8, 7:08am  

Ceffer says

Listening to her interview posted on this thread she still hasn't worked it out.
She's not clear as to how many times she has caught covid and if they all occurred after vaccination, which means, imo, it was the vaxx that gave her covid.
Now she has health issues that seem inflammatory and auto immune related but doesn't seem to think that it will get any worse.
She's kind of accepting of it and won't allow her mind to go to a dark place that suggests we are in a war and she was deliberately poisoned.
I won't be surprised if she's any got a few years left.
302   Patrick   2023 Sep 8, 1:25pm  


Ohio Attorney General Claims 'No Authority to Investigate' C19 Deaths and Injuries from C19 'vaccine' (AKA Bioweapon)
joesansone, posted September 3, 2023


hat tip: https://josephsansone.substack.com/p/shocking-ohio-attorney-general-claims

Video description: "Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost shockingly tells audience that he does not have the authority to investigate the deaths and injuries as a result of the C19 'vaccine' (bioweapon). Patriot Laura Kasner confronts him with a white fibrous blood clot in a jar and asks how many have to die and get injured before he will investigate. His answer ended up quoting his mom that two wrongs do not make a right..."

TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: This was filmed at a Republican Party meeting in Strongsville, Ohio on August 16, 2023. From the between the backs of the heads and shoulders of two audience members, we see Attorney General of Ohio Dave Yost at the podium. Laura Kasner stands before him, however we only see her arm and hand, and then, as she reads from her prepared speech, her back. When she finishes reading, we see her return to her seat, and then she remains off camera.

LAURA KASNER: [During a meeting of the Ohio Embalmers Association held in Columbus] in October of 2022 almost all of the 200, I'm sorry, 100 embalmers present at that meeting said they were seeing unusual white fibrous clots in the veins and arteries of the bodies they embalmed. These clots were not seen until shortly after the covid shots rolled out in January of 2021. Here is a vial of these clots. [She holds up the vial] It'll creep you out so I won't ask you to hold them.



LAURA KASNER: Life insurance actuaries are reporting that many more people are dying, still than in the years before the pandemic. And while deaths during covid-19 had largely occurred among the old and infirm, this new wave is hitting prime of life people hard. Deaths among young Americans documented in employee life insurance claims should alone set off alarms. Among working people 35 to 44 years old a stunning 34 percent more died than expected in the last quarter of 2022, with above average rates in other working age groups, too. Attorney General Yost, the covid shots are now on the childhood vaccine schedule. My question for you is this. How many more Ohioans, how many more of our children and young adults will die before your office conducts an investigation?


ATTORNEY GENERAL DAVE YOST: And I get questions about investigations every day. Earlier today I got a letter from a group called SNAP** wanting me to conduct a state-wide investigation, as has been done in other states, about the Catholic Church and its coverup of past sexual abuse by priests. And the answer to your question ma'am is, I don't have the authority to do either of those investigations. And so I, I don't have any information about the vial that you are holding except I can agree by the evidence of my eyes that it is disgusting and I don't want to hold it.

But, folks, I can't just go out and open an investigation on something. I have to have first of all legal authority, and then secondly, I've got to have a predicate. I wish that there were some people in, oh, I don't know, Washington DC, that recognize the limits of their authority. But my mom told me a long time ago that two wrongs don't make a right. I'm not going to violate my office, oath of office, by doing something I don't have the authority to do.


ATTORNEY GENERAL DAVE YOST: Thank you for your question.

LAURA KASNER: People died. I mean, millions, millions of people died. [inaudible]

ATTORNEY GENERAL DAVE YOST: Folks, we should have said this earlier this evening—

303   richwicks   2023 Sep 8, 2:17pm  

charlie303 says

Wasn't Megyn Kelly supposed to be a leading, critical thinking, investigative journalist?

That might be what she was marketed as.

