Everyone who imposed toxxine mandates must be hanged

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2022 Nov 2, 7:46pm   77,385 views  659 comments

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Mandating the injection of highly profitable experimental gene-based crap with zero long-term safety data and no definitive ingredient list into billions of healthy people, resulting in 13 million 17 million pointless deaths so far, is the worst crime against humanity ever committed. The vaxx is dangerous and ineffective, but even if it were not, it would still be a crime against humanity to force mass injections of anything, much less the new Thalidomide.

The toxxine mandates are an even worse crime because the virus which was created with Fauci's funding in Wuhan was admitted to have a 99.7% infection survival rate at the time mandates were imposed, and even that has since been proven to be closer to 99.95%, making the disease no worse than a seasonal flu. There was never any good reason for the "vaccine" at all, yet mandates continue even now for foreigners entering the US, at many universities, many US companies, and in the US military.

For children, the death rate from the virus is statistically indistinguishable from 0%, making it a yet more heinous crime to inject that garbage into children.

The crass emotional blackmail from genocidal criminals like "Take the vaxx out of love" Albert Bourla of Pfizer merits special punishment in itself.

Note that I'm not talking about lynch mobs. There should be trials for those who forced the unknown effects of this toxic slime on billions of people, perhaps the way the Nuremberg trials were run. Sure, they will claim they did nothing illegal. The Nazis were not violating Nazi laws (well, maybe they were). The point is that they were violating fundamental human rights on a mass scale.

One of the conclusions of the first Nuremberg trials was that it is a crime against humanity to force people to participate in medical experiments, and that no one should be allowed to even voluntarily participate in a medical experiment without informed consent. No one had informed consent to be part of this dangerous experiment, because there was and still is literally zero long-term safety data.

There are never any circumstances whatsoever that give anyone the right to force or mandate any medical product. It is always a crime against humanity.

Everyone who abused his or her power to demand injections via threat of job loss, or being expelled from school, or military requirements, or being denied transplants - all of them must be tried and hanged as soon as possible.

Everyone in government who lied that the death jab was "safe and effective" must also be hanged for willful participation in mass murder by injection, along with those who created the virus, like Fauci.

We are now told that no one was forced to submit to the death jabs, but being threatened with firing and expulsion and death from lack of medical care is obviously raw force. To be fired is normally a punishment for a serious offense, so to claim firing is not force is a bald lie.

This is a matter of basic human rights. Until we have justice, they will do it again and again and again - they will inject you with whatever they feel like, whenever they feel like it.

Even the mere widespread discussion of hangings will have a salutary effect, as the genocidal criminals become aware that getting hanged for their crimes against humanity is a real possibility. We must all publicly speak of hangings continuously until justice is served.

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621   AmericanKulak   2024 May 16, 4:56pm  

NIH director admits Gain-of-function Funding, claims it's not regulated because making formerly human-immune pathogens into human-effecting pathogens is really very safe.

original link
622   Patrick   2024 May 16, 4:59pm  

The destruction of evidence about Fauci's creation of the virus in Wuhan sounds similar to this:


Hillary Clinton’s Network Host Asked Reddit How to Delete ‘Very VIP’ Emails
Paul Combetta, AKA 'stonetear,' is under investigation by the House Oversight Committee

Bet nothing came of the investigation.
623   Patrick   2024 May 19, 1:18pm  


Finally, some good news as the COVID accountability movement continues slowly and ponderously trundling down the one-way tracks. Yesterday, both the Senate and House passed an FAA reauthorization bill, H.R.3935, which bans vaccine and mask mandates for airline employees, passengers, and FAA staff.

I feel a little bit bad for the covid holdouts who are still masking and huddling together on their “covid zero” Reddit forums. They seem like those luckless Japanese soldiers discovered holding post on tiny South Pacific islands twenty years after the war ended. It would have been better had they outlawed masks completely, but it’s a start. The momentum is building. Stay on board, we’re getting there.

Hopefully we arrive at the hanging of everyone who mandated the death jab.
625   Patrick   2024 May 21, 4:02pm  


Fugazy pandemic sponsored by a Globalist pharmaceutical cabal has shot its wad. It has already accomplished a great deal in the way of bringing death and injury to millions. Dim as the people have become in their fog of TikTok mind-fuckery, they have started to notice the dead and dying around them. And the people who stupidly or maliciously caused it to happen — Deborah Birx, Robert Redfield, all the treasonous news-readers like Chris Cuomo and Andy Cooper — have commenced their modified-limited-hangouts to try to escape culpability. They won’t, of course. There’s a fair chance that they will hang, and many others with them.
626   Patrick   2024 May 21, 4:39pm  


MP Andrew Bridgen is pissing a lot of people off lately, and that’s a good thing.

