Javier Milei

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2023 Sep 13, 9:52am   9,048 views  121 comments

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Argentina's "Far-Right" (Libertarian) Javier Milei wins Primary.

This guy is great, he's like a combo of Ron Paul but with Trump's fiestyness. And he's got Austin Powers Mod haircut.

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1   AmericanKulak   2023 Sep 13, 9:55am  

original link

Milel speaks as the video gets going:

"We're more moral, better looking...you can't give SHIT LEFTARDS an inch..."
3   Ceffer   2023 Sep 15, 2:10pm  

We need more loose cannons, as long as the cannons are pointed the right direction.
5   Patrick   2023 Nov 19, 4:31pm  

I just read that he WON.

Hopefully he will live up to expectations.
6   mell   2023 Nov 19, 5:25pm  

Congrats Javier!
7   Tenpoundbass   2023 Nov 19, 6:20pm  

If he's not a head fake, within two years, he will be either dead or incarcerated on trumped up bogus charges, from a Marxist witch hunt to get rid of him.
The Western Leftists, will do what ever it takes to keep power, now that Marxism has rooted in the West. Europe is hemorrhaging support for it, the Left has been in charge for so long. The EU countries are starting to reject it. So are Latin American countries but those banana republics will just double down on political persecutions and violence to keep power. Violence is almost expected.
This guy's first priority should be to seize control 100% of the countries Judicial and Criminal system, and use any means necessary to expose an expel all of those involved on his Assassin attempt. That was Balsinaro's folly not thoroughly exploring every nook and cranny behind his stabbing.
I'm sure he would have found some Clinton, Sorros and Obama influence in it.
8   Ceffer   2023 Nov 19, 6:33pm  

If he's planning to undo the Argentinian Babylonian foreign bank debt slave scheme and nationalize the banking system, they will send every pro assassin in both hemispheres in a contest to take him out.
9   AmericanKulak   2023 Nov 20, 12:09am  

Tenpoundbass says

This guy's first priority should be to seize control 100% of the countries Judicial and Criminal system, and use any means necessary to expose an expel all of those involved on his Assassin attempt. That was Balsinaro's folly not thoroughly exploring every nook and cranny behind his stabbing.

12   RWSGFY   2023 Nov 20, 11:07am  

The dude also wants to ditch Argentina's ties with the so-called "BRICS" shitshow. Good for him.
13   AD   2023 Nov 20, 12:10pm  


I wonder if Milei can at least compromise or will there be an effort to try to block him completely and also target him like what has happened to Trump.

I mean by compromise as far as some damage control to their economy. At least some change will further help to "righting the ship".

I hope our new Speaker of the House (Congressman Mike Johnson) can do this as far as reduce spending increases to at least 1% below inflation for the next few years.

14   Tenpoundbass   2023 Nov 20, 1:36pm  

ad says

I mean by compromise as far as some damage control to their economy. At least some change will further help to "righting the ship".

The Commies will never let him get that far. A better economy would show the Latin America world that Socialism is a prison sentence not a liberation.

He's got to investigate the Marxist and Globalist puppets in his government. And if he gets a hard pushback from within the ranks of the compromised Judicial and Legislature, he needs to set up a series of Seth Rich events. Since the Left will buy every coincidence they stumble across. It's his life and death, and the freedom of Argentina at stake here. The Left is murderous cut throats out to impede Free trade, capitalism and freedom everywhere. If he blinks and does nothing, they'll do far worse to him and his supporters. Full Stop!
15   DemocratsAreTotallyFucked   2023 Nov 20, 1:42pm  

We should start a betting pool.

Will he be Epsteined before he takes office on December 10th?
16   Bd6r   2023 Nov 20, 7:33pm  

Will not be Epsteined and will take office.

I have no idea what happens afterwards as I am not familiar with that part of the world
17   RWSGFY   2023 Nov 21, 7:48am  

Chile after Pinochet has already shown that there are better ways than the Commie way, but a generation later they protest in the streets and want their Commie shit back, because bus tickets went up 5 cents.

"Help us, dear government, help!"
19   RWSGFY   2023 Nov 21, 9:25pm  

PumpingRedheads says

Why couldn't Soros & Gates rig it?
20   Ceffer   2023 Nov 21, 10:14pm  


Why couldn't Soros & Gates rig it?

That is an interesting question.
26   AmericanKulak   2023 Dec 5, 11:28pm  


Why couldn't Soros & Gates rig it?

Paper Ballots. Unlike the RNC, Milei was tough and used every trick and privilege to monitor and keep his ballots under his eye

Here's an article criticizing him for being "Paranoid" about the ballots before the election, heh:

I bet if he hadn't, the Socialists would have rigged it anyway possible.

