The US government is illegitimate because it does not enforce the law impartially

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US law enforcement is horribly corrupt, prosecuting some crimes and ignoring others, depending solely on the power and political affiliation of the suspects.

The most flagrant example is Hunter Biden's being allowed to get away with smoking crack, owning a gun while being an illegal drug user, pedophilia, incest, and selling US influence to China, Ukraine, and Romania via Pedo Joe.

But the list is endless. Hundreds were prosecuted and imprisoned for being given tours of the Capitol on Jan 6th in an entrapment operation orchestrated by the profoundly corrupt FBI. At least the Buffalo Man was finally released when the footed indisputably showed that he was escorted by Capitol Police the whole time. All the others should be immediately released and given the US Medal of Honor for standing up to the election fraud of 2020, as well as several million dollars each, to be taken from the corrupt FBI budget. And all of the Jan 6th footage must be released.

Hillary Clinton used the corrupt FBI to fabricate a story that Trump colluded with Russia, as documented in the Durham report. Everyone involved in this slander and fraud should be prosecuted, but none of them have been.

Pfauci funded the creation of Wuhan Virus in Wuhan at the Wuhan Institute of Virology with US taxpayer money, yet is not even being investigated for this open violation of US law and international law. Why not?

BLM was allowed to Burn, Loot, and Murder in cities all across the US in 2020, but has not received even a tiny fraction of the prosecutions meted out to the protesters of Jan 6th. Why not?

The US military must now honor their oath to defend the Constitution against America's domestic enemies at the FBI and other agencies by taking over and forcing prosecution for these crimes. Then they must return control to civilians.

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260   AD   2023 Nov 27, 11:11pm  



see above link..some of this is true and will resonate with you all such as about the Democrat party being a party of the elite and about cultural wars

i was surprised the atlantic published this
261   HeadSet   2023 Nov 28, 7:00am  

ad says

i was surprised the atlantic published this

Why? The article blames racism for the economic downfall, as in Whites would rather trash their standard of living than share with Blacks. It also promoted the lie that Dems were behind the civil rights act. The article clains that current economic decline is not Biden's fault, Biden is just trying to fix what the Repubs broke. Pull leftism BS all the way.
265   Patrick   2023 Dec 1, 12:58pm  


Obama Judge Denies Trump’s Motion to Subpoena ‘Missing’ Records from Democrats’ Jan 6 Committee

Obama-appointed Washington D.C. District Judge Tanya Chutkan has blocked President Donald Trump’s efforts to obtain “missing” records from the Democrats’ Jan. 6 House Select Committee.

In October, Trump’s attorneys filed a motion in his federal 2020 election case.

The motion sought the court’s permission to issue subpoenas for alleged “missing” materials and records obtained or produced by the now-disbanded Jan. 6 Committee.

However, Judge Chutkan just denied that request.
267   HeadSet   2023 Dec 8, 7:35am  

Misc says

I really didn't think felony charges were gonna be pressed against Hunter.

This effectively bocks Hunter from the Congressional investigation. The investigations will now be performed by the same people who delayed investigation into Hunter's previous tax investigations until the Statute of Limitations made them moot, along with schemes to ignore gun felony charges. Also, no charges were filed in how Hunter got that money he did not pay taxes on since that would implicate Joe. These new felony charges are a defensive move that will protect Hunter from any serious punishment.
268   Patrick   2023 Dec 8, 11:10am  


CNN reported late yesterday that, “Hunter Biden faces nine criminal charges in federal tax case | CNN Politics.”

The charges span nine tax-related counts, including failure to file and pay taxes; evasion of assessment; and false or fraudulent tax return. By 2018, someone paid his taxes, but used extensive “false business deductions in order to evade assessment of taxes to reduce the substantial tax liabilities he faced.”

There’s nothing in the indictment about Hunter’s obvious violations of the Foreign Agent Registration Act, which was deployed against General Mike Flynn over one phone call.

The tax indictment explained that “between 2016 and October 15, 2020, the Defendant spent this money on drugs, escorts and girlfriends, luxury hotels and rental properties, exotic cars, clothing, and other items of a personal nature, in short, everything but his taxes.” That’s all pretty well-known. Maybe a few democrats don’t know yet.

But what was unstated in all these stories was that Hunter Biden, an high-priced, international expert on law, energy, and finance, never fully paid his income taxes on all that ill-begotten money. I know that probably shocks you.

