Everyone who imposed toxxine mandates must be hanged

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Mandating the injection of highly profitable experimental gene-based crap with zero long-term safety data and no definitive ingredient list into billions of healthy people, resulting in 13 million 17 million pointless deaths so far, is the worst crime against humanity ever committed. The vaxx is dangerous and ineffective, but even if it were not, it would still be a crime against humanity to force mass injections of anything, much less the new Thalidomide.

The toxxine mandates are an even worse crime because the virus which was created with Fauci's funding in Wuhan was admitted to have a 99.7% infection survival rate at the time mandates were imposed, and even that has since been proven to be closer to 99.95%, making the disease no worse than a seasonal flu. There was never any good reason for the "vaccine" at all, yet mandates continue even now for foreigners entering the US, at many universities, many US companies, and in the US military.

For children, the death rate from the virus is statistically indistinguishable from 0%, making it a yet more heinous crime to inject that garbage into children.

Note that I'm not talking about lynch mobs. There should be trials for those who forced the unknown effects of this toxic slime on billions of people, perhaps the way the Nuremberg trials were run. Sure, they will claim they did nothing illegal. The Nazis were not violating Nazi laws (well, maybe they were). The point is that they were violating fundamental human rights on a mass scale.

One of the conclusions of the first Nuremberg trials was that it is a crime against humanity to force people to participate in medical experiments, and that no one should be allowed to even voluntarily participate in a medical experiment without informed consent. No one had informed consent to be part of this dangerous experiment, because there was and still is literally zero long-term safety data.

There are never any circumstances whatsoever that give anyone the right to force or mandate any medical product. It is always a crime against humanity.

Everyone who abused his or her power to demand injections via threat of job loss, or being expelled from school, or military requirements, or being denied transplants - all of them must be hanged as soon as possible.

Everyone in government who lied that the death jab was "safe and effective" must also be hanged for willful participation in mass murder by injection, along with those who created the virus, like Fauci.

We are now told that no one was forced to submit to the death jabs, but being threatened with firing and expulsion and death from lack of medical care is obviously raw force. To be fired is normally a punishment for a serious offense, so to claim firing is not force is a bald lie.

This is a matter of basic human rights. Until we have justice, they will do it again and again and again - they will inject you with whatever they feel like, whenever they feel like it.

Even the mere widespread discussion of hangings will have a salutary effect, as the genocidal criminals become aware that getting hanged for their crimes against humanity is a real possibility. We must all publicly speak of hangings continuously until justice is served.

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439   Patrick   2024 Jan 1, 5:49pm  


Over 200 service members demand Biden's military leadership be court-martialed and FIRED for forced 'experimentation' on troops with COVID-19 vaccine mandate leaving 'significant' physical and mental scars
The mandate enacted in August 2021 led to the forced firing of over 8,000 service members who refused the shot on religious or medical grounds
The service members say their 'suffering continues to be felt financially, emotionally, and physically'
Biden's military leadership is accused of 'continuing to ignore' their pleas to correct the 'injuries and laws that were broken'
They are threatening to bring Biden's top leaders out of retirement so they can be court-martialed and held to account

They are much too nice about this.

Everyone who mandated the injection of toxic slime must be hanged.
440   HeadSet   2024 Jan 1, 7:41pm  

Patrick says

They are threatening to bring Biden's top leaders out of retirement

Unfortunately, "they" do not have this power. A future President could do that, however.
441   Patrick   2024 Jan 1, 8:02pm  

As long as they are only 200 soldiers, they don't have power.

But Biden has pissed off a very large iceberg of the US military with his death jab mandate, and that 200 is only the visible tip of it.
442   Patrick   2024 Jan 2, 5:51pm  

A few of the top people who should be given preference for early hanging:


‘According to the CDC, the COVID-19 pandemic has claimed the lives of over 1.15 million Americans. However, after nearly four years of death and economic carnage, there’s been an underwhelming effort to get to the bottom of where it originated, so this may never happen again.

Independent presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. attests that COVID-19 originated from a laboratory in Wuhan, China. And that a deliberate cover-up by powerful individuals who stood to benefit financially and professionally obscured the truth from the world.

Mary Holland asked Kennedy in a recent interview, “So, you’re a litigator, Bobby. If you could depose any of these cover-up co-conspirators, which ones would you depose, and what would you ask?” Listed below are the “principal villains,” according to Robert Kennedy Jr.

