Elon goes after the ADL, suing for defamation and Revenue loss. Minimum $4B

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2023 Sep 4, 8:49pm   6,111 views  73 comments

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Wonderful news. I know the ADL personally went after a State Rep candidate who was Jewish and a Veteran, Because he was pro-2A. This was back in the 2010s before Trump so it wasn't because of MAGA. He ran as a pretty typical pro-Gun, Deregulatory Tea Party Republican.

This is the way. Lawfare their asses right back. Elon and X have plenty of lawyers already on staff. Every dollar the ADL spends defending itself is one less dollar they can use to smear and defame.

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35   richwicks   2023 Sep 5, 4:49pm  

Ceffer says

The Intels don't care about credibility, they think they have won, and they only look at cause, effect and mapping of apparent 'success'.

This is what "pride comes before the fall".

Their arrogance is actually wonderful.
36   Patrick   2023 Sep 5, 5:04pm  

Yes, I think arrogance is really the core motivation for the ADL/CIA/NIH corruption.

They think that they are smarter, and thus entitled to rule over the lesser beings who are all mere cattle anyway.

Sam Bankman-Fried personifies this attitude.
37   Ceffer   2023 Sep 5, 6:37pm  

Yeah, this seems to be a little far afield from the defamation conceit.
PayPal’s Unholy Alliance With ADL Opens the Door to a Massive Security Breach"

"As will soon become clear, PayPal’s deal with the disgraced ADL ought to be treated as seriously as a massive data breach or hack of its users’ information. Earlier this year a hacker going by the moniker “God User” posted information on over over 700 million LinkedIn profiles on the DarkWeb; in 2019 Facebook experienced a devastating data breach concerning over 500 million users, whose information appeared online. Paypal sharing its user data with a radical political organization with a possible history of illegal activity must be treated with no less seriousness. In fact, the situation is far worse, as PayPal is intentionally inflicting this vulnerability on its users; unlike the data breaches described above, PayPal seems to have no intention of fixing the situation."

39   AmericanKulak   2023 Sep 6, 12:09am  

Patrick says

Whatever happened with this lawsuit?

Dismissed by the judge for failure to make a claim.

BUT, I did see something that the ADL did pay somebody ~$10M recently for defamation, I'm trying to track it down.
40   Karloff   2023 Sep 6, 2:07pm  

ADL and SPLC have been extortionist scum for a very long time. I'm glad they've pushed things too far and people are finally waking up to the dishonest scam these slimy crooks are running.

Same goes for big pharma and their vaccine racket. They pushed it too far, now people have starting sharing evidence that not only these shots are useless/harmful, but other shots as well. I have great distrust for that industry now. The only vaccine I'll ever again take in my life at this point, or get my kids to take, is a rabies shot if we're bitten by some wild animal.
41   Patrick   2023 Sep 6, 2:18pm  

Karloff says

Same goes for big pharma and their vaccine racket. They pushed it too far, now people have starting sharing evidence that not only these shots are useless/harmful, but other shots as well.

@Karloff I agree.

The good news is that their truly outrageous demand that billions of healthy people get an experimental gene-modifying injection woke up a lot of people to the existing insanity of recommending ~70 injections for children, and barring children from schools if the pharma industry is denied a profit off of those children.
42   Ceffer   2023 Sep 6, 5:04pm  

LOL! Their mission is to lawfare, extort, infiltrate, disinform, spy on and bankrupt as many non-MSM owned non-propagada outlets and voices as possible.

43   Ceffer   2023 Sep 6, 5:05pm  

Be careful what you wish for. Big Mike always gets sloppy seconds.

44   Ceffer   2023 Sep 6, 5:07pm  

Wow! Paper Mache and curtain rods really last a long time on the moon.

46   Patrick   2023 Sep 6, 5:28pm  

Ceffer says

LOL! Their mission is to lawfare, extort, infiltrate, disinform, spy on and bankrupt as many non-MSM owned non-propagada outlets and voices as possible.

The building owned by Craigslist at 222 Sutter in San Francisco is landlord to far-left magainze Mother Jones, among others. Craigslist is on the top floor. I know because I used to work there.

