It was the DOD all along. Trump knew.

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Jan 24

Since DOD funded them, developed them, mandated them and sold the world on them, slim chance anyone’s calling on DOD will have any effect. My hopes for stopping them are lower every day. The hammer is in a downward motion, populations are docile, tired and ignorant. It’s too late. They got us, although I will NEVER understand how few of unelected evildoers got billions of us.

Trump was at least nominally in charge of the DOD. Trump continues to push the toxxine and brag about operation "Warp Speed" which was actually years in the making.

Trump knew. That's why he has to keep pretending that the toxxine is safe when it is really very dangerous. He doesn't want to get blamed for the mass death that the toxxine is causing.

The DOD had been wanting to try out the toxxine even before Trump got into office, which means mean that Obama knew about it too.


DOD Announces COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Plan
Dec. 9, 2020

Today, the Department of Defense announced its deliberate and phased plan to distribute and administer initial and subsequent allocations of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Department continues to work closely with the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines. As one of the 64 jurisdictions to which the United States government has allocated vaccines, the DOD plans to administer its initial allocation of 43,875 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to CONUS and OCONUS populations of DoD uniformed service members, both active and Selected Reserve components, including members of the National Guard; dependents; retirees; civilian employees; and select DoD contract personnel as authorized in accordance with DoD regulation. ...

The distribution of the allocated COVID-19 vaccines will begin once the Federal Drug Administration authorizes the COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use and in accordance with Operation Warp Speed guidance.


Whether or not you want to believe it, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) has managed the Covid response in its entirety. The vaccination biowarfare and tyranny we have experienced over the past three years have been pure theatre — or, in other words, a very sick show. The DoD was, quite simply, running a war effort in which Americans were manipulated, deceived and coerced concerning the virus origins and vaccine mandates. “Safe and effective’” proved to be neither. ...

Latypova studied the contracts Pfizer had with the U.S. government. As per the contracts, the product is shipped to the DoD, which retains 100 percent control and ownership of the vials until their contents are injected into people. She did not find any documentation on a sampling of the vials for the purpose of verification of their contents vs. the label. And the contracts specify that “it is expressly forbidden by the international vaccine supply contracts to perform the vial tests for label conformity.” ...

Note that the DoD “contracted Pfizer in May of 2020 for production of at least 100 million doses by October 31, 2020, and up to 500 million doses later. Pfizer’s initial contract award was for $10 billion, with many additional incentives for delivering more doses faster. Similar contracts were made with numerous other ‘vaccine’ manufacturers, and hundreds of other suppliers,” as reported by Latypova.

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94   Patrick   2023 Dec 31, 8:32pm  

Trump issued EO 13887 well before the mass death shot campaign:

Executive Order 13887 of September 19, 2019 (Only 5 Pages,… Read It)
Modernizing Influenza Vaccines In The United States To Pro-mote National Security & Public Health



Huh, those two official copies of that Executive Order are now missing. Funny.
95   Patrick   2023 Dec 31, 8:33pm  

Here's a copy, prolly legit:

45th President of the United States: 2017 ‐ 2021
Executive Order 13887—Modernizing Influenza Vaccines in the United States To Promote National Security and Public Health
September 19, 2019

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including section 301 of title 3, United States Code, it is hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1. Findings. (a) Influenza viruses are constantly changing as they circulate globally in humans and animals. Relatively minor changes in these viruses cause annual seasonal influenza outbreaks, which result in millions of illnesses, hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations, and tens of thousands of deaths each year in the United States. Periodically, new influenza A viruses emerge from animals, including birds and pigs, that can spread efficiently and have sustained transmission among humans. This situation is called an influenza pandemic (pandemic). Unlike seasonal influenza, a pandemic has the potential to spread rapidly around the globe, infect higher numbers of people, and cause high rates of illness and death in populations that lack prior immunity. While it is not possible to predict when or how frequently a pandemic may occur, there have been 4 pandemics in the last 100 years. The most devastating pandemic occurred in 1918–1919 and is estimated to have killed more than 50 million people worldwide, including 675,000 Americans.

(b) Vaccination is the most effective defense against influenza. Despite recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that nearly every American should receive the influenza vaccine annually, however, seasonal influenza vaccination levels in the United States have currently reached only about 45 percent of CDC goals.

(c) All influenza vaccines presently in use have been developed for circulating or anticipated influenza viruses. These vaccines must be reformulated for each influenza season as well as in the event of a pandemic. Additional research is needed to develop influenza vaccines that provide more effective and longer-lasting protection against many or all influenza viruses.

(d) The current domestic enterprise for manufacturing influenza vaccines has critical shortcomings. Most influenza vaccines are made in chicken eggs, using a 70-year-old process that requires months-long production timelines, limiting their utility for pandemic control; rely on a potentially vulnerable supply chain of eggs; require the use of vaccine viruses adapted for growth in eggs, which could introduce mutations of the influenza vaccine virus that may render the final product less effective; and are unsuitable for efficient and scalable continuous manufacturing platforms.

(e) The seasonal influenza vaccine market rewards manufacturers that deliver vaccines in time for the influenza season, without consideration of the speed or scale of these manufacturers' production processes. This approach is insufficient to meet the response needs in the event of a pandemic, which can emerge rapidly and with little warning. Because the market does not sufficiently reward speed, and because a pandemic has the potential to overwhelm or compromise essential government functions, including defense and homeland security, the Government must take action to promote faster and more scalable manufacturing platforms.

Sec. 2. Policy. It is the policy of the United States to modernize the domestic influenza vaccine enterprise to be highly responsive, flexible, scalable, and more effective at preventing the spread of influenza viruses. This is a public health and national security priority, as influenza has the potential to significantly harm the United States and our interests, including through large-scale illness and death, disruption to military operations, and damage to the economy. This order directs actions to reduce the United States' reliance on egg-based influenza vaccine production; to expand domestic capacity of alternative methods that allow more agile and rapid responses to emerging influenza viruses; to advance the development of new, broadly protective vaccine candidates that provide more effective and longer lasting immunities; and to support the promotion of increased influenza vaccine immunization across recommended populations.

Sec. 3. National Influenza Vaccine Task Force. (a) There is hereby established a National Influenza Vaccine Task Force (Task Force). The Task Force shall identify actions to achieve the objectives identified in section 2 of this order and monitor and report on the implementation and results of those actions. The Task Force shall be co-chaired by the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of Health and Human Services, or their designees.