It’s certainly not the first time. The outspoken Conservative Party expellee has been decrying these jabs before many of his peers, making hard and honest comparisons to some of the most deadly events in modern human history.

627   HeadSet   2024 May 21, 5:58pm  

Patrick says

There’s a fair chance that they will hang, and many others with them.

There is zero chance that they will hang.
628   Patrick   2024 May 21, 7:10pm  

Never say never.
647   Patrick   2024 May 21, 7:30pm  


The Government Cartel paid billions to Walgreens and CVS not to fill Ivermectin – the question is why

Maggie Thorp JD and Jim Thorp MD
Mon May 20

Former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, who pushed the government’s deadly COVID-19 narrative and shamed the unvaccinated,1 admitted he is taking Ivermectin for Long COVID – a condition affecting 17 million Americans2 which many believe could be caused by COVID-19 vaccines. Defending his use of Ivermectin, Cuomo – showing no remorse – stated, “Ivermectin was a boogeyman during COVID. That was wrong. We were given bad information about Ivermectin. The real question is, why?”3

Cuomo’s admission comes too late for the millions of Americans who could have benefited from Ivermectin as part of a treatment protocol for COVID-19.4 While Cuomo now admits the government got it dead wrong, he seems less willing to admit the part he played in perpetuating the government’s lies in what has become the biggest story of our lifetimes: In cartel-like fashion, the U.S. government bribed private entities to push experimental genetic injections knowing the shots caused serious injuries and even death, while blocking promising but unprofitable repurposed medications with high safety profiles that could have saved lives. ...

Pharmacies Were Incentivized to Follow the Government’s Lethal COVID-19 Narrative

As it always does, the truth eventually wins out. Americans are waking up to the sobering truth that the COVID-19 “vaccines” have inflicted widespread disability and death, even if they are hesitant to admit the actual numbers of those injured and killed.13 Americans are also waking up to another distasteful truth (which we have written about many times before)14 – the U.S. government targeted and paid off “trusted” sources to purposefully spoon-feed bad and even dangerous information to everyday Americans.15 These “trusted” sources chose profits over people.

A host of influential private voices in every sector of American life were on the government take. As we expose for the first time in this piece, we now know these “trusted” voices included two leading pharmacy companies around the country. Some of these very pharmacies claim, even today, that they are prohibited from filling Ivermectin for COVID-1916 and refuse to fill doctors’ prescriptions for Ivermectin.
648   Patrick   2024 May 21, 7:42pm  


Finally, the DOD was caught fraudulently re-labeling EUA product as "Comirnaty" to overcome the resistance of people who knew that EUA cannot be mandated. See this DOD Whistleblower affidavit.

As you can see, the criminals occupying government positions do not follow the laws. They write them. When in a bind, they paper over their crimes with these types of acrobatic moves. So far, all courts have sided with the covid mafia cartel, adding insult to injury by explaining to the injured, bereaved and destitute plaintiffs that it was not a medical experiment. It clearly wasn’t. Premeditated murder and attempted murder are typically not experimental, non-investigational activities.
650   GNL   2024 May 21, 8:42pm  

Patrick says

Never say never.

The government is complete garbage and in complete control. They will not hang themselves. They’d rather rule in hell.
651   Patrick   2024 May 22, 9:27am  

True, the government will not provide justice, but the people can.

Vox populi, vox dei.
652   HeadSet   2024 May 22, 10:41am  

Patrick says

True, the government will not provide justice, but the people can.

Vox populi, vox dei.

The people won't even vote them out.
Populus ne suffragium quidem ferat.
653   Patrick   2024 May 22, 12:04pm  

We already know that we have no vote, because the 2020 election was so obviously fraudulent.
654   Patrick   2024 May 23, 10:19am  


It is, perhaps, a sign of the times that the Epoch Times published a wildly conspiratorial op-ed by intellectual, prolific writer, and Brownstone Institute director Jeffrey Tucker, headlined “The Great Pandemic Walkback.”

The piece began innocently enough, and regular readers will find nothing new in Jeffrey’s recital of recent narrative-bending events. It began by listing the tardy recognition of vaccine harms by former CDC Director Redfield and former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, former Governor Andrew Cuomo hilariously insistence all his pandemic orders were purely voluntary, and the startling recent Congressional testimony of former NIH Director Francis Collins who, when pressed, admitted that he knew of no science supporting covid’s laughable six-foot-distancing rule.

Jeffrey’s point was that these former officials, having fled official offices and now innocently garbed in civilian clothing, comprise the undercover scouting party for what the author called The Great Pandemic Walkback. Having decamped from their high offices and infiltrated We the People, it’s their job to map out the mental battlefield for winning a glorious new war to restore trust in the so-called institutions that chucked us into the woodchipper at the first sign of trouble.