Pfauci pfirst, of course.
443   Patrick   2024 Jan 3, 11:49am  


While implementing the COVID-19 vaccine mandate, military leaders broke the law, trampled constitutional rights, denied informed consent, permitted unwilling medical experimentation, and suppressed the free exercise of religion. Service members and families were significantly harmed by these actions. Their suffering continues to be felt financially, emotionally, and physically. Some service members became part of our ever-growing veteran homeless population, some developed debilitating vaccine injuries, and some even lost their lives. In an apparent attempt to avoid accountability, military leaders are continuing to ignore our communications regarding these injuries and the laws that were broken. For GEN Milley, ADM Grady, GEN McConville, ADM Gilday, ADM Lescher, Gen Brown, Gen Berger, Gen Smith, VADM Kilby, VADM Nowell, VADM Fuller, LTG Martin, Lt Gen Davis, MG Edmonson, GEN Williams, ADM Fagan, VADM Buck, Lt Gen Clark, MG Francis, LTG Dingle, Lt Gen Miller, RADM Gillingham, and numerous others; These individuals enabled lawlessness and the unwilling experimentation on service members. The moral and physical injuries they helped inflict are significant. They betrayed the trust of service members and the American people. Their actions caused irreparable harm to the Armed Forces and the institutions for which we have fought and bled. These leaders refused to resign or take any other action to hold themselves accountable, nor have they attempted to repair the harm their policies and actions have caused. Since there has yet to be any accountability, the undersigned give our word to do everything morally permissible and legally possible to hold our own leadership accountable. We intend to rebuild trust by demonstrating that leaders cannot cast aside constitutional rights or the law for political expediency.
445   The_Deplorable   2024 Jan 3, 12:29pm  

The military order to vaccinate the armed forces was an illegal order because the vaccine was experimental and untested. This is a crime against humanity and a violation of the The Nuremberg Code.

Patrick says

446   Patrick   2024 Jan 5, 10:08am  


The New York Post ran a story yesterday headlined, Fauci’s returning to Congress — will he continue his COVID coverup? What a dumb headline. Of course Fauci will continue his covid coverup. What else do they expect? A change of heart? Remorse? A deathbed conversion?

The news was that early next week, Fauci is scheduled to testify at a Congressional subcommittee for two days of closed depositions, on topics like: his role in funding the Wuhan Institute of Virology, his efforts to debunk the “lab leak” theory, mask and jab mandates, and federal censorship.

Fauci will later testify at a public hearing, for the cameras.

I won’t bore you with the current slate of hot takes and speculation. If anything interesting happens, I will let you know. I’m not expecting anything interesting, since the good doctor appears to be suffering from creeping dementia. In late 2022, in the Missouri v. Biden case on federal censorship, Fauci claimed “I don’t recall” a hundred and seventy-four times — including about many momentous and otherwise unforgettable emails that he sent.

Maybe he suffered from a blow to the head? One can hope.

Other than that, the Post’s article was terrific, rounding up a bunch of facts and talking points proving how corrupt and sold-out was our highest-paid human cockroach.
447   Patrick   2024 Jan 7, 6:32pm  


9 million fired in U.S. because of Vaccine Apartheid

I spoke recently with the author of a forthcoming paper on the effects of vaccine mandates on employees. The study conservatively estimates that 9 million Americans lost their jobs under mandates.
— Aaron Kheriaty

The loss of 9 million workers along with the surge in disability as a result of vaccine injury would explain the supply chain shortages in 2022 and 2023.
453   Patrick   2024 Jan 11, 11:51am  


Between Fauci’s not-remembering and his default instinct of shirking responsibility, very little progress was made over the two sessions. The good doctor continued insisting that he never closed a single school or business and only made itsy-bitsy suggestions — suggestions which people were free to take or leave, at their option. Nobody was forcing them.

Fauci can’t remember why all the schools did every single thing he “recommended.” Who knows. ...

When pushed, Fauci apparently admitted that the six-foot social distancing rule was completely made up; in other words, “likely not based on scientific data.” Likely not.

Please never ever forget how, when you questioned the six-foot-rule, they screamed at you to follow the science! and mocked you as a science denier. Remember when Fauci, in his scratchy Brooklyn accent, bragged “I am the science?” He was right. That’s all there was to most of it. Just a human cockroach in a lab coat. ...

Not one to mince words, Representative Greene (R-Ga) said that, after his performance at the hearings, Fauci should go straight to jail:

I often agree with Marjorie, and it’s no different this time. Fauci might have forgotten, but we haven’t.

No jail for Pfauci. Hanging is the only appropriate punishment for him.
454   Ceffer   2024 Jan 11, 12:24pm  

Patrick says

When pushed, Fauci apparently admitted that the six-foot social distancing rule was completely made up; in other words, “likely not based on scientific data.” Likely not.

It was fully based on KommieKunt ritualized humiliation of the slave populace with sadistic power driven overtones and demand behaviors. As long as they humiliate and show slave status, they have accomplished their goal. Why do think Xi never wears a mask but the entire congress of officials behind him do? It is a slave mask denoting inferior political status and power. No longer has anything to do with 'health' or 'pandemic'.
455   Patrick   2024 Jan 12, 2:26pm  


Berenson makes a lot of good points, but he is much too cautious about blame for the death jabs.

He thanks that Biden's workplace mandates are partly a reaction to Biden's embarrassing failure in Afghanistan.

He points out that no one healthy enough to work was even theoretically able to benefit from the toxxine at all, but those are the people who were forced to take it. And this was after it was clear that the toxxine was not working.

And now that it's clear that the toxxine is causing seizures in small children, the CDC still won't retract its horrifyingly criminal advice to give mRNA to children.

The original sin of the lockdowns was pretending that everyone was a risk, when really only very fat, ill, and/or elderly people had any risk at all. So the whole economy was cratered for no scientific reason. It was also terribly ironic that they closed gyms when obesity was clearly a factor.

No one has checked whether Congressmen were buying Moderna and Pfizer stock when they knew Biden was going to issue his criminal mandates.