Here is the closest that CNN got to mentioning, ahem, the ‘broader’ issues:

The new tax case stems from Hunter Biden’s lucrative overseas business dealings – including his involvement with Ukrainian energy company Burisma and a Chinese private equity fund – which are at the center of House Republicans’ impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden.
Hunter Biden made millions of dollars from private equity deals, corporate consulting and legal fees in Ukraine, China, Romania and other countries. (Hunter) was warned about his looming tax bills by accountants and associates – but still missed the IRS deadlines.

CNN said Hunter could faces seventeen years in prison if he’s found guilty on all nine counts. I’ll believe that when I see it. My bet is: zero days of jail.

America's "justice" system does not apply to the criminals in charge or their families.
269   Patrick   2023 Dec 8, 11:28am  


The blob ran a clever third down lawfare play deep in its own territory Thursday night, a sort of double-reverse statue of liberty counter-switcheroo in its game-plan to “save our democracy,” as it calls its agenda of suppressions, persecutions, swindles, bad trips, and mind-fucks laid on the sore-beset people of this land. Blob special prosecutor David C. Weiss finally managed to indict Hunter Biden on tax evasion charges so flagrant and obvious that all the ham sandwiches convicted for the Jan 6 “insurrection” watched in awe from their prison cells.

You understand, this was months after Mr. Weiss concocted a cream puff plea deal for the president’s beloved son that blew up embarrassingly in the Delaware federal court when Judge Maryellen Noreika discerned a lifetime get-out-of-jail-free clause buried deep in the document, at about the same time that two IRS whistleblowers revealed the malfeasant incompetence of Mr. Weiss’s initial five-year-long dawdling investigation that, oops, let the statute of limitations run out on many of the pending charges.

That fiasco was followed by Mr. Weiss and AG Merrick Garland contradicting each other in House testimony about who had investigative authority where in the federal court matrix. And finally, the tax evasion matters landed in the Biden-friendly Los Angeles federal district, where Hunter officially lives (when not hiding out in the Lincoln bedroom), emerging from a grand jury Thursday night as a bill for three felonies and six misdemeanors.

The indictment, a public document, contains some interesting particulars, such as Hunter attempting to write off as business expenses $683,212 in fees for the unspecified services of “various women” (much as the services rendered by Hunter’s Owasco PC shell company were never specified in million-dollar legal retainer agreements made with Chinese “clients”). The curious can consult the website https://bidenreport.com,/ a.k.a. “Marco Polo” for a photographic record of Hunter B’s sex trafficking capers, such as:

Of course, buried in this hairball of sleaze is another cute dodge that will permit Hunter to take a pass on his subpoenaed closed-door deposition scheduled for December 13th with Rep. James Comer’s House Oversight Committee on the grounds that he is under indictment and would only repeat his 5th Amendment rights ad infinitum. Smooth move, DOJ. While it confers a short-term field advantage to the DC blob, few will misunderstand that behind all of this procedural stagecraft is the somewhat greater matter of Hunter’s dad, President “Joe Biden,” being a paid agent of the Chinese Communist Party (and several other entities not favorably disposed to the USA’s national interests). That is: hanging over all this is the question of treason, attending the question of bribery, both being gold-standard impeachable offenses, and one them a capital crime.

That is the place to which all this rigmarole is tending, and so the pretense that “Joe Biden” is actually running for reelection grows more preposterous by the day. But it is just one of a thousand other things that the DC blob — i.e., our government — lies about incessantly to the peril of the people suffering its governance. What’s actually happening is that “Joe Biden,” our Flying Dutchman president, is barely clinging to office long enough to pardon his son and accomplices in the influence-peddling racket he ran at the center of which was “Joe Biden’s” strangely fortuitous blobular selection as Democratic Party nominee and subsequent “victory” by blatant fraud in the 2020 election. Some people knew the fix was in.

The pathetic thing about the Biden family business is that for all that trouble and all those jet plane rides, and tedious dinners with men reeking of too much cologne, and all the cozying up to foreign poohbahs and kissing their hirsute asses, shlepping the family brand from one sad-sack national capital to the next: Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Romania, the Biden clan only grossed about $25-million, maximum, over many years — which is to say about equal to one year’s salary-and-bonus of a mid-level shlub at the commodities desk of a hedge fund. I mean, when you consider the billions accumulated by the likes of Larry Fink at BlackRock, or Bezos at Amazon, or the obscene fortunes of the wonder boys at Google and Facebook.