(b) In addition to the Co-Chairs, the Task Force shall consist of a senior official from the following executive branch departments, agencies, and offices:

(i) the Department of Defense (DOD);

(ii) the Department of Justice;

(iii) the Department of Agriculture;

(iv) the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA);

(v) the Department of Homeland Security;

(vi) the United States Food and Drug Administration;

(vii) the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention;

(viii) the National Institutes of Health (NIH);

(ix) the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS); and

(x) the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA).

(c) The Co-Chairs may jointly invite additional Federal Government representatives, with the consent of the applicable executive department, agency, or office head, to attend meetings of the Task Force or to become members of the Task Force, as appropriate.

(d) The staffs of the Department of State, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), the National Security Council, the Council of Economic Advisers, the Domestic Policy Council, the National Economic Council, and the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) may attend and participate in any Task Force meetings or discussions.

(e) The Task Force may consult with State, local, tribal, and territorial government officials and private sector representatives, as appropriate and consistent with applicable law.

(f) Within 120 days of the date of this order, the Task Force shall submit a report to the President, through the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, the Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget, and the Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy. The report shall include:

(i) a 5-year national plan (Plan) to promote the use of more agile and scalable vaccine manufacturing technologies and to accelerate development of vaccines that protect against many or all influenza viruses;

(ii) recommendations for encouraging non-profit, academic, and private-sector influenza vaccine innovation; and (iii) recommendations for increasing influenza vaccination among the populations recommended by the CDC and for improving public understanding of influenza risk and informed influenza vaccine decision-making.

(g) Not later than June 1 of each of the 5 years following submission of the report described in subsection (f) of this section, the Task Force shall submit an update on implementation of the Plan and, as appropriate, new recommendations for achieving the policy objectives set forth in section 2 of this order.

Sec. 4. Agency Implementation. The heads of executive departments and agencies shall also implement the policy objectives defined in section 2 of this order, consistent with existing authorities and appropriations, as follows:

(a) The Secretary of HHS shall:

(i) through the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response and BARDA:

(A) estimate the cost of expanding and diversifying domestic vaccine-manufacturing capacity to use innovative, faster, and more scalable technologies, including cell-based and recombinant vaccine manufacturing, through cost-sharing agreements with the private sector, which shall include an agreed-upon pricing strategy during a pandemic;

(B) estimate the cost of expanding domestic production capacity of adjuvants in order to combine such adjuvants with both seasonal and pandemic influenza vaccines;

(C) estimate the cost of expanding domestic fill-and-finish capacity to rapidly fulfill antigen and adjuvant needs for pandemic response;

(D) estimate the cost of developing, evaluating, and implementing delivery systems to augment limited supplies of needles and syringes and to enable the rapid and large-scale administration of pandemic influenza vaccines;

(E) evaluate incentives for the development and production of vaccines by private manufacturers and public-private partnerships, including, in emergency situations, the transfer of technology to public-private partnerships—such as the HHS Centers for Innovation and Advanced Development and Manufacturing or other domestic manufacturing facilities—in advance of a pandemic, in order to be able to ensure adequate domestic pandemic manufacturing capacity and capability;

(F) support, in coordination with the DOD, NIH, and VA, a suite of clinical studies featuring different adjuvants to support development of improved vaccines and further expand vaccine supply by reducing the dose of antigen required; and

(G) update, in coordination with other relevant public health agencies, the research agenda to dramatically improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and reliability of influenza vaccine production;

(ii) through the Director of NIH, provide to the Task Force estimated timelines for implementing NIH's strategic plan and research agenda for developing influenza vaccines that can protect individuals over many years against multiple types of influenza viruses;

(iii) through the Commissioner of Food and Drugs:

(A) further implement vaccine production process improvements to reduce the time required for vaccine production (e.g., through the use of novel technologies

for vaccine seed virus development and through implementation of improved potency and sterility assays);

(B) develop, in conjunction with the CDC, proposed alternatives for the timing of vaccine virus selection to account for potentially shorter timeframes associated with non egg based manufacturing and to facilitate vaccines optimally matched to the circulating strains;

(C) further support the conduct, in collaboration with the DOD, BARDA, and CDC, of applied scientific research regarding developing cell lines and expression systems that markedly increase the yield of cell-based and recombinant influenza vaccine manufacturing processes; and

(D) assess, in coordination with BARDA and relevant vaccine manufacturers, the use and potential effects of using advanced manufacturing platforms for influenza vaccines;

(iv) through the Director of the CDC:

(A) expand vaccine effectiveness studies to more rapidly evaluate the effectiveness of cell based and recombinant influenza vaccines relative to egg-based vaccines;

(B) explore options to expand the production capacity of cell-based vaccine candidates used by industry;

(C) develop a plan to expand domestic capacity for whole genome characterization of influenza viruses;

(D) increase influenza vaccine use through enhanced communication and by removing barriers to vaccination; and

(E) enhance communication to healthcare providers about the performance of influenza vaccines, in order to assist them in promoting the most effective vaccines for their patient populations; and

(v) through the Administrator of CMS, examine the current legal, regulatory, and policy framework surrounding payment for influenza vaccines and assess adoption of domestically manufactured vaccines that have positive attributes for pandemic response (such as scalability and speed of manufacturing).

(b) The Secretary of Defense shall:

(i) provide OMB with a cost estimate for transitioning DOD's annual procurement of influenza vaccines to vaccines manufactured both domestically and through faster, more scalable, and innovative technologies;

(ii) direct, in coordination with the VA, CDC, and other components of HHS, the conduct of epidemiological studies of vaccine effectiveness to improve knowledge of the clinical effect of the currently licensed influenza vaccines;

(iii) use DOD's network of clinical research sites to evaluate the effectiveness of licensed influenza vaccines, including methods of boosting their effectiveness;

(iv) identify opportunities to use DOD's vaccine research and development enterprise, in collaboration with HHS, to include both early discovery and design of influenza vaccines as well as later-stage evaluation of candidate influenza vaccines;

(v) investigate, in collaboration with HHS, alternative correlates of immune protection that could facilitate development of next-generation influenza vaccines; (vi) direct the conduct of a study to assess the feasibility of using DOD's advanced manufacturing facility for manufacturing cell-based or recombinant influenza vaccines during a pandemic; and

(vii) accelerate, in collaboration with HHS, research regarding rapidly scalable prophylactic influenza antibody approaches to complement a universal vaccine initiative and address gaps in current vaccine coverage.