That pfucker Pfauci gets Secret Service protection because he is at risk from the relatives of the millions of people he murdered with both the virus and later the toxxine.

It's the first time in history where rich white people have demanded to be the guinea pigs for risky experimental drugs.

Birth rates in all vaxxed countries have fallen off a cliff.
456   Patrick   2024 Jan 16, 1:26pm  


Beyond Contamination: Pfizer/BioNTech shot rolled out to public was NOT the one tested in clinical trial

An increasing number of prominent medical professionals have called for an immediate halt in the use of the alleged, “safe and effective” COVID-19 mRNA shots. Now, the Florida State Surgeon General, Dr. Joseph Ladapo, has joined the ever-growing list.

An excerpt from the Florida Department of Health’s January 3 bulletin reads: “The Surgeon General outlined concerns regarding nucleic acid contaminants in the approved Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, particularly in the presence of lipid nanoparticle complexes, and Simian Virus 40 (SV40) promoter/enhancer DNA. Lipid nanoparticles are an efficient vehicle for delivery of the mRNA in the COVID-19 vaccines into human cells and may therefore be an equally efficient vehicle for delivering contaminant DNA into human cells. The presence of SV40 promoter/enhancer DNA may also pose a unique and heightened risk of DNA integration into human cells.” ...

Early studies have shown that with gene therapy, serious health risks can occur, leading to toxicity, inflammation, and even cancer. There have been notable cases of leukaemia in early gene therapy trials, which have raised awareness of the risk of insertional mutagenesis.

One would assume, based on the highly experimental nature of the mRNA injectable product, a more stringent and robust safety assessment would have been conducted, before it was rolled out to the public but that was not the case. ...

During Dr Ryan Cole’s address at the UK parliamentary office, which I reported on, he shared the following. Dr Cole’s full presentation can be watched here.

“In the lipid nanoparticles’ data sheet it states these are not for human and not for veterinary use. These are for research purposes only. Yet, they went into 5 billion people around the world!” ...

Buried in the EMA’s February 2021 assessment report, a concern was raised by the regulator about the “truncated and modified RNA” and the risk that “when present in the cell there is a possibility that aberrant proteins will be expressed with possibilities for unwanted immunological events.” ...

A key takeaway from the interview was that the Pfizer/BioNTech mRNA product rolled out to the masses was not the same one tested in Pfizer’s pivotal clinical and non-clinical trials (animal studies).

This is because the commercially rolled out product was made using an entirely different method/process. Guetzkow, categorically stated, when it comes to biological products: “The process is the product.” ...

This goes far beyond lack of informed consent- when the public unknowingly, have been used as lab rats.
457   Patrick   2024 Jan 16, 7:50pm  


Remember her? Her son could only talk to her for 2 years via zoom, she could not work the screen, watch the fear in her eyes, the isolation, begging him bring the grand children...he could not...she died there...he could not even bury her...we could not bury our dead and you want me to give these fuckers amnesty? I want many of them to hang, I mean it, hang, put through courts and hang

They'll say they were "just following orders".
458   Patrick   2024 Jan 19, 10:04am  


Michael Kane, Special Education Teacher, NYC Mandate Testimony, Dec 19, 2023

New York City Council Committee on Civil Service and Labor
Carmen de la Rosa, Chair

MICHAEL KANE: Hello everyone. My name is Michael Kane. I was a special education teacher for over 14 years in New York City until I was terminated for declining the covid vaccination. I've been suing New York City and State in federal court for the past 2 years over this.

In September of this year I was ordered back to my job by a New York State supreme court judge. However, New York City appealed, I didn't get my job back.

I come here today not to tell of my hardships so much as the hardships of hundreds, thousands of New York City Department of Education employees.

One of the most egregious punishments that my colleague right here just referred to were the brandishing of a problem code, a scarlet letter that was placed on all unvaccinated employees. These problem codes have prevented many from obtaining employment in New York City and outside as well. I actually submitted for the record a court affidavit from an AP[2] who couldn't get a job in Westchester because she got this problem code.

Nine members of Congress from New York have written a letter to New York City's school chancellor David Banks[3] asking eight reasonable questions. I also submitted that for the record as well, too. It's almost 6 months, there's no response from Banks or from Eric Adams[4] or any designee.

I also included other documents from my attorney, showing that how many people this has affected.

I ask the chairs of the committee, please bring this to the attention of Chancellor Banks, of Mayor Adams. They need to respond to Congress. These are very reasonable questions.

Recently, Mayor Adams had said, when you can't work, you are being exploited. We fought hard to get rid of draconian rules. That's why we've been saying to the national leaders, let them work.

But he wasn't speaking about unvaccinated, fired individuals, he was speaking about undocumented immigrants.

Now I support undocumented workers to have the right to work. I actually ran a Dreamers Alliance. Ms. De la Rosa, you actually gave a presentation with one of my students once at a CUNY Dreamers conference.

My Dreamers Alliance is gone now because of this.

Thank you so much for hearing me out.

"Michael Kane is a national grassroots organizer for Children’s Health Defense. He is also the founder of TeachersForChoice.org and the lead plaintiff in Kane v. De Blasio, having been denied a religious exemption request and appeal."
— Source: https://childrenshealthdefense.org/authors/michael-kane/

[1] Kane refers to Trinidad Smith, who was fired by the NYC Department of Education for refusing the jab.