Side note: Senator John Kennedy, usually witty and agile, had a go at FBI Director Christopher Wray this week in a Judiciary Committee session. Mr. Kennedy asked Mr. Wray how come, in the fall of 2020, with the election on, and The New York Post’s scoop on the existence of a Hunter Biden laptop, and the subsequent psy-op by 51 former intel maestros saying the laptop story was Russian disinfo — Mr. Kennedy asked, “Why didn’t the FBI just come out and say, hey, the laptop’s real?” Mr. Wray gave a bullshit answer of course… “an ongoing investigation, blah, blah….”

I have a better question that Senator Kennedy might put to Christopher Wray about this matter. In fact, the FBI had the Hunter Biden laptop hard-drive in its possession as early as December 2019, just as the first Trump impeachment trial commenced. Had they bothered at that time to examine its contents, and if not, why not? And if they had looked around inside and seen the multitudinous emails concerning Hunter Biden’s business dealings with other countries, Ukraine especially, and in particular with Mykola Zlochevsky’s Burisma company, why did Mr. Wray not alert President Trump’s attorneys that he was in possession of possibly exculpatory evidence regarding the president’s supposedly nefarious phone call to newly elected Ukraine President Zelensky that kicked off the impeachment? Huh? Just wondering.
270   Patrick   2023 Dec 8, 11:30am  


IRS whistleblowers say investigation of Joe Biden as part of Hunter probe but weren't 'allowed' to

"In any normal investigation, if you see financial transactions between son and father, and email correspondence going back and forth, text messages, and WhatsApp messages, in every investigation we have ever worked on, we would follow those leads to the father."

On Tuesday, IRS whistleblowers testified in a closed session before the House Ways and Means Committee, revealing that they wanted to investigate Joe Biden as part of the investigation into Hunter Biden’s finances, but were prevented from doing so.
273   Patrick   2023 Dec 11, 12:16pm  


The Identities in the Biden Indictment

The feds unsurprisingly redacted Joey's brother & other would-be felons involved with the disgraced "First Son."

On Thursday, Hunter Biden was indicted in the Central District of California (the same district in which Hunter filed a frivolous lawsuit against our nonprofit in September). In that indictment, David Weiss & his limited hangout artists (Leo Wise & Derek Hines) obfuscated the true identities of many people & entities. Marco Polo detests such obfuscation; therefore, we have provided—for the first time anywhere in the world—a rundown of these people & identities. The only one with a question mark is “Person 5” because the description which the feds provided was extremely scant. In due time, we will I.D. the person & update this article. All of the others are listed below and in the following PDF: https://media.marcopolousa.org/pdf/bidenindictmentids.pdf

"multi-national law firm" = Boies Schiller Flexner, LLP

"Business Associate 1" = Rob Walker

"G.P." = Gabriel POPOVICIU

"Business Associate 2" = James GILLIAR

"the Chairman" = YE Jianming

"Business Associate 3" = Jimmy Biden

"Business Associate 4" = Eric Schwerin

"Global" = Eudora Global

"Trial Attorney" = Jeff Cooper

"Personal Friend" = P. Kevin Morris

"a publishing house" = Simon & Schuster, Inc.

"his wife[]" = Melissa COHEN

"the Chinese private equity fund" = BHR

"payroll service" = ADP

"D.C. Accountant" = Bill Morgan (RIP)

"Business Associate 5" = Devon Archer


"Person 1" - Lunden Roberts

"ex-wife" = Kathleen Buhle

"Personal Assistant 1" = Joan Peugh Mayer

"C.A. Accountants" = Edward White & Co., LLP

"Personal Assistant 2" = Katie Dodge

"Person 2" - Hallie Olivere Biden

"Person 3" - Liz Olivere Secundy

"Person 4" - Erin Straughter

"Person 5" = ?

"the Defendant’s attorney" - George Mesires

“P.H.” - HO Patrick

“his then-girlfriend” = Zoe Kestan (who was not exactly a girlfriend)

“an exotic dancer” = @Michelle-Miller-212

“a sex club” = Snctm

“an exotic dancer” = Alesandra Welborn

“the Defandant’s agent” = Laura Nolan

“an exotic dancer” = @Delia-Tolentino
276   GNL   2023 Dec 20, 1:24pm  

Patrick says

Yep, that's how ya know.
278   Patrick   2024 Jan 1, 5:54pm  


Former Gambino underboss Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano spoke out following the latest bombshell report in the Biden family influence peddling investigation.

