The Kerala story - Movie about grooming gangs

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2023 May 12, 2:00pm   170 views  5 comments

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I would like to suggest this movie to everyone on patnet.

We know how islamic men affect us. This movie shows how islamic women will affect our families. Its in Indian language with subtitles. Please take your families to watch this movie. It has some r@pe scenes so not suitable for younger kids. Suggest it to your friends too if possible.

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1   indc   2023 May 18, 2:08pm  


AMC joins @CAIRNational in condemning the screening of The Kerala Story, an anti-Muslim Indian propaganda film in American theatres.

Even UK took 5 days before giving them certificate to be released. Usually they give the certificate in 1 day. Just shows who cannot be criticized in UK.
2   gabbar   2023 May 18, 2:44pm  

"Islam is the greatest force for evil in the world today" - Richard Dawkins.

3   RC2006   2023 May 18, 3:28pm  

gabbar says

"Islam is the greatest force for evil in the world today" - Richard Dawkins.

Give it time in the west we circumcise, trans. and sterilize kids before puberty causing permanent mental and physical damage. In a decade or so Islam might not seem that bad.
4   indc   2023 May 24, 11:56am  


Nigel Farage interviewing a guy who went to a movie theater and threatened the people watching the movie.

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