Craig personally funds Mother Jones:


I wonder if the building with the ADL and FBI is owned by one or the other.
47   AmericanKulak   2023 Sep 6, 5:30pm  

I wish there was an alt to craigslist, it was perfect. I won't touch Facebook with a 10' pole, or Michele Obama's dick, same difference.

Maybe public sq could make one.
48   Patrick   2023 Sep 6, 5:32pm  

Many people have tried, but Craigslist has that first mover advantage, where everyone knows Craigslist already.
49   Patrick   2023 Sep 6, 10:15pm  

Huh, this article is from Aug 22, before the current flap:


Maybe at one point the ADL actually advanced Jewish interests, but at this point it's prettymuch entirely an organ for attacking American's historic free speech rights for the most corrupt aspects of the American regime, using appropriated jewish trauma to justify, empower, and enrich itself...

There is probably no organization on earth that is more actively dangerous to Jews living in America than the ADL going about trying to actively tie the Jewish diaspora to the mast of an increasingly despised and hated censorship/security/warfare state, that is already showing signs of taking on water. Jews who many of whom actively resent the censorship wars and wasted tax money themselves.

The challenge is that noticing the class and structural conflict reveals how difficult the problem actually is to solve, and how interests, not uniformly across ethnicities, but for countless people, genuinely do diverge.

TL; DR : There is a major Class conflict between Flyover Americans and the Administrative/ bureaucratic state, Jews are disproportionately represented in the Administrative State... most likely by regime design as countless states have done with vulnerable minorities... Risking that the class conflict will turn into an ethnic conflict.
50   Ceffer   2023 Sep 7, 10:27am  

Dual citizenship neocon kapos, operating as a wedge of morally and ethically indifferent executive hatchet men class in government, ultimately being sacrificed as sin eating knights and bishops by the Globalist machines, absorbing all the obloquy and hatred, could be a thing.

It would be consistent with the Globalists and NWO, failing on the world stage, dissolving their store fronts in return to anonymity, changing their names and titles while heading out the back doors with their creaking tomes of Satan sanctified bloodlines and tunnels full of stolen treasures, to rise again under different aegis.

They would regard it as another bout of misdirection, reducing the world to ashes to bed their new Phoenician phoenix.

Somebody proffered an hypothetical list of the 'Committee of 300' (supposedly the layer under the Swiss Octagon), and it was loaded with European Royalty titles, many of them entirely obscure to the public mind.
52   Ceffer   2023 Sep 7, 5:57pm  

LOL! A demolition sledge hammer for every tack and nail.
54   AmericanKulak   2023 Sep 7, 9:45pm  

Patrick says

Mark Levin was being attacked as an Aunty Semite today on twitter for applauding the potential ADL defamation case.

Here's a great piece:

No More ADL
When it comes to Jews, the organization now does more harm than good

Kyrie Irving, a kooky basketball player who believes that the Earth is flat, that JFK was shot by bankers, that the COVID vaccines were secretly a plot to connect all Black people to a supercomputer, and that Jews worship Satan and launched the slave trade?

Or Jonathan Greenblatt, the head of the Anti-Defamation League, who accepted $500,000 from Irving last week without even meeting or even talking to the all-star—and who was then forced to give back the donation when Irving blatantly refused to apologize?

Let’s think about it for a minute. One of these guys is a weirdo with dumb opinions he may or may not actually believe. The other is running a soulless racket which just made it clear that you can say whatever you want about the Jews and buy your indulgences at a discount price.


Right, if ADL was legit, they'd ask to speak to Irving, not give him a freakin' Indulgence for 500 Florins to be paid to the Cathedral of St. Greenblatt of the Acceptable Speech.
56   Patrick   2023 Sep 8, 4:29am  


Avi Yemini
Orthodox Jewish Rabbi BLASTS the ADL

Thank you @BaseballPesach for eloquently articulating what so many of us in our community feel.


Orthodox Jews are pretty reliably conservative.
58   Ceffer   2023 Sep 8, 10:38am  

Around Santa Cruz, you hear the people who suckle at the breast of propaganda and defend it. In attempting to broaden anybody's 'Overton Window', the process of grief over denial being dismantled needs to be addressed.

