Utah Pedes: Get Romney's alternative ready to Run

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2023 Sep 8, 3:02pm   101 views  2 comments

by AmericanKulak   ➕follow (8)   💰tip   ignore  

Just a reminder that penulimate RINO Globalist Mittens, suspected to be Clark Griswald's Evil Twin, is up in 2024.

Better an honest red than a fake friend.

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1   Ceffer   2023 Sep 8, 3:13pm  

I have wondered what the Mormons must think of Mittens. Maybe they just think anybody who steals successfully and tithes is just fine. I wonder if all of the Ukraine and Chinese bribes and payrolls to the kids are tithed to the Mormon Church.

"I can't stand it, the 'The Big Church' always gets it's ten percent, then 'The Big Mittens' takes another chunk."
2   RedStar   2023 Sep 8, 4:50pm  

I was in UT this summer and got to ask a few natives what they thought of him. All of them said he's a RINO but there was no way to vote him out because of the Mormon church support

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