Vox Populi, Vox Dei: Elon's Trump Reinstatement Poll. UPDATE: He's Baaaaaaaaack!

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2022 Nov 18, 6:10pm   655 views  17 comments

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Elon Musk used to this phrase for this poll to reinstate Donald Trump.


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1   Ceffer   2022 Nov 18, 6:26pm  

The Twitter soy ejection continues. "Here is a group of Twitter employees counting down the seconds till they were fired.

The amount of soy in this video is beyond cringe." Guess they'll have to scramble for those drying up Soros fiat bux to street riot, like all the other cheap trick revolutionaries and subversives.
Lauren Boebert
4   Ceffer   2022 Nov 19, 6:35pm  

It'll probably be a mirror of Trump's Truth social, although it does give Trump a forum for directly challenging fake crap from the perps on Twitter. Thus far, they have been 'mean tweet rejoinder' free.
5   PeopleUnited   2022 Nov 19, 8:09pm  

Wait a minute. So we are supposed to believe that Trump was reinstated by winning this poll, but couldn’t win at the national polls in 2020?
10   Booger   2022 Nov 20, 1:54pm  

I just signed up for Twitter. No phone number is required!
11   AmericanKulak   2022 Nov 20, 2:52pm  

Project Veritas back! Along with Petersen and many others.
12   Booger   2022 Nov 20, 3:19pm  


Hitler is informed Trump's Twitter account has been reinstated
16   Misc   2022 Nov 21, 9:51pm  

Does anybody think for an instant that the Donald is going to fork over $8?
17   The_Deplorable   2023 Dec 10, 2:05pm  

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