The person in denial hears information that is uncomfortable truth, and they simply deny it and shrug it off at first. If they keep hearing it, they then try various strategies to minimize the information (conspiracy theorists, etc. these strategies are often provided to them by the propaganda, like the belittling 'smirk' that the propaganda bots talking heads use). The next stage is anger and retaliation that the truth is intruding on their blue pill comfort zone. If the person actually wakes up, the next stage is depression due to the disturbing realization that what they thought they knew was false or deceptive, and they were had. After that comes recognition, acceptance, and solidification of the sense of self and the new insights.

However, those first seeds need to be planted and insisted upon, and the truth seekers need to realize they will go through an unpleasant process during the early stages of denial. People will break through at their own pace.

The anti free speech Intel ops like ADL try to amplify, enforce and institutionalize the 'anger and retaliation' phase with lawfare and extortion and guilt tripping to prevent the acclimation and acceptance of the free speech information. ADL has gotten absurd and is a parody.
59   Patrick   2023 Sep 9, 9:17am  

All just fake, for attention?
61   Ceffer   2023 Sep 10, 2:47pm  

Disgracing its own founding premise to generate false flag lawfare extortion and destruction of free speech? It doesn't matter if the targets are legitimate or purposely constructed by allegation for effect.
Like Feminism was an Intel agency program to destroy the nuclear family, ADL is an Intel operation to destroy free speech under virtue signaling color.

62   AmericanKulak   2023 Sep 11, 9:31am  

Patrick says

Orthodox Jews are pretty reliably conservative.

Interesting, opposite of reform. Reform 71% Democrat, Orthodox 75% Republican.

No surprise though, I'm sure Unitarian vs. Reformed looks similar.
65   Ceffer   2023 Sep 13, 10:42am  

LOL! "He hasn't even said anything". Yes, but they know what he's thinking.
66   Ceffer   2023 Sep 13, 5:08pm  

I think Bret Weinstein needs a little lawfare tune up.

68   AmericanKulak   2023 Sep 27, 9:41pm  

Patrick says

This milquetoast mild acceptance of an apology, and they mostly punted to a Canadian group.


Keep in mind the ADL a bit later has a tweet bragging about some meeting in Luxemborg, so the punting to the CJIA isn't because they leave ex-US things to those country's equivalent groups.
69   Ceffer   2023 Sep 27, 10:22pm  

Different mission goals, and the apology was for optics.
71   Patrick   2023 Oct 4, 1:13pm  


A month has passed and ADL has been quiet - even with the Canadian government cheering on an actual nazi.

But now, perhaps with the threat of discovery looming (and fighting a legal battle against the man with the deepest pockets in the world), ADL has made the decision to back down from the 'Twitter is full of hate and no one should advertise there' narrative to a 'well, it's not that bad and we are going to advertise to help save the world' narrative. ...

So, the fact that ADL is restarting its advertising on the platform implies it is a 'better, healthier, and safer' place.

Furthermore, it will be hard for all the other members of the censorship industrial complex to now argue against advertising on X,since if it's good enough for a group as virtuous as ADL, it must be good enough for everyone.

Elon Musk appears pleased with their decision...

The ADL remains an organization dedicated to defaming everyone who disagrees with the homo-globo agenda.
72   Patrick   2023 Oct 4, 1:18pm  


Disabled Navy veteran John Sabal, founder and President of The Patriot Voice, has filed a $25M lawsuit against the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) alleging defamation and injurious falsehood.

The ADL listed Sabal in its “Glossary of Extremists” which includes known terrorists Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Dylann Roof, and Brenton Terrant, the Christchurch Shooter

While the organization claims ADL’s goal is to “fight all forms of antisemitism and bias, using innovation and partnerships to drive impact,” it has increasingly been accused of partisanship smears against targets on the political right.

Lol, "accused of partisanship smears against targets on the political right" is a pretty mild way of putting it for an organization whose purpose is to defame conservatives.
73   AmericanKulak   2023 Oct 4, 5:11pm  

Patrick says

The ADL remains an organization dedicated to defaming everyone who disagrees with the homo-globo agenda.

Lawsuits are the answer, as @Patrick thread declares

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