(c) The Secretary of VA shall provide OMB with a cost estimate for transitioning its annual procurement of influenza vaccines to vaccines manufactured both domestically and with faster, more scalable, and innovative technologies.

Sec. 5. Termination. The Task Force shall terminate upon direction from the President or, with the approval of the President, upon direction from the Task Force Co-Chairs.

Sec. 6. General Provisions. (a) Nothing in this order shall be construed to impair or otherwise affect:

(i) the authority granted by law to an executive department or agency, or the head thereof; or

(ii) the functions of the Director of the Office of Management and Budget relating to budgetary, administrative, or legislative proposals.

(b) This order shall be implemented consistent with applicable law and subject to the availability of appropriations.

(c) This order is not intended to, and does not, create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law or in equity by any party against the United States, its departments, agencies, or entities, its officers, employees, or agents, or any other person.


The White House,

September 19, 2019.
96   Patrick   2023 Dec 31, 8:36pm  

This doc is after the death jab mandates were already out, but seems to me likely to have been planned in advance as well:


A New DOMANE for the Pandemic Era

Adaptive Trials test multiple treatments against the Standard of Care (SOC)...

Courtesy Story
Defense Threat Reduction Agency's Chemical and Biological Technologies Department

The Defense Threat Reduction Agency’s (DTRA) Chemical and Biological Technologies Department, in its role as the Joint Science and Technology Office (JSTO), is developing a system-of-systems called DOMANE — Discovery of MCMs (medical countermeasures) Against Novel Entities — an interdisciplinary effort with team members whose expertise include computer science, physics, and medicine. DTRA CB posits that one drug may be insufficient towards countering a threat, so it is developing DOMANE to rapidly identify a combination of drugs to impact the novel biological threat from multiple targets, which may prove effective in promoting a disease-modifying effect to counter the biological threat.

Systems within DOMANE include machine learning, high-throughput screening, in silico predictive tools, cryogenic electron microscopy (cryo-EM), organ-on-a-chip, and other emergent technologies. Machine-learning algorithms greatly reduce the time needed to search vast amounts of data on drugs and diseases. DOMANE is possible, in part, because of research studies that have occurred over the past several decades on biological threat agents and MCMs. The studies resulted in the global availability of a large repository of laboratory and clinical data (“big data”) on how biological threats affect the human body.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting national human and economic toll demonstrate a clear and present vulnerability of the U.S. to emerging and unknown contagious infectious diseases. For Joint Forces on the battlefield, the possibility of illness due to emerging biological threats can impact their mission. Ideally, they should be equipped with the MCMs they need to lessen the influence of emerging biological threats.

DOMANE started in 2019, before the current pandemic, with the goal to shorten the traditional, multi-year timeline for developing MCMs to treat novel diseases. Utilizing drugs already approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), DOMANE will evaluate the feasibility of repurposing them as MCMs to combat emerging threats. Some of the advantages to using FDA-approved drugs are that they are already manufacturable, have well-known toxicological profiles, and can proceed directly to human efficacy or Animal Rule studies. This can reduce or eliminate the time-intensive animal toxicology and human safety studies and enhance current good manufacturing practice to scale up process and ongoing stability assessment.

DTRA-JSTO is testing DOMANE using COVID-19 as a proof of concept to evaluate whether the DOMANE concept can identify drugs that are an effective treatment against the disease. DOMANE has already identified several FDA-approved drugs that can be repurposed to treat COVID-19, and these drugs have shown indications of potential efficacy in numerous case studies.

The next step is setting up randomized clinical trials to fully demonstrate the effectiveness of these repurposed drugs. To do this, adaptive, platform clinical trials will evaluate multiple drug combinations, dosages, and administration schedules performed in parallel. The adaptive nature of the trials enables clinical scientists to react to initial data from the trials. For example, if a drug and its approved dosage are ineffective or are having unanticipated effects, then clinicians can change the dosage or add another drug to the combination to pursue another therapeutic option.

The efficacy of COVID-19 drugs identified by DOMANE will be tested with two inpatient clinical trials and a planned virtual clinical trial. One inpatient trial is evaluating the efficacy of DOMANE-identified drugs for patients with severe, late-stage COVID-19 and the other inpatient trial is assessing the efficacy of drugs in COVID-19 patients newly admitted to hospitals. The virtual clinical trial will include outpatients who are newly diagnosed with COVID-19. Virtual outpatient trials dramatically reduce the cost of clinical trials and offer the Department of Defense (DoD) an opportunity to conduct these studies wherever patients with the disease are located, such as on a military ship or base.

DTRA-JSTO recently held a two-day virtual workshop consisting of subject matter experts in synthetic biology, artificial intelligence and machine learning, organs-on-a-chip, high-throughput screening, microcrystal electron diffraction, cryo-EM, animal model development, and other fields. The goal of the workshop was to bring together a collaborative team with diverse technical capabilities to develop an operational workflow for rapidly discovering MCMs of interest. The workshop included presentations and panel discussions among experts from academia, industry, national laboratories, DoD, and other U.S. government organizations. The workshop identified capability gaps that will need to be addressed as well as collaborative opportunities to advance DOMANE that will begin the process of changing our defense against emerging biological and chemical threats.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the impact of biological diseases on national security and everyday life, which could set the stage for an era when there will be significant temptation for both state and non-state actors to intentionally execute a biological attack to cause pandemic-level devastation. Successful development of DOMANE will produce a discovery and verification engine for identifying MCMs for emerging biological threats. The engine will produce in months, not decades, MCMs ready for pre-clinical and clinical development to protect the Joint Force and the nation against biological threats. With DOMANE, DoD has the capability to fight not only COVID-19 but also diseases that have not yet surfaced, thereby ensuring the maintenance of a strong and lethal force.