[2] I believe an AP is an assistant principal.

[3] David C. Banks. See: https://www.schools.nyc.gov/about-us/leadership/doe-leadership-and-offices/chancellor

[4] Eric L. Adams, 110th Mayor of New York City. See: https://www.nyc.gov/office-of-the-mayor/bio.page
460   Patrick   2024 Jan 20, 9:10am  


Victoria Russo, Special Education Teacher, NYC Mandate Testimony, Dec 19, 2023
New York City Council Committee on Civil Service and Labor

VICTORIA RUSSO: My name is Victoria Russo I'm a special education teacher. I worked for the Department of Education for 23 years. I had the privilege for work with children on the autism spectrum.

I was first put on leave without pay and eventually I was fired, terminated for declining to take the covid vaccine. I still have not returned to work because I believe that the vaccine mandates are unjust and violated my personal freedom and my medical privacy.

I loved teaching and I care deeply about my students. I dedicated my career to helping them overcome their challenges and reach their full potential.

I have not been granted the opportunity to return to my existing position as a special education teacher. I feel that all teachers who are wrongfully fired should be reinstated to our previous position under the stipulation that we will be compensated for our lost wages and compensated for lost time.

I've chosen not to get vaccinated for religious, personal, and medical reasons. I respected and respect the right of others to make their own decisions about their health and I expect the same in return.

The vaccine mandates are discriminatory and coercive. They forced me to choose between my livelihood and my health, and violated my constitutional rights and my human dignity. They ignored the fact that I had natural immunity from previous covid 19 infection and covid pneumonia. They disregarded the opinions of medical experts who have raised questions about the necessity and legality of these vaccine mandates.

We need this court and this council to recognize that we were wrongfully treated by our city, our state, and our union that were supposed to represent us. I pray that this council has the courage to act.

We are not the enemy. We are colleagues, your friends, your neighbors. We were essential workers who have served our community with dedication and compassion throughout this pandemic. We deserve to be treated with fairness and dignity. Thank you for listening to my testimony.
461   Patrick   2024 Jan 21, 10:54am  


What? The CDC knew early on that the vaccines were already killing young people and refused to notify the public of this reality? This is criminal shit, this is hanging shit for CDC officials! ...

Shockingly - although this probably won’t shock my readers - it turns out one or more person at the CDC had written a “draft report” warning of the possible (fatal) myocarditis risks to young people - but the draft warning was nixed and never released to the public.

A colorful “out-and-proud” CDC official named Dr. Demetre Daskalakis reportedly wrote the unpublished draft. Adding outrage to this scandal are anecdotes telling readers how the official who wrote this unpublished draft went on to play a leading role pushing the jabs on healthy kids.

Indeed, the CDC and the U.S. health establishment doubled down on its guidance that everyone should get the vaccines - even children and teenagers who have an essentially zero-percent mortality risk from Covid. ...

1. The CDC knew children and teens didn’t need vaccines and that these injections were already killing people … and the agency covered-up this information and kept pushing the shots on this group. (“Informed consent” … Not.)

2. The overwhelming majority of hospital patients who died “from Covid” were really killed by myriad and terrifying medical protocols. (Another consensus opinion from participants interviewed in this video is that the last place anyone would have wanted to be after March 15, 2020 was … in a hospital).

3. Reports of our so-called “pandemic of the unvaccinated” were bogus; far more vaccinated citizens were contracting this virus and later dying than the public was told. In fact, the information we were told was a massive and coordinated lie. And/or: We weren’t told what we should have been told. ...

“They knew of the risks, and they withheld the information from the American people. Stripped of informed consent, millions of citizens took the shots while doctors like Demetre Daskalakis denied them the right to know the risks of the product.”
462   Patrick   2024 Jan 21, 3:18pm  


In the year 2023, it has become evident that the Covid PsyOp was meticulously planned and executed long before its implementation. From 2020 until the present day, influential Traitors and Demociders such as Fauci, Biden, the WHO, the WEF, Gavi, Bill Gates, Swiss Health Minister and President Alain Berset, Emmanuel Macron, Lula of Brasil, Von der Leyen, Lauterbach, Drosten, Trudeau, and numerous other individuals in positions of power within governments, supranational organizations, NGOs, military factions, and the medical field, have actively worked against the welfare of humanity. They have committed a Democide and High Treason of unprecedented proportions, surpassing even the most devastating events described in biblical texts.

The motive behind their actions becomes clear when we examine their unified support for the injection of a Bioweapon disguised as an experimental mRNA Gene-altering substance into over 5.7 billion individuals worldwide. This coordinated effort, known as Lockstep or Gleichschritt, draws disturbing parallels to Nazi terminology.

To further their agenda, these malevolent actors have colluded with pharmaceutical giants Pfizer and Moderna, who have profited immensely from unconstitutional and discriminatory apartheid-like regimes. These regimes were established under the guise of Covid laws, which were based on a fraudulent and ineffective PCR test. The government and mass media, acting as accomplices, have manipulated public opinion by disseminating false narratives and discrediting esteemed institutions such as Harvard, Stanford, and MIT, along with the top scientists who had warned against the dangers of these lethal and harmful shots.

