Some Good News at Twitter

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2022 Nov 9, 2:52pm   419 views  7 comments

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1   Patrick   2022 Nov 9, 2:56pm  

Ah yes, looks like they're back on Twitter:

2   EBGuy   2022 Nov 9, 3:20pm  

... and a Blue Check.
3   Patrick   2022 Nov 9, 3:37pm  

It's worth the $8, lol!
5   Booger   2022 Nov 23, 7:27am  

Who the fuck are libs of tik tok!
6   clambo   2022 Nov 23, 7:51am  

I think I get it; it's exposing the idiocy of libs, I see it on Facebook.
7   FortwayeAsFuckJoeBiden   2022 Nov 23, 9:11pm  

Booger says

Who the fuck are libs of tik tok!

this woman started showing the crazy shit left does. they hate her for it big time.

she exposed how left was using children for politics, and how left pushes tranny shit.

so far its been red pill bonanza.

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