She's a television talking head. That means she's a propagandist, like all of them are.
304   Patrick   2023 Sep 9, 1:07pm  


So all the while Fauci, Biden, and other criminals were shouting "safe and effective" with absolute certainty, the Pfizer contracts to purchase that toxic slime required the buyer to acknowledge that the safety and efficacy were "not currently known".
305   Patrick   2023 Sep 9, 1:43pm  


Rochelle Walensky lied to parents outright, knowing that the terms of the Pfizer death jab agreement requires that purchasers agree that the toxxine is not known to be safe or effective.

307   Patrick   2023 Sep 11, 5:38pm  


IMO, Dr. Offit has contributed to the death of many people by his advocacy of an unsafe, ineffective mRNA technology gene injection; he MUST remain on the 20 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse list you all told me keep him; I applaud his new remarks but too little too late and still he is wrong, no one should get these deadly shots, no one, and stop picking on elderly & pregnant women with this
310   stereotomy   2023 Sep 11, 8:16pm  

Patrick says

I'll use that this fall/winter in the PRNY. Fuck around and find out.
311   richwicks   2023 Sep 11, 8:30pm  

Patrick says

Only 11 people were hanged at Nuremberg. Well technically 10, Göring went the suicide route.

So, they pretty much got away with it, mostly. Most people did. Doctors and nurses regularly "euthanized" what they considered unfit babies.
313   Patrick   2023 Sep 13, 12:13pm  


American mRNA fanatics and health bureaucrats just made their worst decision yet

The Centers for Disease Control is about to push a new round of Covid boosters on healthy teenagers and adults, even as the rest of the world admits defeat and gives up on the jabs.

On Tuesday afternoon, an advisory committee to the Centers for Disease Control recommended all Americans receive mRNA Covid boosters this fall. The CDC is already pressing full speed ahead with that terrible advice.

This morning, CDC director Dr. Mandy Cohen wrote in the New York Times that she, her husband, and her preteen daughters “will all be rolling up our sleeves to get our updated Covid-19 vaccines along with our flu shots soon. I hope you and the people you care about will do the same.”

Yet the CDCs own statistics show the mRNAs have now failed and boosters will quickly make no difference.

They become ineffective against Omicron variants of Covid within months, possibly weeks. “Updating” them - that is, changing the mRNA they contain, in an effort to keep current with the current variant - does not help.

Why? Imprinting from the original jabs makes our immune systems produce antibodies tailored to fight the now-extinct original coronavirus variant, no matter the specifics of the mRNA in the booster. ...

But the United States will not back down.

Admitting that most people won’t benefit from shots this fall would raise questions the CDC and White House cannot tolerate. So they are pushing on, no matter that their own (biased) data suggests they’re making a huge mistake.

The only good news is that the rejection of last fall’s booster campaign suggests what is happening now is mostly theater and the vast majority of Americans will ignore these recommendations.

But some will not.

They will trust the CDC - for themselves, or their parents, or their children.

And some of those - we will never know how many, but some, like this 27-year-old man - will pay the ultimate price.

The CDC will "recommend" and lesser officials will then mandate based on that recommendation, so that each can point fingers at the others.

Everyone at the CDC that "recommends" this poison yet again is complicit in mass murder. They will not stop, ever, until they are tried and hanged for their crimes against humanity.
316   Patrick   2023 Sep 17, 7:19pm  


What is missing in Science™ these days are the full hierarchy of analyses through the abstraction levels of data.

And what is most notable to me are not the studies that are done for FDA approval, but rather the easy studies that are not done and not required for FDA approval.

Why have studies not been done using saline or water as a payload in Lipid NanoParticles (LNP’s)? This is so easy. Or maybe even use NOTHING as a payload.

Don’t you think it’s important to learn if the lipids themselves are creating cellulitis or vasculitis or some other -itis?

The entire system of the FDA is a fraud on The People. The acts and inaction are willful. The intent is criminally reckless...