In a shocking display of authoritarianism, the unvaccinated have been labeled as enemies of the “Collective,” a term reminiscent of the Nazi regime’s rhetoric. This demonization has coerced innocent families and their children into succumbing to unconstitutional restrictions and public shaming, ultimately leading them to flock to vaccination centers in large numbers.

The year 2023 has brought to light the sinister machinations of those in power, who have callously disregarded the well-being of their own people and violated the very constitutions they were entrusted to uphold. The consequences of their actions will forever be etched in history as a dark chapter of betrayal and deception. ...

Regrettably, we, along with 5.7 billion other individuals, have been deceived into receiving vaccinations. The majority of the Divine Human Species, including ourselves, fell victim to the lies and manipulation orchestrated by our respective governments. These governments, entrusted with upholding and defending our Constitution, as well as safeguarding our interests as We The People, have failed us. It is now scientifically evident that Pfizer and Moderna were fully aware of the involvement of rogue US Military elements in engineering this Bioweapon, with the assistance of Dr. Fauci and his colleagues in Wuhan, during the Bioweapons embargo on the USA and Canada from 2012 to 2014. ...

Their objective was not only to decimate the global middle class and commerce through these draconian measures but also to manipulate the human psyche into accepting any injected substance as a means to regain freedom of movement. Can you imagine spending two years confined indoors? Most of us would have become mere automatons, desperately in need of financial assistance. This is where the Federal Reserve (FED), the European Central Bank (ECB), and other insolvent central banks would step in, offering a universal state salary of USD 3,000 to every individual worldwide. However, this financial aid would come at a price – the acceptance of a world health pass combined with a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) wallet, which would grant mobility.

Under this dystopian regime, private property and personal vehicles would become obsolete, replaced by the concept of 15 Minute Cities, where everything one needed would be within a short distance. The control mechanisms were meticulously designed, with the CBDC having an expiration date, ensuring compliance and dependence on the system.

Parts of the document sounds a bit nutty, but I agree with the general thrust of it. The toxic injections have been the worst crime against humanity ever committed.
464   Patrick   2024 Jan 24, 10:41am  


Julie Kelly blew open the silence around J6 with the release and promotional interviews about her book, January 6. Kelly, along with some brave family members of J6 prisoners, have been speaking out about the extensive solitary confinement and other tortures and neglects these confined prisoners are suffering, most of whom have still not gone to trial.10

Looking back to the developing plans for COVID-19 and the takeover of the world, I am struck now by how many of the imposed “public health safety measures” were indeed requirements that isolated one individual from another.

Perhaps the most terrible of all was the isolation of patients from family, friends, and advocates. Anyone sick with COVID was not allowed to be seen or accompanied in hospital by family. Those classified as sick at home were ordered to isolate in a separate room with a separate bathroom until well, a recovery period that often took weeks in 2020.

The masks were also dreadfully socially isolating by cloaking identity, putting up a physical barrier between two communicating human beings. This was also true of the demands for six feet of distance between individuals and for the no physical contact rules. Handshakes and other physically connecting gestures go back into the deep mists of time in cultures all over the world. To ban the traditional greetings of an entire people is a hubris that knows no bounds, both authoritarian and humiliating, as we struggle to figure out how to greet one another, achieving awkwardly, at best, an elbow tap.

The imposition of these strategies in schools and with young children are beginning to show signs of long-term harm to the children.
465   Patrick   2024 Jan 24, 11:15am  

Patrick says

Mandating the injection of highly profitable experimental gene-based crap with zero long-term safety data and no definitive ingredient list into billions of healthy people, resulting in 13 million 17 million pointless deaths so far, is the worst crime against humanity ever committed.


In an uncensored interview with Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), Tucker Carlson called COVID-19 “the greatest crime ever committed.”

He mentioned that a thousand people were arrested for January 6, but no one has been arrested for the crimes of COVID.

“Millions of people died, and it's related to a funding decision by Anthony Fauci to fund dangerous research in China,” Rand Paul declared in a previous interview.
467   Patrick   2024 Jan 29, 9:55am  


Resurfaced interview shows Dr. Fauci say this about mandates: "When you make it difficult for people... they lose their ideological bullshit and get vaccinated"

Remember when they tried to take our freedoms away by making it all but mandatory to get the vaccine? They had restaurants, universities, even people's workplaces requiring the vaccine for entry, and many of us gave in due to the inconvenience.

Well, newly resurfaced audio of Anthony Fauci sheds a bit of light on why we were nudged so hard to get the vaccine.

They weren't trying to keep us safe; they were selling a product. And they needed that product to be consumed.

Such a shame what they put us through. And still to this day half of our country thinks it was done in earnest.
471   Patrick   2024 Feb 1, 7:45pm  

Everyone who imposed lockdowns must also be hanged.


472   Patrick   2024 Feb 2, 7:09am  


Treasonous Archfiend of Pseudoscience and unkempt celebrity grifter Peter Hotez recognizes the danger. Maybe not the full scope of the danger. But Hotez wrote a horrible, self-pitying book last year (that nobody is reading) side-splittingly titled, “The Deadly Rise of Anti-science: A Scientist’s Warning.” Okay, Peter. Whatever. ...

