Trump 3rd Party?

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2022 Nov 12, 2:12am   493 views  4 comments

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1   keeprubbersidedown   2022 Nov 12, 6:58am  

That’s what they want. Guaranteed Dem/Rhino control
2   HeadSet   2022 Nov 12, 7:32am  

Correct. If you look the Georgia Senate race, the Republican would have won if there was no Libertarian candidate to siphon off votes. No runoff needed.
3   socal2   2022 Nov 12, 7:47am  

Then we will be guaranteed the bonkers Donkey party will win in a landslide and will know that Trump is in it only for himself.

There is no conceivable path with a 3rd party - especially after the lackluster midterms. He lost a huge chunk of his loyal fan base foolishly going after DeSantis. Read the Salena Zito piece about PA voters all soured on Trump this week.

Trump could retire as a hero basking in his legitimate accomplishments, but he is more than likely going to try and burn the whole thing down.

4   clambo   2022 Nov 12, 8:11am  

Trump took over the Republican Party from within; the RINOS and media and others are trying to fool us again that Trump is a "troublemaker" and other nonsense.

Although Trump may be aggressive in defending HIMSELF from assholes, he won because his political positions are popular with Americans. I don't mention foreigners or their spawn, they might not like him.

Nobody with a working brain really believes Biden beat him in 2020.

Trump is the embodiment of what Americans want and never got; they want someone to protect their interests, not the interests of the slave masters and companies who like to bring in H1B scabs (Disney, Facebook, etc.) or hire illegals.

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