Two Grandmothers Face 11 Years in Prison for Protesting at an Abortion Clinic

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2023 Sep 18, 12:38pm   363 views  1 comment

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What danger did these two elderly women pose to society?


It doesn't matter what your position is on abortion. What matters is this; this is a travesty of justice, further illustrating our imbalanced 'justice' system.

Consider this: NYC Black Livers Matter rioters were recently awarded $17 MILLION for their violent 'protests,' while Jan. 6th. protestors that merely walked into the Capitol building, through doors that were held open by police, either languish in jail while waiting trial, or, have already been sentenced to lengthy prison terms.

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1   AmericanKulak   2023 Sep 18, 12:41pm  

Yeah, but look at all the Freedom!

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