I’m paraphrasing Jeffrey’s eloquent enumeration of notorious pandemic sins, but you get the idea. Three-quarters of the way through the article, it seemed like another poignant update on the slowly liquifying covid narrative, and then Jeffrey dropped his conspiracy bomb, a theory not quite described in this way anywhere before, a theory that elegantly connects a lot of dots and therefore becomes a fine candidate for a working hypothesis.

Jeffrey Tucker — prominently featured by Epoch — thinks the whole pandemic was a deadly, unimaginably expensive, wasteful, ill-considered put-up job. The government’s desperate goal was to lock us down, mask us up, and keep us separated to “flatten the curve” for one reason and one reason only: to keep us from catching covid and developing antibodies long enough that the mRNA vaccine technologies would have fresh immune systems to do their work on:

He even squeezed mail-in ballots in there. In other words, Jeffery argued that the government’s goal was the reverse opposite of what it claimed. It wanted to stop herd immunity, to interrupt nature and give pharma a chance.

I might be overselling it, but this delightful op-ed seemed to show the covid conversation has moved to a new, more honest level. True, it’s in Epoch, not the New York Times, but Jeffrey’s screed included everything they tried to suppress for years. And he’s still alive. At minimum, the op-ed shows we can at least talk about it now.

At the end of the day, who knows how much of the pandemic disaster was malevolence rather than arrogant incompetence, but it’s a conversation we must have. I can’t wait to see what comes next.
655   Patrick   2024 May 23, 10:29am  


The pharma companies say that if they had to be held responsible for damages, they could never make any vaccines. That claim alone should raise alarm bells. In a market economy under the rule of law, makers of products bear responsibility for harms caused by their use. Pharma should be no different, especially with a product imposed by force on most of the population. ...

The elites who were in charge are right now simply trying to delay the day as long as possible, while admitting as little as possible in the meantime. For this reason, the gradual walkback is going to take many years in the hopes that once people find out the real agenda, the intensity of public outrage will have died down as much as possible. Then the whole episode can fade into the woodwork of the history of our times.

No fading!

Everyone involved must be hanged as soon as possible, or else the entire government is illegitimate.
656   Patrick   2024 May 23, 10:38am  


Speaking of Peter Daszak, the Covid Select Committee is slowly but inexorably closing in on that human cockroach, Fauci. This week saw new revelations of Fauci’s staff discussing their “secret”, illegal, off-the-books communications channels used to confound annoying public records requests.

Dr. David Morens was Fauci’s Senior Advisor. David probably needed someone advising him. He has a big mouth. In this email to Peter Daszak, for example, David mentioned “our secret back channel.” Oops.

The emails uncovered by the Committee suggested the existence of an even larger conspiracy in the NIH’s offices to defeat FOIA. In this email, Morens explained he was “taught” by “Marg Moore” in the NIH FOIA Office the “tricks” of how to scrub his emails...

David really isn’t too bright. Here he is in an official government email account bragging about how he learned to make emails disappear after getting a FOIA request but before complying with the search...

David really isn’t too bright. Here he is in an official government email account bragging about how he learned to make emails disappear after getting a FOIA request but before complying with the search...

In this hilarious exchange with Daszak, right after another grant for EcoHealth was approved, David fantastically inquired whether he’d get a kick-back since “there too much f—ing money!!”

Daszak, who may have been joking, replied “of course there’s a kick-back,” but then, not joking, said he hoped it all doesn’t end in a prison sentence:

But we hope it does end in a prison sentence.

No, we hope it ends for him in hanging, and soon.
657   Patrick   2024 May 23, 2:36pm  


Just one month before the Covid pandemic was unleashed in 2019, Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel told Dr. Anthony Fauci to “mock up an outbreak” of a deadly virus, a leaked video has revealed.

The video, filmed in 2021, shows Bancel discussing a conversation he had with Fauci in November 2019, while he was serving as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

Bancel was recalling the conversation during an interview with Atlas Venture.

In the video of the interview, which was leaked in sections by activist Matt Baker, Bancel says he spoke with Fauci about staging an outbreak just one month before COVID-19 first emerged in December 2019.

Bancel must be hanged for his part in the genocide by injection as well.
659   HeadSet   2024 May 24, 7:10am  

The_Deplorable says


Now it is Gov Hochul's of NY turn. She fired all those nurses for refusing the vax and even now will not hire them back. Hochul claims the nurses endangered the patients by refusing the vaxx when even the CDC admits the vaxx did nothing to prevent catching, carrying, or spreading covid. In reality, Hochul is endangering the health of patients by preventing nurses from working. I believe the real reason Hochul is so obstinate is that her authority was defied, and she needs to please big pharma donors.

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