Gravano appeared on "Jesse Watters Primetime" on Thursday after a bank investigator tasked with detecting money laundering flagged "unusual" and "erratic" activity in regard to several large-sum wire transfers to accounts belonging to Hunter Biden.

A Bank Secrecy Act manager for one institution said the payments therein didn't appear to match with "any services rendered" by Owasco P.C., an entity controlled by the current first son.

"That's bank lingo for ‘bribe’," host Jesse Watters claimed prior to introducing Gravano.

Watters added that the bank investigator finished his report by saying activity on the account appears "unusual and with no current business purpose and may require reevaluation of the bank's relationship with the customer," which the host said is "bank lingo for ‘the Chinese are bribing the [then]-vice president’s family and we should tell them to bank somewhere else'."

In response, Gravano – who served time for racketeering and became a government witness against boss John Gotti – called Watters' rendition of the reports "incredible."

"It's mind-blowing. I don't understand how the country is just sitting back listening to these things and no action is being taken," Gravano said, adding other people might receive "22 lifetime sentences for this kind of stuff."

Gravano said it is brave to speak openly and honestly about such topics, adding he is sure there are honest people working within the bureaucracy who may also want to speak out against alleged corruption but cannot.

"Without a doubt," he said. "I cooperated years ago. Everybody knows it – with the FBI, the federal government, some prosecutors, John Gleeson and different judges. And they were so honest. It was unbelievable. I was proud to be with them for a while. I'm still friends with a lot of them.

"And some of them tell me, 'Sammy, I spent my whole life in the FBI. I'm embarrassed to tell somebody I'm an FBI agent. And I said, Don't feel like that. Just get out. Speak. Talk against it. Do something'."

"I fight for a lot of things. The open borders, poor people pouring in there, invading our country by the million… and we do nothing at all,: Gravano added.

As a veteran, Gravano said, he feels bad forthose who served in the military and return to see the government allegedly operating in this way.

"Everything they gave for us, and we're sitting back and doing absolutely nothing. I don't care how much power they got on their side. We have the people. The people are the power. If we don't talk, if we don't say something, then we're part of it," he said.
280   HeadSet   2024 Jan 3, 5:48pm  

Booger says

He wasn't elected the last time.
284   Patrick   2024 Jan 8, 10:20am  


Despite the obvious bullshit on CNN about “no evidence,” there is actually a garbage barge of evidence steaming up the Potomac to prove that “Joe Biden” sold out his country. It simply needs to be laid out with brutal decorum in the proper setting.

The catch is that a House committee can report out a bill of impeachment — as we’ve seen before — but a trial in a Democrat-majority Senate would probably fail to bring a conviction. The additional catch is that even so, the whole country will have watched the sordid spectacle and seen enough proof of malfeasance to foul the waters for the Party of Chaos in the November election, no matter who heads the ticket.

It must also be obvious that the party is running out of lawfare tricks for shackling Mr. Trump. Jack Smith’s J-6 case is a dog’s breakfast of erroneous supposition, misprision, and persecutorial misconduct, soon to be wrecked by the Supreme Court; the Mar-a-Lago raid case is a patent fraud; the Fulton County, GA, RICO case is a Fani Willis masturbation fantasy, and the two New York raps under DA Alvin Bragg and AG Letitia James will be laughed out of appeals courts. Anyway, Mr. Trump seems to thrive on the noxious vapors thrown off by these rancid actions.
285   Patrick   2024 Jan 9, 9:01am  


My goodness! 2024 continues to deliver, and in heaping barrelfuls. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution ran a breaking story yesterday headlined, “Filing alleges ‘improper’ relationship between Georgia DA, top Trump prosecutor.” Improper is one way of putting it.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is infamously prosecuting President Trump along with a raft of his former election lawyers and campaign advisors under Georgia state criminal charges. Yesterday, one of the President’s co-defendants filed a motion filed in case alleging that DA Willis not only hired herself a love snack, paying him a six figure salary, but also used the unfortunate young man in a sordid scheme to launder taxpayer money and luxurious gifts back to herself.

To which she is no doubt entitled.

Former Trump campaign official and co-defendent Michael Roman filed the motion, which asked the Court to disqualify the frisky DA Willis along with the entire Fulton County District Attorney office. The motion’s allegations — which were at least partly independently confirmed by the Journal-Constitution — included that DA Willis hired outside attorney and love interest Nathan Wade to help prosecute the case.

