Uber DIE boss out after Minorities angered at event saying their favorite Slur Name is called bad

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2023 May 22, 9:41am   234 views  4 comments

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Uber's head of diversity has been put on a leave of absence, the company confirmed.
The news came after employees brought up concerns about a DEI event on "Karens," per the NYT.
The term has been used to call out white women who act racist in public.


Of course, Karen is just used as a slur term for White Woman, it's just the new Becky, or Peckerwood.

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1   Ceffer   2023 May 22, 9:49am  

Like AF used to say 'Fuckface' is the universal pronoun.
2   Tenpoundbass   2023 May 22, 7:22pm  

Surprisingly the Chink lady said that calling White women Karen is racist. That's why they busted her ass.
I would bet anything the Blue Haired white lezbos in HR and in Management positions, Were starting to be called Karen. Because while the White Liberals like to think it's only a word they would call sophisticated White Republican Women calling for decorum and order, Karen. They don't realize, that to black people they all White bitches. Any Bitch telling them what they got to do or ought to do is a damn Karen especially if they White. But they will call a black conservative woman calling for order a Karen as well. .
3   Ceffer   2023 May 22, 7:33pm  

Every workplace needs a 'Karen Wall' where their pictures are posted. That would be tit for tat for the KommieFucks.
4   Tenpoundbass   2023 May 24, 5:05am  

Ceffer says

Every workplace needs a 'Karen Wall' where their pictures are posted.

When the Karen meme started by the left,(their only successful meme campaign by the way) it was over a White woman that was throwing a mob of Black kids out of a condo pool. They were not any guest of the condo and they were being loud and unruly. The internet called her Karen, then more videos started popping up. Of middle aged White Women confronting interlopers, peace breakers, and trespassers.
But as Memes grow a life of their own, it spun around and bit the Liberal white women in the Ass. Now Karen means any Bitch bitching about something and most often are the ones being way out of line. Now more often than not, most Karen episodes will be a post menopaused middle aged whack Job Liberal woman losing her shit. Like some liberal old broad losing her shit over someone's Trump or USA hat on a plane. So now the Left wants to scuttle the Karen meme all together.

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