Canadian man, 65, has a doctor's approval for euthanasia despite admitting becoming POOR is a main reason he's applying to die

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2022 Dec 10, 8:06am   1,283 views  19 comments

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A doctor approved Les Landry's application for medical assistance in dying, despite him saying poverty is a major factor in the decision to end his own life

Landry, 65, awaits verdict of second doctor who visited his home on Wednesday

Landry says if the second approval isn't given, he will 'shop' for another doctor willing to sign it off - something that's legal under Canada's euthanasia laws

He said benefit cuts mean 'sooner or later I just won't be able to afford to live'

Shocking case lays bare the relaxed approach to euthanasia in Canada, where experts say 'choosing to die is more accessible' than support for disabled people

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1   FortwayeAsFuckJoeBiden   2022 Dec 10, 8:10am  

say what you want, but this is a western idea. soviet union didn’t kill elderly or sick. same goes for China.
2   Hircus   2022 Dec 10, 9:48am  

A story like this seems to play into the commie's hands. Could help them promote more free shit to "save lives".
3   steverbeaver   2022 Dec 10, 9:54am  

Just submit a bill to put elderly jews on a "fast pass" for this service to stop the madness.
6   Ceffer   2023 Mar 13, 11:24am  

DIE, POORFUCK, FUCKING DIE! All your promised social benefits will be sucked back to the mother ship. Another social parasite creditor eliminated.

I love the smell of euthanasia in the morning.
7   Eric Holder   2023 Mar 13, 12:27pm  

FortwayeAsFuckJoeBiden says

say what you want, but this is a western idea. soviet union didn’t kill elderly or sick. same goes for China.

U sure 'bout that? Do you know the pension for a Soviet farm worker or a person who didn't have 25 years of work history right up to the collapse of that regime? 7.5 rubles per month. The minimal pension for a man who did clock in 25 years was 30 rubles and the maximum was 120. For perspective, a straight-A university student would receive 105 rubles and the rest would get 70 rubles stipend per month which kinda tells that 7.5 rubles is not exactly earth-shattering riches. That Canadian guy receives much more than the equivalent of 7.5 rubles in government assistance. He just thinks it's not enough for him.

PS. Isn't it funny how self-proclaimed "conservatives" would suddenly clamour for more government help and wax poetically about good life under Commie regimes of CCCP and Chyna?
8   Patrick   2024 Feb 5, 9:37am  


Canadians received some much needed good news two days ago, when the New York Post ran a story headlined, “Canada halts controversial assisted suicide program for mentally ill due to lack of doctors willing to participate.”

Canada shocked the world last year when its parliament passed an expansion of its already-liberal and Orwellian assisted suicide law (euphemistically called “MAiD”), extending government-sponsored killing to people with “grievous and irremediable” mental health problems like depression.

Depressed people was the original reason most folks opposed assisted suicide. For some reason, there’s a thought that people who are down in the dumps might be more and unfairly susceptible to government marketing schemes. But Trudeau’s government now agrees with depressed people: there’s no use in going on.

Maybe the whole Canadian government is depressed. There’s a program for that now.

Anyway, the newly-expanded program was supposed to take effect this year on March 17th, but apparently the Canadian government ran into a depressing snag: too few doctors — specifically, too few psychiatrists — were signing up for the financially-lucrative program.

The launch has been indefinitely postponed. They pulled the plug on it. Canadians, you just got a gift: some more time to get the government-sponsored death train off the tracks. So get busy. And stay happy! If they notice you are getting too depressed about their death maids, you never know what could happen next. It’s a vicious circle.
11   HeadSet   2024 Apr 5, 11:13am  

Patrick says

I hope she is at least an organ donor.
14   Patrick   2024 May 27, 6:08pm  


Carr: How many deaths have you been involved with?

Wiebe: Over 400.

Carr: That sounds like a lot. Is that what you do now?

Wiebe: No I still run a contraception and abortion clinic in addition to my MAID work.

Wiebe has killed more than 400 people in her capacity as a doctor WITHOUT factoring in the untold number of babies she has killed in the womb. And she's a MAID doctor in Canada, meaning the government pays her to off its citizens.
15   HeadSet   2024 May 27, 6:31pm  

Patrick says

And she's a MAID doctor in Canada, meaning the government pays her to off its citizens.

16   Eric Holder   2024 May 29, 9:55am  

Suicidal peeps will find a way to off themselves one way or another.
17   Patrick   2024 Jun 1, 8:03pm  


“The reason people in Canada who are given MAiD seem peaceful is because they’re given a paralytic first so they’re completely paralyzed, then this drug is administered as one of the four and they start drowning to death.” ...

In February 2021, Zivot refuted the Canadian government’s claim that Midazolam, a drug used in MAiD, provided “relief from anxiety” and “comfort to the patient.”

Instead, he testified to the Canadian Senate that “muscle relaxants when used in MAiD will produce death by suffocation.”
18   AD   2024 Jun 2, 1:09pm  

Patrick says

And tragically she went through with this :-(

I would think she would have changed her mind especially being at a young age and a potential for positive change.


19   Patrick   2024 Jul 10, 1:45am  


Canadians Begin Hiring ‘Guardian Angels’ to Protect Hospital Patients from Euthanasia

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