The Info War Will Heat Up Over the Next Year

2023 Mar 18, 12:05am   73 views  1 comment

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3,5,7, sometimes 10 year old accounts.

Usually less than 200 followers

Original Tweets are Generic crap about sports, music, food.

Replies are Rabid defenses of the Current Thing, be it COVID, Ukraine, Trump Lost Fair and Square, etc.

Only R/Ts of accounts from Woke Celebrities, JoJoFromJerz (Lebanese Commie), Brooklyn Dad (Armenian Commie), and other DNC owned Influencers. Yes, those two literally get money from Dem Front Groups to post.

They appear like magic in threads with no rhyme or reason how they found their way there. Sometimes in 10 minutes, a thread where a post in only getting a half-dozen views between 3 guys agreeing, and then suddenly FIRSTNAME-BUNCHANUMBERS (eg. Linda892341) comes is repeating the Current Thing Talking Point.

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1   RWSGFY   2023 Mar 18, 8:36am  

It's been how many months since takeover but the promise of cleaning out twitter bots is still not fulfilled? Do these bots manage to defeat captcha?

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