Tucker Carlson Asks the All Important Question: 'Why Exactly Are We at War With Russia?'

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2023 Jun 27, 8:22pm   1,001 views  23 comments

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This is going to make the NeoCon psychopaths very angry ...

Watch the video here: https://rumble.com/v2wqtk6-new-tucker-carlson-why-exactly-are-we-at-war-with-russia.html

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1   FortwayeAsFuckJoeBiden   2023 Jun 27, 8:24pm  

don’t we all find it fucked up that in our fake democracy our own government got into war, didn’t even ask for approval. and just told everyone to shit up and not criticize it. we are not democracy, just feudalism.
2   komputodo   2023 Jun 27, 8:58pm  

Why? to spread democracy and make the world a better place for you and me....
We are the world
We are the children
We are the ones who make a brighter day, so let's start giving
There's a choice we're making
We're saving our own lives
It's true we'll make a better day, just you and me
3   richwicks   2023 Jun 27, 9:02pm  

Just embedding it:

original link

Because @RayAmerica refuses to ever do this despite me showing him how at least once.
4   Ceffer   2023 Jun 27, 10:35pm  

We are at war with Russia and have been in constant war because the American people have no say so. The foreign occupied foreign city state of Washington DC is the lapdog of foreign interests who simply tell our war machinery where to go, who to bomb and blow up etc. etc. Why all the MSM war mongering and deceit and false flags? It isn't 5D chess being played by brilliant minds, it's common piracy, murder and theft being performed by psychopaths.

Every Secretary of State in memory prior to Trump has NOT been appointed by the President, they have been appointed from Chatham House by the RIIA in Britain.
5   Patrick   2023 Jun 27, 11:52pm  

Ah, that's what happened to Gonzalo Lira!

Zelensky put him in prison.
6   clambo   2023 Jun 28, 8:15am  

NATO has been expecting and preparing for a Russian invasion for more than 60 years; Putin finally did it.

When Israel was invaded by its Arab neighbors, the USA and other countries helped arm Israel.
The Arabs were so pissed off they stopped supplying oil "oil embargo" to the west, thereby fucking up the world economy.

Send Ukraine the weapons and let them slug it out.
7   The_Deplorable   2023 Jun 28, 12:56pm  

clambo says
"Send Ukraine the weapons and let them slug it out."

We did and Ukraine is finished - this includes NATO and the USA. The counteroffensive failed and Ukraine's losses are so high, they don't have an army anymore to keep fighting.

Besides, Biden just announced that "Putin is losing the war in Iraq!" Heh... If you think about it, this is not funny. This is an indication that Biden and his Globalists are divorced from reality. https://patrick.net/post/1343769/2022-02-24-greeted-like-liberators-ukraine?start=2543#comment-1965311
8   Patrick   2023 Jun 28, 2:26pm  


Tucker Carlson: Political Elites Cheer on Ukraine Conflict Because ‘War Means Power’


Tucker Carlson: Democrats Plotting ‘Coup’ to Replace Biden with Gavin Newsom

Lol, Newsom clearly got the real death jab, since he got Guillain–Barré syndrome from it.

So he might just drop dead at any moment, like so many others who took the death jab. That would throw another monkey wrench into their plans.
9   RWSGFY   2023 Jun 28, 2:58pm  

Except we're not at war with the Soviets. Less then they were at war with us in Korea or Vietnam. All we do is adhere to the Budapest Memorandum which we co-signed with them (and the UK). All the Reds need to do is to go the fuck home, pay reparations and extradict war criminals. Fulfilling our international obligations doesn't need any reason apart ftom them being our obligations, duh. Why did we sign it? Because we wanted nuclear non-proliferation while Ukraine was holding 2400 THERMONUCLEAR warheads and shitload of ICBMS, CMs and SBs..

Now, if Reds were to attack a NATO member we would be at war with them. Again, because obligations.

