Government should always be minimized

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2023 Jul 18, 5:56am   5,102 views  93 comments

by Patrick   ➕follow (52)   💰tip   ignore  


i’m such a fan of “coyote’s law” coined by longtime gatopal™ warren meyer of coyoteblog fame.

i shall paraphrase:

“before granting any new power or prerogative to the state, first imagine that power wielded by the politician you hate most, because one day it will be.”

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50   Misc   2023 Oct 1, 7:54pm  

What's this ???? A lefty gives up the chance to send out free money???

51   Patrick   2023 Oct 1, 8:08pm  

Probably another brush stroke in the attempt to whitewash Newsom so that he can be installed in the White House.
53   Patrick   2023 Oct 25, 1:33pm  

Posted before, but worth repeating.
54   RWSGFY   2023 Oct 25, 2:30pm  

Wait a second, how would "Americans be helped" if government is minimized?
56   HeadSet   2023 Oct 28, 8:27pm  

Patrick says

Bad graphic. The guy receiving the "free stuff" is not the one paying for it.
59   Patrick   2023 Nov 4, 12:56pm  

And by using tax money to pay for mandatory injections.
60   UkraineIsFucked   2023 Nov 5, 10:47pm  

Patrick says

This one I have to call false on it's premise: name a politician who got booted out because of spending growth.
61   HeadSet   2023 Nov 6, 6:28am  

PumpingRedheads says

Patrick says

This one I have to call false on it's premise: name a politician who got booted out because of spending growth.

Correct. The whisper should be "Spend on me, not on he."
75   Patrick   2024 Jan 23, 9:32am  


Why does it cost $130 and take 8 weeks to renew a passport?! The federal government steals a third of our income, collects $5 trillion in taxes, and is $34 trillion in debt while employing 4 million people. Millions of illegal immigrants with no documentation are allowed to stroll across the border without ID, get free flights, buses, and hotels around the country, and receive free IDs in deep blue Karenland FUPAZ.
76   Misc   2024 Jan 23, 6:23pm  

It costs that much because the Federal government pretty much only hires DEI advocates.
79   The_Deplorable   2024 Jan 29, 12:32pm  

Patrick says

And most important: His paycheck is directly deposited to his bank account.
83   HeadSet   2024 Feb 6, 2:26pm  

Patrick says


Ironic that he owned slaves and died to broke to free them.
84   NuttBoxer   2024 Feb 6, 6:49pm  

I'm sure it had more to do with his rejection of a predatory system, than slavery. Yes, that sentence does include exclusive terms.

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