This is the Trump I miss

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2023 Mar 5, 11:05pm   253 views  4 comments

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1   Ceffer   2023 Mar 5, 11:12pm  

Trump cracks me up. He is getting quite aggressive. I assume his military advisors have told him the Overton window has expanded enough for him to start naming names and going for the jugular.

I'm so glad they have been educating us with all this torture. Probably not as bad as Abu Ghraib, though. Remember, some people pay prostitutes for this kind of treatment.
2   Tenpoundbass   2023 Mar 6, 6:25am  

What gets me is the people who say far worse horrible stuff about Trump, and blindly believe every horrible made up story by the media about Trump. Will clutch their Pearls over his comments. In retrospect, I am kicking myself for not responding to all of those losers with a throat punch when Trump was President. Had everyone done that, we might have avoided the Pandemic. The NPCs would have been too terrified to tell us to put our mask on, had throat punches been in the realm of possibilities for them doing the Globalist Satanic Cult's dirty work and bidding for them.
3   clambo   2023 Mar 6, 6:27am  

I agree 100%; that husband guy looks like his mother was abducted by aliens 9 months before he was born.
Funny looking guys often become creeps; they have a chip on their shoulder all their life.
Trump unchained is really funny; I don't care if he pisses off everyone, keep up the good work Donald.
4   Patrick   2023 Mar 9, 9:36am  

Still, Trump has completely failed to tell the Truth about the toxxine. Here's someone yet more annoyed at Trump than I am:



For my life, I cannot wrap my head around Dr Alexanders’s average of 7 rants daily lambasting the vaccines while still clinging to Trump. To this day, Trump continues blasting g of his poison darts and his “ perfect handling of the Covid Plandemic. Lauding his Messianic personal miracle, saving “ millions and millions of lives” with his holy water syringes, Ventilators, Remdiscive, cessation of travel and the initial lockdowns.

Has Trump acknowledged Drs Alexander, Atlas, Zelenko, Battacharaya, Makary, Gold( who went to prison), McCullough, Risch, Hatfill, Wolf, Kuldorff, Yeardon, Drew,Levitt, Ionides, Malone,Cole,RFK Jr??? No, but he has unleashed an unending attack on Dr. Joseph Ladapo.

Trump should load himself into one of his flying cars and get lost in spaceOh yeah! That’s what he suggested the” overrated loser Elon Musk should do. With his big deal dummy rockets to nowhere. Yet Elon Musk DiD purchase Twitter and saved Trump’s fat ass. Trump has shown his appreciation by continuing his despicable attacks

Just as he hasn’t acknowledged Tulsi, Taibbi, Shellenberger, Brand, Dore, Iversen, Brand, Steyn, Jim Hoft, Naomi Wolf, Leo Terrell, Tammy Bruce, Lara Logan, Epoch Times, Ian Cheong, Turley or anyone who’s gone to bat for him. The unlikely heroes.Instead, he forged on with the same hackneyed losers with the really rad addition of Bill O’Reilly. Yes Haw! Bragging about his golf acumen, the brilliant “Huuuge announcement” tahat turned out to be crypto cards with his image in various superhero outfits.And calling Stormy Daniels “ Horseface”

Meanwhile, Musk, Gabbard, DeSantis, Ramaswamy are taking a bullhorn and hammer to the WEF, ESG , Gatesand the great Reset

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