In Like Fukushima?: "Claim: 8.1 Earthquake Caused by "HAARP" Hits Turkey"

2023 Feb 6, 11:24pm   93 views  0 comments

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Russia has already said that it no longer feels bound by bans on geoterrorism or weather terrorism because the West has been using it. Our buddy Benjamin Fulford says the Turkey quake is the CIA reminding an aberrant Turkey 'Who's still the boss'. Still think those DEW attacks on Santa Rosa and Paradise were the stuff of conspiracy theories? There is no weapon they have devised that they are not eager to use and demonstrate in some manner. Fukushima and the earth quake/tidal wave were man made and the exploding reactors were sabotage to extort Japan for economic concessions. Russia's recent super submarine with its nuclear device isn't for bombing cities, it is for causing tsunamis as high as 150 feet to ride up and cleanse the enemies' coastal areas Noah like.

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