Trump needs to sue, fight, monitor, contest, and be a major league asshole about voting this year. "Trust but verify" like Reagan. Not "Cower, and concede" like Rhonda Romney McDaniels.
28   Tenpoundbass   2023 Dec 7, 11:41am  


Why couldn't Soros & Gates rig it?

I don't think all of those Red States would have sat back and watched them steal the election. I think what us Conservatives did on 2020, showed the world, nobody is going to save them. They have to stop the commies themselves. I don't think we will be so docile in 2024 if they start boarding up windows, kicking Republicans out of the process, and making 3am ballot dumps, busted water main isn't going to send anyone away.

Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on George Bush. (He bunged that idiom if you recall)
29   Patrick   2023 Dec 10, 6:52pm  

Not good.
30   AD   2023 Dec 10, 7:23pm  

Patrick says

Not good.

not surprised... Mileli is anti Kremlin and anti Chicom$

31   DemocratsAreTotallyFucked   2023 Dec 10, 7:46pm  

Well, it

Buenos Aires Herald

Milei’s reduced cabinet sworn in without press present.

The administration’s first decree confirmed that the Milei is cutting Argentina’s number of ministries by half, with only nine taking their oath on Sunday.

Milei’s reduced cabinet sworn in without press present.

The administration’s first decree confirmed that the Milei is cutting Argentina’s number of ministries by half, with only nine taking their oath on Sunday

Valen Iricibar
DECEMBER 10, 2023
Martina Jaureguy reported from the Casa Rosada

Argentina’s new president Javier Milei took his incoming cabinet’s oaths on Sunday afternoon at the Casa Rosada. Unlike the previous government, there were only nine new ministers instead of 18 and for the first time, the ceremony took place behind closed doors — no press, no livestream.

Earlier on Sunday the new administration revealed its first “Decree of Necessity and Urgency” (Decreto de Necesidad y Urgencia, or DNU) — a type of presidential decree which allows them to legislate without going through Congress first. The 76-page document confirmed that the Milei government is halving the number of ministries from the previous government, leaving only nine. The drastic reduction was a staple proposal of his electoral platform known as the “Chainsaw Plan.”

By law, the executive power must inform Congress of the DNU within the next 10 days after the decree is published in Argentina’s Official Bulletin. A special commission with members of both chambers then has to analyze the decree’s language and vote on whether it’s valid. The Senate and the Chamber of Deputies then have to vote to approve it or not. Both chambers must reject a decree for it to be annulled.


So...the Establishment-controlled Argentine Congress can still deepsix this, as I have suspected.

Too bad.
32   RWSGFY   2023 Dec 10, 8:53pm  

ad says

Patrick says

Not good.

not surprised... Mileli is anti Kremlin and anti Chicom$


33   Patrick   2023 Dec 10, 9:04pm  

Milei looks like an idiot if he doesn't know that the war in Ukraine was a deliberate creation of the US State Department.
34   AD   2023 Dec 10, 9:05pm  


ad says

Patrick says

Not good.

not surprised... Mileli is anti Kremlin and anti Chicom$



Kremlin and Chicoms are worse. Would not trust them or want to be beholden to them such as be a debtor to them.

35   Patrick   2023 Dec 11, 11:44am  


The People’s Gazette ran a story yesterday headlined, “Argentina's President Javier Milei reduces ministries from 18 to nine on first day in office. The sub-headline added, “President Milei immediately streamlined his government, consolidating federal ministries from 18 to nine on his first day in office.”

If there’s one thing that the former economist, “ultra right wing” politician, “Argentinian Trump,” and now President Javier Milei can’t stand, it’s marxists. And Argentinian marxists created hyper-inflationary conditions in Argentina (200% per year) basically wrecking the country’s economy. Then Argentinians elected a super-spicy, profane, almost over-the-top, just-short-of-a-caricature conservative who’s promised to surgically excise the left in that country using a chainsaw.

Literally. I’m not joking. He literally showed supporters the chainsaw he plans to use.

So yesterday, as his first official act after being sworn in, Milei fulfilled one of his grandest campaign promises and chainsawed the size and expense of his country’s federal government. He told Argentinians that righting the economic ship would be painful for a while, but the government would share their pain.

In other words, Milei is pursuing a radical conservative scheme of deregulation and privatization. He will be opposed by every leftwing group in the world seeking to ensure it fails, so that Argentina won’t become some kind of example to the rest of the world.

To my knowledge, nothing quite like this has happened, maybe ever, certainly not since the Cold War. The closest I could find was Sweden’s consolidation of 22 ministries into 11 in 1991 (which was more consolidation for management efficiency than it was cutting anything). Obviously, government does not voluntarily reduce itself. It always goes the other way. Even Greece under IMF-imposed austerity never reduced the size of its government as much as it appears Milei just did.