The individuals at the FDA need to understand that their actions and inaction concurrent with a legal duty to act for the safety of the public, and in a knowing state of mind, are criminal felonies, many of which have no statutes of limitations. And there is no sovereign or qualified immunity for criminal behavior. Some day they will face indictment for their crimes. Maybe 5 or 20 years from now, this will happen. And I will be there with a trove of evidence representing the hundreds of thousands of Americans murdered by their deliberate indifference to life.
317   Patrick   2023 Sep 18, 7:37pm  


Sep 17, 2023

COVID-19 vaccines cause heart inflammation, U.S. authorities now acknowledge. But after being warned in early 2021 about a "large number" of cases among healthy, young people in Israel after COVID-19 vaccination, authorities did not immediately alert the public while also failing to detect a safety signal that was present in the United States, an Epoch Times investigation has found.

Even after deaths from myocarditis—inflammation of the heart—were reported and myocarditis was designated as a likely side effect of the shots, U.S. officials kept recommending vaccination for virtually the entire populace.

That led to millions of young people receiving a vaccine.

Many of those people suffered.

Aiden Ekanayake, 14, was one of them. He received a dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine in May 2021, and a second dose in June 2021.

Two days after the second dose, Aiden was woken in the middle of the night with pain that was comparable to when he tore his anterior cruciate ligament. His mother, Emily, rushed him to the hospital, where he spent days receiving care. Even after he was discharged, his exercise was limited for more than four months.

Ms. Ekanayake trusted the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) before the experience. Now, she does not.

"I hate them. I think they're evil," Ms. Ekanayake told The Epoch Times.

No Transparency

The CDC, America's public health agency, was warned by Israel on Feb. 28, 2021, about a "large number" of myocarditis cases after Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination, documents obtained by The Epoch Times show. ...

Like Israel, the DOD was recording a higher-than-expected number of myocarditis cases. Patients were mostly young, healthy males.

The CDC met with military officials twice behind closed doors in April 2021. Military officials presented data during at least one of the meetings to the CDC. That presentation, which has never been released to the public, "included our preliminary patient data and analysis that suggested to us that myocarditis was indeed a possible side effect to the messenger RNA COVID-19 vaccines (within the US military)," Dr. Jay Montgomery, one of the presenters, told The Epoch Times via email. ...

On April 27, 2021, after the meetings, then-CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky finally spoke about the matter in public, during a White House briefing.

Dr. Walensky said "we have not seen any reports" of myocarditis after vaccination. That's false, according to CDC data—the agency received 141 reports of myocarditis in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) by the end of March 2021. Another 24 cases were recorded in the Vaccine Safety Datalink, a second system run by the CDC. ...

"It's unimaginable that they wouldn't have seen the signal," Brian Hooker, senior director of science and research at Children's Health Defense, who detected an early signal for myocarditis in VAERS using a different method, told The Epoch Times. "They were alerted by the DOD. They were alerted by the Israeli Ministry of Health. And so, if they just didn't know then, they have absolutely no excuse because they were warned." ...

One possible motivation for not fully examining the issue was that it could have led to a halt in vaccination. The CDC and FDA essentially imposed a pause on Johnson & Johnson's shot on April 13, 2021, after a small number of blood clotting cases. ...

A day after Dr. Walensky's unambiguous statement, CDC officials privately acknowledged the difficulty in processing VAERS reports because so many had been lodged.

"Due to the large number of reports that we are receiving at this time, processing is taking longer than usual," one official said. The message was sent to a woman who said she'd filed a VAERS report for her son's myocarditis on April 21 but that the report had still not appeared in the system days later. ...

A day after Dr. Walensky's unambiguous statement, CDC officials privately acknowledged the difficulty in processing VAERS reports because so many had been lodged.

"Due to the large number of reports that we are receiving at this time, processing is taking longer than usual," one official said. The message was sent to a woman who said she'd filed a VAERS report for her son's myocarditis on April 21 but that the report had still not appeared in the system days later. ...

"Providers aren't reporting these cases to VAERS," Dr. John Su, one of the CDC's top vaccine safety officials, wrote to colleagues on May 17, 2021. He also wrote that the "myocarditis thing" was "exploding." ...

Walensky must be tried and hanged for crimes against humanity, along with Fauci, Collins, and the scum at the DoD who initiated all this.

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