(Wait. A pediatrician? Are you kidding me? My first gobsmacked thought was, who in their right mind would leave their children with Peter Hotez? I’d bet my next three paychecks that disheveled doctor doesn’t see any kiddies as patients at all, that’s just another in a long series of lies. But I digress.)

And, “a scientist’s warning?” Please. Give me a break. That’s all they’ve been doing for the last four years, warning us about a million fake crises that never materialized. If only Peter and his cronies had listened to a lawyer’s warning. From mid-2020 I was telling them as often as I could that, while they could ram their unwanted public health ‘science’ down our throats as pandemic mandates and emergency edicts, eventually there would be a reckoning.

Welp. Their reckoning cruise ship has sailed up to the dock and is now ready for boarding. Time to go.

Hotez should be in the very first group on the scaffold, right next to Pfauci.
473   Patrick   2024 Feb 2, 10:38am  


The UK Covid inquiry has taken its circus north to Edinburgh. Since earlier this month, the inquiry has been hearing evidence from Scottish government officials and SNP politicians in an attempt to examine how they handled the pandemic. Scotland is currently still conducting its own separate Covid inquiry, but there is apparently still plenty to be uncovered by Lady Hallett.

Just as in England, the inquiry hearings in Scotland have mostly devolved into a farce. Despite many leading Scottish politicians having deleted their WhatsApp messages, much dirty laundry has been aired. Last week, the inquiry heard that Nicola Sturgeon considers Boris Johnson to be a ‘fucking clown’. It was revealed that ‘there was swearing’ during the calls between Sturgeon and national clinical director Jason Leitch ahead of the 2020 Christmas lockdown. Earlier today, Sturgeon herself was grilled about allegations her staff had used ‘burner phones’ to withhold messages from the inquiry.

As has been the case in London, the inquiry seems to be less interested in actually addressing the government’s pandemic policies than in what ministers said behind each others’ backs. ...

What’s more, it’s been refreshing to see proper time given to a lockdown sceptic. Professor Mark Woolhouse – an Edinburgh University professor of infectious-disease epidemiology and a member of SAGE – gave a very effective testimony last week about the mistakes made by the Scottish government. This was particularly welcome, given how shoddily lockdown sceptics were treated by the inquiry in London. ...

Next, Woolhouse turned his guns on the mainstream media. The BBC was particularly guilty of spreading disinformation, said Woolhouse, ‘repeatedly reporting rare deaths among healthy adults as if they were the norm’. The Beeb falsely told the public that the ‘virus does not discriminate’, he added, when it had always been clear that the risk to the elderly was far greater than to anyone else.

Woolhouse was not relying on hindsight here. The Covid outbreak on the Diamond Princess cruise ship demonstrated this back in February and March 2020. Of the ship’s 2,666 passengers, 567 were infected and 14 died. Almost all of those deaths were among people over 70. Out of the 1,045 crew, there were 145 infections, with zero deaths and no severe illness. Covid deaths have consistently been concentrated among the very elderly. Saying that ‘the virus does not discriminate’ was mendacious drivel.
474   Patrick   2024 Feb 3, 10:20am  


Jill Dillingham Hines Admonishes Louisiana State Legislators
Live and Local, August 16, 2021

JILL DILLINGHAM HINES: Hello, my name is Jill Hines. I'm co-director of Health Freedom Louisiana.[1] We are a consumer and human rights advocacy organization. And Chairman Bagley,[2] Vice Chairman Turner,[3] thank you for calling this oversight hearing.

For the last 17 months, the citizens of Louisiana have been at the mercy of the unelected state employees who work for the Louisiana Department of Health and who advise Governor Edwards. This state agency has effectively removed parental rights in regards to medical decisions, and education is being held hostage for those do not comply.

They have determined that millions of children across the state must undergo the same medical intervention without providing informed consent, which violates federal law and the most basic medical ethics and human rights.

As a reminder, the chaos the governor's most recent mask mandate has generated might have been avoided had this committee recognized the necessity of protecting the most basic human rights, the right to determine what is done to our own bodies and those of our children.

You had the opportunity to pass a bodily autonomy bill in May, but if you'll remember, you stated it was not necessary. Representative Bagley stated it was a solution in search of a problem. Representatives Bagley, Adams, Cox, Hughes, Johnson, Larvadain, Miller, Presley and Stagni voted to involuntarily defer it.

Last October I sat before this committee and asked two things of you, that you prevent a covid 19 vaccine mandate for employees by creating exemptions similar to those available for school attendance, that you— and, number two, and you provide informed consent to parents and students regarding vaccine exemptions with any communication regarding vaccination requirements.

At that time there were comments from the committee members that we were putting the cart before the horse and that we were offering solutions in search of a problem.

You had the opportunity to pass a bill that would have made it a law for colleges and universities to provide exemption information about vaccines, including the covid vaccines. But representatives Turner, Cox, Hughes, Johnson, Miller, Moore, Owens, Presley, and Felders voted against it.

You had the opportunity to pass a bill that would have prevented a covid vaccine mandate by providing exemptions to employees, but representatives Turner, Cox, Echols, Hughes, Johnson, McMahen, Miller, Moore, Owens, Presley, and Felders voted against it.

You said there would be no mandates, but mandates are here and have been here for over a year now.

While I appreciate this committee for convening for this much-needed hearing, I would ask that you take the opportunity when next its available to protect the rights of the people you serve.

