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The End of the Pandemic? (
by charlie303 on 19 Jan 2022  27 comments, latest 3 days ago Much of the world followed the UK into lockdown, mask wearing, etc.Now that the PM has ended restrictions (probably to save his job) will the rest of the world...

Trump winds up his base with nesara gesara tease (
by charlie303 on 16 Jan 2022  2 comments, latest 10 days ago
At his Arizona rally on Sat 15 Jan 2022 President Trump teased the crowd with a reference to the new monetary system nesara gesara which would be a keystone of...

State of the Union (
by charlie303 on 12 Jan 2022  6 comments, latest 14 days ago
President Biden will not be giving a traditional State of the Union speech in January.https://en.wikipedia.o Why not?Is his a fake presidency and whoever is running the show won’t allow him...

Unanswered Gitmo questions reignite QAnon Patriot conspiracy theories (
by charlie303 on 1 Jan 2022  1 comment, latest 25 days ago
Why can't Biden close Guantanamo Bay?20 years after Sept 11th and Guantanamo Bay is actually expanding.Trump spent a billion on it and the Pentagon are building a second military court...
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