POCs: Revell Phillips, Ph.D., l.r.phillips.civ@mail.mil ; Dale Taylor, dale.e.taylor4.civ@mail.mil
97   The_Deplorable   2024 Jan 1, 6:35pm  

Patrick says
"Here's a copy, prolly legit: DONALD J. TRUMP - 45th President of the United States: 2017 ‐ 2021.
Executive Order 13887—Modernizing Influenza Vaccines in the United States To Promote National Security and Public Health. September 19, 2019"

This executive order does not mention mRNA and my take is that it assumes a traditional vaccine. If not, what am I missing?
98   Patrick   2024 Jan 1, 7:03pm  

It seems too conveniently close to the scamdemic, especially with the explicit involvement of the DoD:

"use DOD's network of clinical research sites to evaluate the effectiveness of licensed influenza vaccines, including methods of boosting their effectiveness"
100   Patrick   2024 Jan 8, 10:54am  


COVID, the response, the mRNA vaccines (inception to deployment) was a military operation, operation warp speed (OWS) was a military operation; I was at HHS & as I look back today I can say, it was military, I was told they are there for logistics aspects of the roll-out; I was not 'in the loop' but I attended & saw enough to say it was MILITARY near 100%

The floor that OWS ran out of in Washington was above my office, my floor and the persons I interacted with daily were near pure military, I mean full army and navy uniforms, arms etc. Full. Even scientists I spoke too were in military uniform. ...

I think many players jumped into COVID for grift to make money, and some, to topple Trump…he was clueless as to the devastation of the response (lockdowns and closures that was coming that Fauci and Birx conned him into accepting) and the deadliness of the mRNA technology and subsequent mRNA vaccine…he did not know, he trusted, he was clueless yet blindly trusted. A mistake that hurt us. He has to own that and explain how his 2nd term will be different as to that, and how he would make people ‘whole’ again e.g. reverse liability protection under the PREP Act (Azar) and set up a victim compensation fund for those harmed by lockdowns and vaccine and ensure full accountability for any one linked to the vaccine and lockdowns that hurt American people.
101   Patrick   2024 Jan 9, 9:53am  


More Pesky Evidence that Covid was a Giant US Defense Dept. Planned Op and Trump was playing a role

Those Intelligence Spooks dropping a dime on Trump being ill-prepared and not taking THE SMART BOMB VIRUS seriously probably knew that.

Donald Trump should have IMMEDIATELY come out and defended himself and said, “FUCK YOU, ABC, SEE I’M ON THE SHOT ALREADY.”

But he didn’t.

Because ??? Because this was Pro Wrestling. This was Hair Pulling.



With Faked Media Hair-pulling Catfights of Diversion. ...

Bob Malone allegedly got a call from CIA “old friend” Michael Callahan on January 4, 2020 and had also caught Covid, recovered via Pepcid AC… AND HAD A GODDAMNED BOOK OUT IN FEBRUARY, 2020 ON the “NOVEL" CORONAVIRUS.
102   Patrick   2024 Jan 9, 10:08am  


On January 7, 2024, my research uncovered an official Department of Defense publication (DoD) from May 15, 2020, describing the masterplan for Operation WARP Speed, confirming DoD’s unprecedented role in running Warp Speed as a military operation:(1)

U.S. Department of Defense


Trump Administration Announces Framework

and Leadership for ‘Operation Warp Speed’

May 15, 2020 |The opening paragraph of the release places the U.S. military at the center of developing and controlling WARP Speed:(2)

"On Friday, the Trump Administration announced the appointment of Moncef Slaoui as chief advisor and General Gustave F. Perna as chief operating officer of Operation Warp Speed (OWS), the administration’s national program to accelerate the development, manufacturing, and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics (medical countermeasures).

Dr. Slaoui is a venture capitalist and, formerly, Chairman of Global Research and Development and Chairman of Global Vaccines at GlaxoSmithKline, where he led the development of five major novel vaccines. As the four-star general in charge of the U.S. Army Materiel Command, General Perna oversees the global supply chain and installation and materiel readiness for the U.S. Army, including more than 190,000 military, civilian, and contract employees."

From the start, Warp Speed was a Great Reset operation with the chief advisor, a “venture capitalist,” and the man in charge was a four-star general in the U.S. Army. This is an extraordinary example of the military-industrial complex at work, this time directing and organizing the greatest assault ever made on the lives of Americans and the U.S. Constitution. It is the U.S. Army acting as the assault troops for the global predators. ...

Among the Deep State organizations described in the DoD press release as collaborators was “NIH’s ACTIV partnership for vaccine and therapeutic development.” ACTIV is essentially a Great Reset Center in the federal government for these collaborations between government and outside sources of wealth of power. Representatives on NIH ACTIV include The Gates Foundation, many top drug companies, and key government agencies.

In a sworn statement for a legal case dated October 21, 2021, Robert Malone, MD declared himself an “active member of NIH ACTIV” (p. 4 ) and further listed his participation in “Accelerated COVID-19 Therapeutic Interventions and Vaccines: ACTIV Therapeutics Clinical Working Group, NIH. Invited Participant. June, 2020-present” (p. 16).(10)

We were the first to make public Dr. Malone’s participation in NIH ACTIV, and more recently Dr. Malone has declared he is no longer a member. It seems probable that his role on ACTIV made him aware from early on that Operation Warp Speed was, in fact, a DoD operation and the drug companies had a sham role, but we are not aware of his bringing that information to the health freedom movement when he arrived.

As documented in his same sworn statement dated October 21, 2021, Malone also has a long and very active business and professional involvement with the Department of Defense, including managing large contracts and sitting on important committees at DoD and DTRA, The Defense Threat Reduction Agency, a defense and a combat support agency within DoD. Malone also denies any more recent or current involvements with DoD and DTRA.

Our earlier disclosures about Malone’s background were among his reasons for bringing a $25 million defamation lawsuit against us and against Dr. Jane Ruby, on whose show I discussed related issues. The judge has recently dismissed Malone’s defamation suit against all of us. The judge has also warned Malone that he might declare his lawsuit “frivolous,” and he has ordered Malone to explain why he should not be forced to pay the legal expenses of the Breggins and Dr. Ruby.(11)

The implications of the DoD’s role in Operation WARP Speed are complex and require continuing unraveling. But these investigations may not substantially change the big picture because the ultimate villains are higher up the totalitarian totem pole and remain the same: the international governance being imposed upon the world by the global predators, including many multi-billionaires and the institutions they have captured from the UN and the World Health Organization (WHO) to the global banking system and the military-industrial complex—all of which we thoroughly document in our book, COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey.
103   The_Deplorable   2024 Jan 9, 2:06pm  

Patrick says
"More Pesky Evidence that Covid was a Giant US Defense Dept. Planned Op and Trump was playing a role"

Impossible because the vaccines did not reach the American people during the Trump presidency. Vaccine injuries and deaths started when Biden became President.
104   Patrick   2024 Jan 9, 3:59pm  

Trump still tries to take credit for that toxic slime though.