Mr. Wade is her, well, not exactly a boyfriend, but maybe more like a perk of office, or one of DA Willis’ side hustles. According to public records, after authorization by one Fani Willis, Fulton County taxpayers paid Mr. Wade over $650,000 in the last twelve months alone for his, er, services. The invoices call it “legal fees.”

But Mr. Wade has never worked on a felony case before, never mind a high-profile record-shattering case like this one. Fulton County’s approved rate for non-felony criminal prosecutors is only $140 per hour. Wade’s astronomical salary — miles over the approved rates — was not approved by Fulton County commissioners, which the Motion reasonably claims is unlawful. Even more ugly, Wade started working under DA Willis through his enhanced contract on November 1st, 2021 — the day before he filed for divorce in Cobb County.

DA Willis is, coincidentally, also divorced.

The motion alleges the contract payments to Wade appear to have benefitted DA Willis in several, ahem, ways, and therefore amounted to kickbacks, racketeering, and a massive conflict of interest.

By all appearances Mr. Wade has earned every penny. Talk about a dirty job. Mr. Wade is married, but as noted sadly and totally coincidentally finds himself amidst a pretty ugly divorce. I wouldn’t mention his divorce, you know me, privacy first, but it’s relevant to the story because defendant Roman’s very creative criminal lawyer, Ashleigh Merchant, relied on then-available documents from Mr. Wade’s divorce case.

Those documents probably included some unfortunate things his soon-to-be ex-wife said during moments of candid but well-justified anger, since she was completely left out of the Willis-Wade arrangement.

Right after attorney Ashleigh accessed Mr. Wade’s public divorce file down at the Cobb County clerk’s office, the judge in the divorce case coincidentally entered a sua sponte (“on its own initiative”) order sealing the entire file. Without a motion or a hearing, which is, uh, highly irregular.

One imagines the scene: the Cobb County clerk, nervous, hands slightly trembling, sweating bullets — but still handing over documents while smiling awkwardly and professionally — until one second after Ms. Merchant departs. The clerk scrambles over the counter, sending staplers and pencil cups flying, carefully opens the door and peers around the corner to make sure Ms. Merchant has safely boarded the elevator, then ploddingly jogs, clumsily but earnestly (also heroically, on footwear never designed for running), at top land speed, down the long courthouse hallway, heel strikes echoing up and down the marble corridor — tap tap! tap tap! tap tap! — and finally swerves into the judge’s office without breaking stride.

A frantic, loud, and often angry conservation can be heard taking place inside, with the muffled words not quite legible, but often resembling enthusiastic expletives. Then the judge’s chambers office door bursts open again and the clerk re-emerges, triumphantly, like a dime-store Venus emerging from the legal sea, a freshly-signed order to seal the Wade divorce in her humid hands. She then ponderously lopes back down the long hallway — tap tap! tap tap! tap tap! — sweat stains running down her back, heart racing, to process the order into Fulton County’s court records system and make it official as fast as she can before any more damage is done.

But alas, too late.

I’m only guessing. But, presumably based on information in the sealed divorce records, the Motion alleged that Ms. Willis and Mr. Wade are involved in a sweet-sounding “romantic relationship.” The two romantic adulterers traveled together to Napa Valley’s wine country and to the free state of Florida, and happily cruised the Caribbean on Norwegian and Royal Caribbean cruise lines using tickets purchased by Wade. Using taxpayer dollars.

As the Motion described it:

(DA Willis and attorney Wade) have been engaged in an improper, clandestine personal relationship during the pendency of this case, which has resulted in the special prosecutor, and, in turn, the district attorney, profiting significantly from this prosecution at the expense of the taxpayers.
Ms. Merchant told the Journal-Constitution she can prove all her carefully-considered allegations; she’s sitting on some pretty explosive material that she can’t share with reporters at present since the Wade divorce action was mysteriously sealed after she asked the clerk for the copies. But she has recently asked the court to unseal Wade’s case.

Online, Trump derangement types admit this is pretty damaging stuff, but of course argue the Ms. Willis’ private life is her own business and nobody else’s. Who cares what she does with taxpayer money in her off time? At worst, it was bad judgment. But they are worried it will derail Trump’s prosecution.

