Risky Stock Thread

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2023 May 17, 5:45pm   469 views  3 comments

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10K = https://dd7pmep5szm19.cloudfront.net/2730/0001213900-23-039758.htm
BOD = https://investors.rumble.com/corporate-governance/management/

Good CEO & CTO. $326M in cash burn rate of $13M a quarter. Growing like YouTube?

I'll probably buy some stock in them soon.

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1   richwicks   2023 May 18, 5:17pm  

I've considered investing in them.

I'm watching Rumble now:

original link

There's no serious news on YouTube anymore. YouTube has hitched their wagon to corporate news media, which is just propaganda. If you want actual correct information, you're not going to find it in BigTech anymore.
2   Patrick   2023 May 18, 11:35pm  

I've thought about RUM myself.

Hard to figure out what a fair price for it is though.
3   1337irr   2023 Jun 16, 11:39am  

Maybe we should buy puts on BUD in August?

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