He's very proud of it.
106   stereotomy   2024 Jan 10, 3:16am  

Ike knew what he was talking about - he had seen the true face of the beast. In the early years of the cold war, during his administration, there used to be periodic briefings on potential casualties to a nuclear exchange with the USSR (after 1953). At a certain point, Ike eventually became so horrified that they stopped the projections and briefings. I guess at that point they thought that someone could win a nuclear war.

After Ike, MAD became the mantra. No one can win, all will die, so let's make even more bombs and bankrupt our civilization just to make sure.
107   Patrick   2024 Feb 7, 10:12am  


On Feb 4, 2020 - AstraZeneca and other pharma companies participating in the DOD Pandemic Preparedness consortium received a phone call from the DOD saying that “novel covid virus posed national security threat”. This explains why PREP Act declaration in the US was made retroactive to Feb 4. The US Government organized itself for war, but lied to the public that it was a zoonotic virus and a healthcare event. Anyone who suggested otherwise was heavily censored and surveilled online, including me. They continue to pretend it was/is a natural virus evolution to this day. It appears that the DOD initiated the covid plandemic and did not tell Trump until after. Jeffrey Tucker at Brownstone has a very good hypothesis on how that likely occurred. Trump made a U-turn on his position on lock down between March 9 and 11. However, he is on video getting surprised by Mike Pompeo’s “live exercise” comment on March 20, 2020. ...
108   Patrick   2024 Feb 8, 9:36am  


... somehow, at the very beginning of February, while the WHO was still reporting that Covid-19 was not airborne, DoD somehow already had enough information not only to determine Covid-19 was a National Security Threat but to begin deploying countermeasures like recruiting scientists at AstraZeneca to rush development of a so-called vaccine.

February 4th is crazy early. Trump — the President of the United States and allegedly the commander of the armed forces including the Department of Defense — continued comparing Covid to the flu through March 9th — over a month later:

Assuming the dating is correct, the leaked audio proves that DoD considered Covid-19 way more serious than flu, but — and this is the critical part — for some reason they didn’t bother to tell the President. Trump would not have been yammering on twitter in March downplaying Covid if he’d known in February the DoD considered Covid to be a unique national security threat justifying vaccine developers to stop everything they were doing and put everything onto Sars-2.

As far as I can tell, DARPA’s Pandemic Preparedness Program was formally initiated into the military’s shady, high-tech skunkworks and bestowed with a generous $200M budget in 2018 — which was fortunately just one year before the Covid outbreak (and two years after Trump took office, and a year before the elections). Whew! What a relief! What perfect timing! And boy howdy, the kooky DARPA government scientists moved at warp speed, getting the brand new preparedness group off the ground and up to operational status just in the nick of time, since one year later the Pee-Pee-Pee was fully prepared to handle the Covid-19 global pandemic.

It’s almost like it was meant to be. You could even say the PPP and the Pandemic were made for each other.

I bet Trump was so glad to find out he had a Pee-Pee-Pee on standby when the pandemic started, don’t you? Or at least, he would have been glad, had he been told anything about the fine men and ladies assigned to the DoD’s undercover, top secret, tailor-made-for-Covid Pandemic Preparedness Program.

Or maybe in hindsight, Trump might not have been perfectly enthusiastic about the military’s hyper-budgeted top-secret pandemic group after all, given how things worked out, you know? Or, given how the military was — secreting its fine work protecting the National interest even from the President — somehow racing even faster than Warp Speed?

Maybe DARPA has a time machine? ...

In February 2020, why didn’t the Pentagon tell President Trump it had determined Covid was a National Security Threat?

In February 2020, why didn’t the Pentagon tell President Trump the PPP had been activated?

Who made the decision to activate the PPP, and when?

In February 2020, why didn’t the Pentagon tell President Trump it was talking to (at least) AstraZeneca about a warp speed Covid vaccine? Why didn’t Trump know vaccines were already in the works with US military assistance so he could reassure the public?

What explains the fortuitous creation of DARPA’s PPP just in time to manage the covid crisis? Another happy coincidence?

Why was the military’s involvement in the early pandemic response kept secret? Whose decision was that?

When, exactly, did DoD make the determination that Covid was a National Security Threat? Who made that assessment? Who knew about it?

WHY was Covid assessed as a National Security Threat? Was it because Covid was assessed to be a bioweapon?

Most importantly, WHY didn’t the U.S. military TELL the American people that Covid was a National Security Threat? Why was that hidden? Who made that decision?

I am not okay with being kept in the dark. How about you?

If anyone on the House Oversight Committee is reading this, you should immediately subpoena for testimony “Colonel” Matt Hepburn, his superior officer, AstraZeneca’s Mark Esser, and Astra’s CEO. Let’s get to the bottom of this! Maybe there are perfectly reasonable answers to all those questions, probably there are, but the people who paid for every bit of it are owed a complete and transparent explanation.

The DoD was planning to release Pfauci's virus for more than a year and hid that from Trump, because the goals were to fuck up Trump's excellent economy, provide an excuse for mail-in ballot fraud so that Bidet could start some nice wars. And that's exactly what happened.
109   Patrick   2024 Feb 9, 12:47pm  


March 9th 2020 to March 11th 2020, what happened to POTUS Trump? Was he threatened? He knew, his gut, all his instincts were that COVID was 'nothing' yet what happened in 2 days?

The 6 days that changed the world and the 2 specific days, what happened in 48 hours? What did he see? Who told him what? He knew it was a fraud, yet what happened?