And they should be. I see another “Claudine Gay” type situation developing. It’s hard to see how DA Willis survives this scandal. This will be a fascinating story.
287   Patrick   2024 Jan 13, 5:25pm  


After last week’s widely-publicized hearings voting to hold him in contempt for defying two Congressional subpoenas, Hunter’s lawyers suddenly and unexpectedly “reversed course” yesterday, and politely asked House Republicans for a third subpoena, saying this time Hunter will follow the rules and sit for a non-public deposition.

Why the shift? Hunter’s deposition antics have manufactured a thorny political problem. Republicans’ Hunter Narrative is about double standards of justice. If the House holds Hunter in contempt, and the DOJ refuses to do anything about it, it would pour high-octane gasoline into the Hunter Narrative tank. Either the DOJ would be forced to make an example of Hunter, or Grandma Garland would make Hunter even more of a poster-boy for “two tiers of justice” than he already is.

On the other hand, if the House doesn’t hold Hunter in contempt, because of democrat votes plus a couple squishy Republicans, it would also reinforce the Hunter Narrative. Reinforcing that narrative might be a better political result for Republicans than would even be Hunter’s deposition.

Grandma Garland has personally destroyed the credibility of the DOJ.
290   richwicks   2024 Feb 3, 11:28pm  

Tenpoundbass says

So my Daughter had a zoom interview for a Data Analyst for a certain alphabet agency yesterday.

Do you understand what the Alphabet agencies do? They don't work on behalf of the United States as a whole, they work against it. So your daughter wasn't good enough to work with a group of traitors but she wanted to.
291   Patrick   2024 Feb 5, 9:34am  


In more appalling news from the two-tiered justice department, the UK Daily Mail ran an eye-watering story last week headlined, “Nancy Pelosi's son Paul Pelosi, Jr. dodges federal charges for the SEVENTH time after being linked to money laundering and mail fraud scheme involving San Fransisco flop house.”

Even more insulting than the fact Pelosi, 55, wasn’t charged, was that he had two co-conspirators in the same deal who were charged. Pelosi’s co-conspirators, apparently, do not enjoy first-tier treatment and became defendants, unlike Pelosi, whose real name was omitted from the government papers altogether and he was referred to in the papers by a polite acronymized alias to protect his privacy.

Those are only some of the benefits of tier one. Maybe if you work hard enough, someday you too can enjoys tier one rewards.

Among other things, the Daily Mail reported that documents proved Pelosi paid bribes to San Fransisco officials for building permits. Not only that, but Pelosi owned a fifth of a fraudulent building with the co-conspirators, who were charged with bilking investors of millions. Finally, Pelosi was sued individually by at least one of the defrauded investors, who alleged he masterminded the deal. But federal prosecutors weren’t interested.

The Daily Mail noted this is the seventh federal case linked to the junior Pelosi, with no charges ever filed against him in any of them. Maybe he’s got nine lives.

Paul Pelosi, Jr., provided a five-star rating for the service on “tier one”, and he recommends it, as do New York’s illegal border-jumpers. Alas, too bad for you! Enjoy your “tier two” accommodations, such as they are, and don’t ask for extra peanuts.

293   Ceffer   2024 Feb 5, 10:56pm  

You can take the spawns out of the mafia, but you can't take the mafia out of the spawns? Raised on larceny.Patrick says

294   Misc   2024 Feb 6, 2:44am  

About 43% of DC carjackers simply aren't prosecuted.

Try going without a mask during COVID.


There were about 940 carjackings in DC during 2023. About 2 to 3 a day. -- No Biggie ! ! !

Still a crapload safer than public transit.
295   UkraineIsFucked   2024 Feb 6, 11:29am  

The big complaints about immigration are mostly coming from outside Texas, places like New York City where illegal immigrants beat police with impunity, being released without bail after being arrested. (The usual endgame for this sort of thing in other societies has been death squads, organized either by police or by police-adjacent groups, taking out those whom the legal system cannot or will not control; we’ll see what happens in New York City.)

296   Patrick   2024 Feb 9, 2:03pm  


The big story yesterday wasn’t that citizens of the world learned for the first time that the President of the United States is mentally impaired. We citizens figured that out on our own years ago.

The huge story is that the mainstream press is broaching this taboo topic for the first time.

We don’t know why the press suddenly got the go-ahead to talk about this elephant in the room, but they apparently did.

Everyone, per the narrative, will say this is bad news for Biden, but it’s really not. All that will happen is Biden gets to retire to Delaware. Perhaps the most corrupt president in U.S. history won’t have to worry about going to prison - Nor will his train-wreck of a son, who’s even more corrupt and prurient than “Creepy Joe.”

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