The Louisiana Department of Health does not and should have the authority to determine what I put on or in my person or that of my children, and right now they do. And that needs to change.

Thank you.

CHAIRMAN LAWRENCE BAGLEY: Thank you. I appreciate hearing what I voted for [laughs]. I didn't get my name called many times so I guess we're, we've, we've always been friendly anyway. Yeah. Well, my, my stance on all that has been pretty clear anyway. And I've written letters and called about the mandating the vaccines and—

JILL DILLINGHAM HINES: Yes and we appreciate that greatly, Representative Bagley, the point being though is that you wouldn't have had to do that if you guys had passed the bills.

CHAIRMAN LAWRENCE BAGLEY: Well, there's no reason to argue with you about that.

JILL DILLINGHAM HINES: Right. Quite right.

CHAIRMAN LAWRENCE BAGLEY: That was because it's already in law and right now, while they're, they are trying, they're still trying, they can't do it until they OK it. And you know it—

JILL DILLINGHAM HINES: The point I want to make though is the mask. The mask is a medical intervention under EUA [Emergency Use Authorization], as I've mentioned so many times in front of this committee. And part of the, the, the federal law governing EUAs is that parents are informed that it's an experimental medical intervention, that that they're given the right to refuse, that they're given the risk involved, we don't know the risk because there's been no safety studies involved in it, and that there should be an adequate reporting system similar to the VAERS system[4] for vaccines. And that's not been done. The state has violated parents' rights and children's rights by, by removing informed consent about this medical intervention.

CHAIRMAN LAWRENCE BAGLEY: Well, that's one of the reasons for this meeting to get people to come up and say what they say and, and tell what they believe, and I try to keep this as orderly as possible because you needed to say what you say, just like the ones on the other side need to say what they say. And I do appreciate you, you know that.


CHAIRMAN LAWRENCE BAGLEY: Thank you for coming again.

JILL DILLINGHAM HINES: Thank you so much, Representative Bagley. [rises]

CHAIRMAN LAWRENCE BAGLEY: Oh, hold on. You have a question.

[Jill Dillingham Hines returns to seat before the microphone]


CHAIRMAN LAWRENCE BAGLEY: Comment, Representative Turner.

VICE CHAIRMAN CHRISTOPHER TURNER: OK, so my comment is, you made it sound like the people that voted for the bills were for mandating. I'm not for mandating masks, I'm not for mandating vaccines. And that's why we have the seventeen dash one seven, you have those exemptions on whether you want to take the, the shot or not. So you come in here and saying that, I guess, is not, when we we have a yes or no to make doesn't give all the details of what we think, and what we're thinking, and what we're trying to do. And it's not my place to tell a business what to do, what not to do, and that's what one of those bills referred to. So just know that there's a lot of us that do believe in the vaccine, but I don't want to push it on anybody. And that's, that's that's that's—

JILL DILLINGHAM HINES: Right and that would have [inaudible]—



VICE CHAIRMAN CHRISTOPHER TURNER: That was not a question, that was just—

JILL DILLINGHAM HINES: Just a statement.

VICE CHAIRMAN CHRISTOPHER TURNER: —my comment, yes, from the way you presented that information about the way we voted and what we did, I, no way that I don't think there's very many people on this committee that want to mandate that anybody in this room does anything.




JILL DILLINGHAM HINES: May I reply in response to that?






# # #


[1] Health Freedom Louisiana https://www.healthfreedomla.org/

[2] Lawrence A. Bagley (R- District 7)

[3] Christopher Turner (R- District 12)

[4] VAERS is the official US government Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.
(Note: https://openvaers.com/ provides VAERS data in a more reader-friendly presentation)
475   Patrick   2024 Feb 6, 11:40am  


We need now to go back to an event that happened in October 2021. The trial of Kassam vs Hazzard. The trial was conducted in the NSW Supreme Court and the crux of it was that representatives of the working classes of New South Wales took the government to court over vaccine mandates.

The vaccine mandates were enforced on the basis that

COVID was “highly contagious and lethal”

Vaccination reduced transmission and induced herd immunity ...

Although anybody that has read the UNESCO declaration on bioethics 2005 or the UN declaration on human rights or the Nuremberg Code1 or the Australian Constitution section 51.23a would realise that this order egregiously contravenes human rights and bioethics, the judge - Robert Beech-Jones - found in favour of the government, in a scenario reminiscent of those failed attempts to take on the Nazi regime through the court system during the Third Reich judiciary in 1933-1945.

The primary reason given for declaring the novel-gene-therapy-vaccine mandates to be legal was, effectively, that coercion is legal in the realm of employment when it’s deemed by anyone with power to be so. Literally what employment law was designed to protect the worker from.

It’s the Harvey Weinstein defence:

“You can work for me provided that you allow me to violate your bodily autonomy. If you refuse, you will lose your job and your income. It is your choice to do this as you have chosen this occupation”

The Harvey Weinstein defence, and thus Justice Beech-Jones’ decision, was even endorsed by three appeal judges2 :

The principle of legality is not of universal application and the assistance to be gained from it varies widely: [84]. Three rights raised – the right to earn a living, right to privacy and right not to be discriminated against – are not ‘fundamental’ and are not engaged by the principle of legality: [111]–[112]. The other three rights raised – the right to bodily integrity, the right to silence and the privilege against self-incrimination – did engage the principle of legality but were not infringed by the PHA orders: [113].