How did POTUS Trump go from this on March 9th 2020 where he knew and was saying this is really less than the flu and we could handle this, just relax:

to this where he would use the full federal government to lock us down, what happened in 2 days, let alone 6 days?:

Super-interesting. Very much like what happened with Zuckerberg, who flipped from telling his employees "Woah, this is weird gene-modifying stuff, don't take it" one day to "Everyone must take this" a few days later.
110   Patrick   2024 Feb 12, 3:50pm  


POTUS Trump, I support you, fully, I WILL give you another chance, I think you are the best chance we have, but you are wrong. Please stop saying the lockdowns worked and the vaccine worked for they did not. Never did, nothing worked. Had we done nothing, far fewer would have died. It is the response under OWS and lockdown lunacy that killed most, the medical management killed our people. The isolation of elderly in the hospitals, the sedation, the dehydration, the propofol, the midazolam, the lorazepam, the fentanyl, the morphine, the deadly Remdesivir that should have never gotten EUA, the ventilator. All conspired to kill our peoples.

Stop saying the lockdowns and vaccine worked, for most level headed, even basically educated people know it never did. You do not need big degrees to know this. The critical thinking public knows this. The population knows this. Stop.
111   Patrick   2024 Feb 15, 2:30pm  


Trump Sold Out America by Promoting Covid Shots: Analyst
February 15, 2024

“In either case, Trump should not be president,” opines Fitts, “just as toxic injection mandater Joe Biden shouldn’t, either.”

Catherine Austin Fitts: You can say Trump was on board for a depopulation [with Covid jabs] or Trump got rolled. Either one is not a very good case to be made that he ought to be president.

Greg Hunter: I just can’t believe that he would say, sure, let’s kill millions of people.

Catherine Austin Fitts: But go back. Then you’re saying he’s incompetent, because if I knew what I knew [about vaccines] — don’t tell me I knew more than Trump. I just don’t buy that.

112   The_Deplorable   2024 Feb 15, 3:10pm  

From the link: “Catherine Austin Fitts: You can say Trump was on board for a depopulation [with Covid jabs] or Trump got rolled.” [1]

Nonsense: Trump was not in office when the vaccine arrived with all the thousands injuries and deaths. The injuries and deaths happened during the Biden presidency and continue to this day. So, why blame Trump? To his credit, President Trump announced in May 2020 that he was taking Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) as a prophylactic against Covid. And HCQ proved to be a therapeutic and a prophylactic medication against Covid - HCQ wipes out Covid from the human body within hours.

[1] https://expose-news.com/2024/02/15/catherine-austin-fitts-trump-put-10-billion-dollars-into-a-programme-to-depopulate-the-us/
113   richwicks   2024 Feb 15, 3:27pm  

The_Deplorable says

My take is that it is downright impossible for the public to forget some 300,000 deaths and over 1,000,000 debilitating injuries.


There are 800,000 Iraqis dead over a weapons of mass destruction program that didn't exist. How many Americans know that?

Most "people" around you are NOT people. They are cattle.


See? Look at the "far left". Their mortal enemy is now a respected politician, even though he's a mass murderer. They aren't people.

They have no principles, they have no long term memory, they will entirely ignore that the vaccines killed people, even if their children and spouses and parents, and so on, died as a result and they won't have a problem with it. In fact, they'll get hostile if you point out the vaccines were dangerous and they were tricked and it killed their loves ones and so on.

Fuck 'em. I'm fed up with these things. They have no morality, no sense, no principles, no thinking, nothing. They really are cattle.
114   The_Deplorable   2024 Feb 15, 6:54pm  

richwicks says
"There are 800,000 Iraqis dead over a weapons of mass destruction program that didn't exist. How many Americans know that? Most "people" around you are NOT people. They are cattle."

No Rick, We The People remember that useless war in Iraq and the fact that 5,000 Americans were killed... And who can forget Cindy Sheehan, the grieving mother who lost her son in that useless war?

"Cindy Sheehan's soldier son Casey was killed near Baghdad. Now her one-woman protest at the gates of the US president's Texas ranch has become a metaphor for a nation's increasing unease about involvement in an unwinnable conflict... Never has the Iraq war been so unpopular. Most Americans now think the US-led invasion of 2003 was a mistake, and by a margin of almost two to one disapprove of Mr Bush's handling of it. Like Ms Sheehan, they want some or all of the 138,000 US troops in Iraq brought home, and soon....

The loss of 14 Marines in the roadside bombing near Haditha on 3 August... brought home as never before the relentlessly rising cost of a conflict in which almost 1,850 US soldiers have now died. Three days after Haditha, Cindy Sheehan set up camp at a junction in the road three miles south of the President's ranch - as near as the Secret Service would permit... By Sunday evening more than 100 people were camped there, including some who had driven 1,000 miles or more... For several hours during the day, their numbers were swollen by hundreds of anti-war protesters." https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/the-grieving-mother-who-took-on-george-bush-306158.html
115   richwicks   2024 Feb 15, 7:05pm  

The_Deplorable says

No Rick, We The People remember that useless war in Iraq and the fact that 5,000 Americans were killed... And who can forget Cindy Sheehan, the grieving mother who lost her son in that useless war?

I said, most people aren't people. There are some, but desperately fewer than I believed. I've been living in denial about this fact for most of my life.

I really don't care about US soldiers now, they are part of the problem. If any significant number of them gave a shit about their oath to uphold the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, they would have stormed Langley Virginia, Washington DC, WallStreet NY, and Silicon Valley, over a decade ago. They are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy, or they used to be that, now they are just pawns to make offense contractors money.
116   HeadSet   2024 Feb 15, 8:09pm  

Patrick says

Trump Sold Out America by Promoting Covid Shots: Analyst

As I said long ago, the best way to tell that the curtain is being pulled on the Covid hoax is when the media states blaming Trump. This will morph into those lefty vaxx fascists saying they were victims themselves who were duped by Trump.
117   HeadSet   2024 Feb 15, 8:20pm  

richwicks says

If any significant number of them gave a shit about their oath to uphold the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, they would have stormed Langley Virginia, Washington DC, WallStreet NY, and Silicon Valley, over a decade ago.

Why haven't you done this? Are you unwilling to take action, but expect others to risk all while you stay safe? In ANY country, the military better be on a short lease or those people with the weapons will establish rule. If the military could use the "domestic enemies" excuse to go after politicians, then local governments would be subject to the whims of local battalion commanders. "General Powers thinks that all women have a Constitutional right to an abortion at any time, so any politician who violates the Constitution by voting for abortion restrictions will be seized and thrown into the brig."
118   richwicks   2024 Feb 15, 9:34pm  

HeadSet says

Why haven't you done this? Are you unwilling to take action, but expect others to risk all while you stay safe?