I don’t know Milei, and I have no conflicts about or investments in the man. But I would like to point out to all the black-pillers who poo-poo’d Milei’s election and called him a WEF mole, maybe just wait a minute before declaring nothing good could come from conservative sea-change in Argentina. As I’ve said before, the unfolding events there say more about the mental state of Argentina’s population — maybe even the world’s population — than it does about any particular candidate.

We should do the same thing here! I’d like to volunteer the full U.S. security state, the whole CDC, 90% of the FDA, the entire NIH, the Department of Energy, the EPA, and the Department of Education as initial cutting candidates here in America. That could be a good start. Start your chainsaws. Let’s goooooo!
36   Patrick   2023 Dec 11, 2:04pm  


In November, Argentina reached 183 percent inflation for 2023, impoverishing around 40 percent of the country, a reality that helped sweep Milei into power. Now, he's taking action, with his first move in office being an executive order that slashes the number of government ministries from 21 to nine. Among those put on the chopping block was the ministry of "women, genders, and diversity," a move he recently telegraphed in his criticisms of "social justice."

On his 1st day in office, President Milei signs an executive order, reducing government from 21 ministries to 9

Interior, exterior, economy, justice, infrastructure, foreign affairs, security & defense all stay

Education, healthcare, culture, women’s rights etc out (Afuera!) pic.twitter.com/12Cqq9ZUu6

— Visegrád 24 (@visegrad24) December 11, 2023
It didn't take long for the hand-wringing to begin in the press. PBS News published an article dripping with sanctimony, claiming that Milei's ideas are "outlandish" and "radical." What makes that so ironic is that the very same article admits that Argentina is in dire straits.

South America's second largest economy is suffering 143 percent annual inflation, the currency has plunged and four in 10 Argentines are impoverished. The nation has a yawning fiscal deficit, a trade deficit of $43 billion, plus a daunting $45 billion debt to the International Monetary Fund, with $10.6 billion due to the multilateral and private creditors by April.

Argentines disillusioned with the economic status quo proved receptive to an outsider's outlandish ideas to remedy their woes and transform the nation.
37   Ceffer   2023 Dec 11, 2:09pm  

When will he allow pilgrimages to Hitler's grave?
39   AmericanKulak   2023 Dec 20, 10:42pm  

"Those ideas that failed in Argentina are the same ideas that have failed throughout the planet."

"That doctrine that some could call left, socialism, fascism, communism and that we like to classify as collectivism, is a form of thought that dilutes the individual in favor of the power of the State. It is the basic foundation of the caste (swamp) model.

"It is a doctrine of thought that is based on the premise that the reason of State is more important than the individuals that make up the nation. That the individual is only recognized if he submits to the State and that therefore citizens owe homage to their representatives.

"The political caste have become accustomed to and taken as normal state interference that is the cause of our problems. The balance is the country we received, the worst inheritance in history.

"A country with a consolidated deficit of 15% of GDP, where 5% of the deficit is from the Treasury and 10% from the Central Bank. A country that spends so much that it cannot pay for it, not even with the highest tax burden in the world.

"A country without reserves in the Central Bank and with its credit confidence destroyed. A country that has issued money for 20 points of GDP to finance that public spending and that now, as a result of that unbridled emission, faces its worst inflation crisis in 40 years.

"A country that was on its way to crashing into an annual inflation of 15,000% and that requires an urgent change of course to avoid disaster.” “That change begins today,”

“During the last 100 years, politicians have been busy expanding the power of the State to the detriment of good Argentines. This expansion of the State has been accompanied by the greatest destruction of wealth in a country on record.

"Our country, which at the beginning of the 20th century was the leading world power, over the last 100 years has been immersed in an endless cycle of crises that all have the same cause at their origins.

'The fiscal deficit, in fact, of the last 123 years, in 113 of them we have had a fiscal deficit and of the 22 crises that Argentines suffered in our history, 20 have had fiscal origins.

“Politicians introduce regulations, price controls, stocks, bureaucratic obstacles and regulations that violate the freedom and property rights of Argentines, hinder economic calculation and destroy the generation of wealth.

"Consequently, the State as a whole has become a machine that prevents commerce, work, production, savings, investment, the generation of wealth, economic growth and, fundamentally, freedom. "

"The consequence of this is that Argentina is a country where 50% of the population is below the poverty line.

40   AmericanKulak   2023 Dec 20, 10:49pm  

Gov Employees moan and groan


BTW, the union dockworkers in Argentina steal half of everything imported into the country. They're infamous for it. Yet the government has never been "able" to stop them in half a century.

Descendants of the worse sheep thieves of Andalusia + Communist Rhetoric.

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