I’ll just reiterate that. You have a right to bodily integrity, but if your employer or the government make a law that violates it, this obviously does not amount to an abrogation of that right. Right? ...

And just to cement the validity of Robert Beech-Jones’ performance in putting the proletariat back into line in their mini-rebellion against the government (who of course are always correct), a glowing editorial3 is written in the UNSW Law journal espousing the correctness of Justice Beech-Jones’ reportedly independent and ethical viewpoint.

Although this article concludes that vaccine coercion is both legally and morally justified, it acknowledges the right to refuse medical treatment, freedom of thought, conscience, and opinion, and the right to bodily integrity as important precepts deserving serious consideration.

In many cases, alternatives to coercion are preferable.

So let’s get this straight. The right to bodily autonomy “deserves serious consideration”?

Hanging those fuckers for crimes against humanity also deserves serious consideration.
476   Patrick   2024 Feb 7, 9:30am  


As I reported last week, Governor DeSantis’s Covid Grand Jury issued its first interim report. At the time, I said everyone should read it, but of course that isn’t possible or likely, so I’ll continue to highlight the most important and meaningful parts. Without argument, the most important disclosure in the report was its explanation of how the vaccine lie was perpetrated by the government — aided and abetted by a willing, sold-out media.

Of course you remember the phrase “safe and effective.” How could you forget? That phrase fueled every single vaccine mandate. Well … it was always a lie, even before they found out the shots didn’t work, right from the start, and the Grand Jury Report explained exactly how they did it.

This is critically-important: the federal agencies like the CDC and the FDA played a rhetorical shell game on America. And the corporate media helped them hide the definitional pea. First of all, when government officials called the vaccines “safe,” they were using a legal term of art.

In other words, when they said safe, they deceptively relied on a highly-subjective legal definition that doesn’t actually mean “safe” — but never said so.

Here’s how the Grand Jury Report explained it:

In other words, the vaccines were never considered “safe” in general. When Fauci said the jabs were safe, he meant they were “safe” compared to the relative risk posed by the virus (“relative freedom from harmful effect” and “the condition of the recipient”). All the CDC and FDA had to do was decide the virus was more deadly than the bubonic plague — which they did — and then virtually anything could be considered safe, no matter how risky it really was.

Even worse than helping the agencies mislead people with a legalistic definition of an everyday dictionary word, the media never even asked the agencies to explain the risk/reward matrix. So they got away with using a totally-subjective standard that wasn’t tied to anything — certainly not to anything scientific.

The media could have explained all this to us at the time, but they didn’t. They are pathetically useless and I hope every reporter who helped promote this lie gets fired.

So they can spend time in honest self-reflection, of course.

The term “effective” is nearly as bad. When the government said the vaccines were “effective,” they used a weasel definition for that word too. Legally speaking, the term “effectiveness” can be based on a regulatory determination arising from clinical trials, as you would expect, or from “other data.”

‘Other data’ is undefined.

There weren’t any clinical trials proving effictiveness — Pfizer never even tested for that. The regulators relied on “other data” to conclude the shots were effective. The media never asked the agencies to explain what their “other data” was that caused them to determine the vaccines were so “effective.” From the report, citing federal statute:

It was all wordplay, right from day one. They tricked us by secretly using a different definition for common dictionary words, a stealthy different definition than what we thought they meant. They will blame us for not knowing the legal meanings of those words and stupidly assuming they were using lay definitions. But they are experts, you see, so how can you expect them to speak plainly?

They got away with it last time. But now we know. They won’t get away with it any more. The term “safe and effective” has become a hissing and a byword.
477   Patrick   2024 Feb 9, 12:18pm  


do you get why I say Nuremberg 2.0? Why Malone, Bancel, Bourla, Sahin et al. must sit under oath in legal tribunals and examined for judges and juries to have a go at what these fuckers did…these are evil money making money whore fuckers, they killed people…they knew the risks…all of them…and so we must assess if they must be jailed or hung…not you or I, but proper judges and juries…only after that and if they say they did good, no ill intent, we then praise and kiss them all…celebrate them, hug Malone…but if judges call for death penalty and juries, then I say hang them all!
478   Patrick   2024 Feb 10, 1:29pm  


Delivery — actually getting RNA into cells — has long bedeviled the whole field. On their own, RNA molecules have a hard time reaching their targets. They work better if they’re wrapped up in a delivery mechanism, such as nanoparticles made of lipids. But those nanoparticles can lead to dangerous side effects, especially if a patient has to take repeated doses over months or years.

Novartis abandoned the related realm of RNA interference over concerns about toxicity, as did Merck and Roche. ...

“I would say that mRNA is better suited for diseases where treatment for short duration is sufficiently curative, so the toxicities caused by delivery materials are less likely to occur,” said Katalin Karikó, a pioneer in the field who serves as a vice president at BioNTech.

Even in 2016 it was well known that the nanoparticles are toxic, especially with repeated doses.

And yet we were relentlessly hammered with the "safe and effective" lie, which this proves they knew was a lie.

All of them must hang for this.

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