I will just be the lone nutcase that gets shot and killed, and the media would then say I was a Trump white supremacist NeoNazi.

I work on more subtle ways of subterfuge. My project now is to entirely eliminate the need for central servers for EVERYTHING and since I'm working on it, I'm not going to talk much about it. Your phone is capable to replacing facebook, twitter, and youtube, NO PROBLEM.

All the pieces are there, but nobody has put it together.

Censor that motherfuckers.

But you know what I will never, fucking do? Work for the goddamned government.
119   Patrick   2024 Feb 16, 8:36am  

richwicks says

My project now is to entirely eliminate the need for central servers for EVERYTHING

I'm all for this.

The biggest impediment is that browsers refuse to accept incoming connections. Well, there are a few obscure ways, like WebRTC.
120   Patrick   2024 Feb 25, 11:52am  

Some quotes of Trump pushing the death jab:

But I recommend taking the vaccines. I did it, it’s good. Take the vaccines.” — Donald J Trump, August

21st, 2021

"I hope everyone remembers when they're getting the COVID-19 Vaccine, that if I wasn’t President, you wouldn’t be getting that beautiful 'shot' for 5 years, at best, and probably wouldn't be going etting it at all. I hope everyone remembers!" — Donald J Trump, February 28th 2021

"I would recommend it and I would recommend it to a lot of people that don't want to get it and a lot of those people voted for me, frankly." —Donald J Trump, March 16th 2021

"We have our freedoms and we have to live by that, and I agree with that also. But it is a great vaccine. It is a safe vaccine, and it is something that works." — Donald J Trump, March 17th 2021

"Get those shots everyone!" — Donald J Trump, December 17th 2020

“I guess in a certain way, I’m the father of the vaccine because I was the one that pushed it. To get it done in less than nine months was a miracle.” —Donald J Trump, April 29th 2021

"Everybody, go get your shot." — Donald J Trump, February 28th 2021

"It works incredibly well. 95%, maybe even more than that...and it is really saving our country and it is saving frankly the world." — Donald J Trump, March 9th 2021

"It will save millions of lives, and soon end the pandemic once and for all. These vaccines are also very safe." — Donald J Trump, December 11th 2020

"The Vaccine and the Vaccine rollout are getting the best of reviews. Moving along really well. Get those shots everyone!" — Donald J Trump, December 17th 2020

"Well, I got the Pfizer, and I would have been very happy with any of them. I thought a very bad statement was when they did a pause on Johnson & Johnson. I think that frightened That was a bad thing to do. At that time, when they did the pause, they had six people that may have had some difficulty out of millions that received it. But I think the pause was a very bad thing to do." — Donald J Trump, October 2nd 2021

"During my administration, everybody wanted the vaccine. There was nobody saying oh, gee, I don't want to take it. Now they say that. And that's because they don't trust the Biden administration. I can think of no other reason. But they say we don't want it, we aren't going to take it. When I was there,everybody wanted it and we were doing great. Well, the military did a fantastic job." — Donald J Trump, October 7th 2021

"I'm very proud of the vaccine, I've taken it, and you’ve probably taken it. But I'm very proud of it. I think we could have another situation with the Spanish Flu, 1917, where up to 100 million people were killed." — Donald J Trump, August 18th 2021
121   AmericanKulak   2024 Feb 25, 12:14pm  

HeadSet says

As I said long ago, the best way to tell that the curtain is being pulled on the Covid hoax is when the media states blaming Trump. This will morph into those lefty vaxx fascists saying they were victims themselves who were duped by Trump.


Vaccine skepticism doesn't help Trump, the media would just blame him for Long COVID Vaccine effects, conveniently forgetting they were bashing Trump for not locking down the country, lauding police arresting people jogging alone at 5AM on the beach, and fluffing all the Dem Governors and Fauci. They'll also "forget" their 100% backing for Biden's vaccine requirement for all employers via OSHA and the "Winter of Death" comments he made.
122   Patrick   2024 Apr 3, 9:56am  


"The National Institutes of Health has slapped BioNTech with a notice of default over alleged royalty payments the biotech owes the agency related to sales of its Pfizer-partnered COVID-19 vaccine Comirnaty, according to the company’s SEC filing."

What’s new about this sordid story is it was the last bit of confirmation of the original root source of the mRNA tech: every bit of it was excreted by that massive government health agency, the wellspring of mRNA, the National Institutes of Health. The article showed, as we’d long presumed, that neither Pfizer nor BioNTech were smart enough to whip up a brand-new vaccine technology and turn it into a covid vaccine in just a few weeks.

It was always a government project.

In February of last year, the first signs of trouble proved that, like Pfizer, Moderna wasn’t smart enough to make mRNA either. The New York Times ran a story back on February 23rd, 2023, headlined “After Long Delay, Moderna Pays N.I.H. for Covid Vaccine Technique. The article explained a patent dispute had arisen between government NIH scientists and Moderna, since the NIH scientists insisted they were the original source of the mRNA technique...

So let’s play follow the money. Recall that, under a weird loophole, NIH scientists may earn money from patents obtained from their government work, and need not turn that money over, or even disclose any royalties they earn. It’s likely that both Fauci and Collins, for example, have made millions from the covid jabs—but they are not required to tell whether they have, or how much they’ve earned (and they have both repeatedly declined to say).

Here’s my primitive attempt to describe the complex, interlocking parts of this wonderful public-private partnership and what may have happened:

Just saying. Here’s another good question. Since it has now become clear that the covid mRNA tech originally came from the NIH: why didn’t the NIH brag about inventing it from day one? Why are we only finding out now, after they started fighting over the money?

Why was the NIH origin of the mRNA technology long kept a secret?

It was the new genetic gold rush! Not just NIH scientists, not just big pharma, but even the jabby doctors were getting paid. Here, for example, is Blue Cross/Blue Shield’s vaccine provider incentive schedule:

123   richwicks   2024 Apr 3, 6:36pm  

Patrick says

The biggest impediment is that browsers refuse to accept incoming connections. Well, there are a few obscure ways, like WebRTC.

Browsers have to be supported initially, but they should be done away with.

There's a technology called WebAssembly - it allows you to write code in multiple languages that compiles to a byte code that can be executed on any architecture within a sandbox.


