Escalation? Russian Nationals in Ukraine Army cross into Russia proper

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2023 May 22, 9:00am   239 views  3 comments

by AmericanKulak   ➕follow (7)   💰tip   ignore  

Propaganda accounts are posting:
"Russian helicopter drops flares over Rakitne in the Belgorod region of Russia.

Heavy fighting is ongoing after The Free Russia Legion, made up of Russians fighting on the side of the Ukrainian Army, crossed the border into Russia this morning.

Russians fighting Russians"

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1   Eric Holder   2023 May 24, 6:23pm  

"Not that there is anything wrong with that"

PS. And we haven't even recovered from the horrible consequences of that drone attack on Kremlin... Boy, that retaliation was a doozy.
3   Ceffer   2023 May 25, 9:26am  

It was Ukrainians dressed as Russian soldiers. I think most of them got snuffed.

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