Don't like them - vote for people who repeal them (good luck, you'll need a lot of it).
10   richwicks   2023 Jun 28, 3:46pm  


All the Reds need to do is to go the fuck home, pay reparations and extradict war criminals.

Yeah, all they had to do was shell out a shitload of extortion money, and claim they were in the wrong.


The US always sets up impossible conditions because they want to continue the war, not end it.

The conditions of ending the Ukraine war is that Russia gives up all the land it's conquered (from provinces that previously ASKED to be part of Russia) and to abandon Crimea. Why would Russia do this? It's like Russia saying that in order to end the war, the US would have to return Alaska.

The US always intentionally asks for impossible conditions that they know full well will never be met and then say "we offered a peace solution!". Just like when the US claimed that all Hussein had to do was "give up his weapons of mass destruction program" - which he did, but the US just lied and said he still had one. You cannot negotiate with terrorists, and the US is run by terrorists.


Now, if Reds were to attack a NATO member we would be at war with them. Again, because obligations.

Obligations to a cancer. They are over-run by terrorists and refugees our nation created, and it's run by traitors our nation recruited.

I wouldn't mind seeing a second revolution. Macron, be funny to see that faggot beheaded, along with his 90 year old grandma wife.
11   Tenpoundbass   2023 Jun 29, 9:33am  

Don't believe anything you hear or see about Ukraine and Russia. If any of this was real, and the Wagner group really lead a coup against Putin.
Wouldn't NATO be pulling out all of the stops by now, pushing Ukraine deeper into occupied territory? That should be unprotected by now, if you believe the lying press, and the shitty optics.

Im more and more convinced Putin, Biden and Zelenski are running a three card Monte on America.
The Covid scam gave the establishment unbridled reasons and resources to empty our treasury.
This Ukraine so called conflict, is providing a useful surrogate to achieve the same purpose.
12   RayAmerica   2023 Jun 29, 10:12am  

Just my imagination running wild ...

What if this supposed Coup was all staged by Wagner in order to get $Billions from the CIA's dark funds account? The CIA has a very long history of overthrowing governments that they don't like, and Putin would certainly be #1 on their hit list. What better way than to turn Putin's mercenaries against him ... all for the right price?
13   Onvacation   2023 Jun 30, 7:24pm  

clambo says

Send Ukraine the weapons and let them slug it out.

Isn't that what we've been doing in this undeclared war?

Why do you hate democracy and the rule of law?
14   Onvacation   2023 Jun 30, 7:26pm  


Except we're not at war with the Soviets

This is true.

We are at war with the Russians.
15   Patrick   2023 Jun 30, 7:42pm  

Yes, Pedo Joe went straight into war with the Russians. Trump would have refused, which is why he was deposed with massive election fraud.
16   Patrick   2023 Jul 6, 5:11pm  


Russell Brand just dropped the news that he will be interviewing Tucker Carlson tomorrow on his show on Rumble.

Here is the link to Brand’s Rumble.

And the info:

20   The_Deplorable   2024 Feb 10, 6:19pm  

Scott Ritter on the Carlson - Putin interview:

21   komputodo   2024 Feb 11, 10:35am  

Onvacation says

Why do you hate democracy and the rule of law?

are you implying that those 2 are characteristic of the usa 1n 2024?
22   RWSGFY   2024 Feb 11, 10:45am  

We are not at war with the USSR by any definition. All we do is fulfill our obligations under NNPT and Budapest Memorandum (which they signed too, BTW). Cucker is not retarded and can read, but he makes money on pretending he's stupid. Why other people do it for free - that's a $64,000 question...

PS. Below is a link to a full text of the above mentioned document. It's not hard to find and takes 3 min to read. Twice. Enjoy: https://policymemos.hks.harvard.edu/files/policymemos/files/2-23-22_ukraine-the_budapest_memo.pdf?m=1645824948

Bottom line: we promised assistance in event of an attack and we're providing it, albeit slowly and niggardly. We are not violating any international laws or treaties, the Reds are. In spades.

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