You can see a few examples there. Using web assembly slows it down, but you can see what it's capable of doing. Web Browsers are more complex than operating systems, meaning that there's absolutely no way to handle security holes. Web Assembly wouldn't need security, but the sandbox would.

I think we need to redo the web. Most of what was done was done in the rush in the late 1990s, so look at the mess we ended up with. Even with XML-HTTP, it doesn't follow the rules of XML.
125   Patrick   2024 Apr 18, 11:38am  


Trump thought he was in charge, DOD thought otherwise...

Reviewing the DOD Press Conference from May 15, 2020. ...

Here’s an idea - why don’t some brave US Congresspeople subpoena Col Matt and Col Wendy Summonds-Jackson from the DOD to explain the Pee-3 racketeering strategy, and the manufacture of large quantities of “deadly covid virus” at Ft. Dietrick and at Sanofi/Protein Sciences at the time when NO “covid pathogen” was yet circulating on US soil?

Any takers for this idea?

Can we ask Col Matt and Col Wendy how they cooked the virus at Ft. Dietrick and what happened with those “stocks” afterwards?

Ron Johnson?

Rand Paul?

Thomas Massie?



I guess not… Let’s get back to the press conference.

Trump thought he was the Commander in Chief. LMAO, says the DOD. Not in these words, but the message is pretty clear…

The press conference revealed Trump's brief and ultimately failed attempt to yank the DOD’s leash that he naively thought he had. The brave fake Pee-3 warriors were charging ahead with their fake battle with the fake virus for very real profits and power and did not feel the need to involve POTUS in minor things like authorize $ billions for this activity. It appears that on March 25th, without getting the go-ahead from President Trump, Jennifer Santos, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Industrial Policy, proceeded to utilize the Defense Production Act in relation to directing United States private industry, including defense contractors (Title I) and commercial domestic industrial base (Title III). This move likely pissed off the Boss, as, at least according to the theory of the US government, only POTUS can invoke the Defense Production Act. ...

The Pentagon simply charged ahead in the fake battle by showering real money on their bioweapons manufacturing consortium, screw the formal command structure, who needs it. Trump retaliated the only way he could, by firing Santos, who was promptly moved to another cushy spot in the Navy by her direct superiors. So the firing event, while filled with drama, was quite impotent indeed. ...

Ultimately, this pissing match made zero difference. Santos was moved to another post but HER UNAUTHORIZED DECISION stood. The Defense Production Act was used in violation of the chain of authority to distribute billions of dollars in no-bid contracts (including to fake-adversary nation of China) by the DOD’s clear insubordination to the POTUS authority. All Trump could do is only lash out at Jennifer Santos personally. ...

At this point, during Trump Administration, the mainstream media is highly suspicious of the ability to develop safe and effective vaccines by end of the year, only 28 weeks away. Imagine that! They knew how to do journalism back in the good old 2020! Specifically, the question is asked:

‘And I wanted to ask you also about what the secretary said at the White House, and I'm quoting him. He said we will deliver by the end of this year a vaccine at scale to treat the American people and our partners abroad. He's very definitive that it will be by the end of this year, which is 28 weeks from now. What makes Secretary Esper, what evidence does he have? What does he know that makes him able to be himself absolutely definitive that there will be a safe and effective vaccine 28 weeks from now?’

Amusingly, there is a long back and forth, challenging the government's ability to predict the unpredictable in precisely 28 weeks.
127   stereotomy   2024 Jun 7, 7:21am  

"Kenny just died suddenly."

128   Patrick   2024 Jun 19, 2:10pm  


Reuters reports that the Pentagon was running anti-vax campaigns abroad at the same time they were pushing vaccines here

With all the vaccine mandates the government was pushing out in 2021, you would have thought they really saw Covid-19 as a threat.

The Pentagon seemed especially concerned, discharging any soldier who did not get the shot. Those military guys really wanted to save people from the Rona.

Unless those people lived in the Philippines.
A new investigation by Reuters shows that at the same time our government was so worried about the spread of Covid-19 around the world, the Pentagon was actively engaging in an anti-vax campaign in the Philippines.

The operation involved hundreds of social media accounts that were set up to discourage Filipinos from getting China's Sinovac vaccine. They were all posting something similar to this:

"Is it true? COVID came from China and the VACCINE also came from China, don't trust China!" ...

But the issue in the Philippines had nothing to do with Covid-19 or the vaccines. It was all about the South China Sea.

When Covid broke out, the Filipino president offered to end the islands' opposition to China's claim on the South China Sea in exchange for access to the Sinovac vaccine, which China granted.

The deal upended a U.S./Philippines security agreement, and so, we launched a psy-op against the Chinese vaccine.
130   Patrick   2024 Jun 21, 7:59pm  


Speaking of which, this would be the best opportunity for Mr. Trump to come clean, if he can, about his role in the mRNA vaccine roll-out that has now morphed into what looks like the biggest disaster in modern medicine. It appears obvious that, as president, Mr. Trump was buffaloed by “the experts” in a culture that worships expertise. How exactly would he have opposed the White House Coronavirus Task Force headed by Dr. Anthony Fauci? And backed by the combined forces of the CDC, the FDA, the NIAID, the NIH, and every medical board from sea to shining sea? Should he have just said, Nah, we’re not gonna do that? I don’t think so. But there won’t be a better moment, or a bigger audience, to explain how all that actually worked, and went wrong.
131   The_Deplorable   2024 Jun 22, 7:40pm  

Patrick says

"https://jameshowardkunstler.substack.com/p/a-door-closes-a-window-opens "
Speaking of which, this would be the best opportunity for Mr. Trump to come clean, if he can,
about his role in the mRNA vaccine roll-out that has now morphed into what looks like the biggest
disaster in modern medicine.

This ignores the fact that the vaccine was released after Trump left office, meaning, he didn't know
the vaccine was a poison. The latest from Trunp is this:

Donald Trump: "When I am back in the White House, I will use every available authority to cut
federal funding to any school, college, airline, or public transportation system that imposes a mask mandate
or a vaccine mandate,"
132   Patrick   2024 Jul 3, 10:29am  



"If Big Pharma defrauds American patients & taxpayers or puts profits above people, they must be held accountable."

OK, good, but what about the dangerous and worse-than-ineffective mandated violation of the bloodstreams of billions of people?

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