The Future has always been now..

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2023 Nov 20, 8:29am   350 views  3 comments

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If you're a GenX like me, then you have seen your fair share of visions of the future in pop culture, movies, television and books.
The fictional views of the future always seemed so far advance and ahead than we were at any point. We were bombarded with visions of the future in Art, that we never took pause to really comprehend, all of the technological advances just since the end of WWII. I personally saw the invention of the hand held calculator, the push button phone, Televisions beyond our wildest dreams, beepers, then cell phones, personal computers(which just seemed to happen so fast in tandem with the internet, that within just a few years. I was hard to fathom life with out it, let alone remember life without them. The future was and always has been leading a full frontal charge toward humanity. Though no matter how far it advanced, it never seemed to anyone that the Future is now.

Our views of the Future were tainted by our expectations of what pop culture and art said the future would be, and the one thing we didn't have in America, that damn near every Artistic account of the Future always had as a common theme. Was the sheer oppression and tyranny of the governments and corporations had over the citizens. But for some explicit reason, we championed and longed for what Art called the Future. We were never satisfied with the brilliant achievements we already had. So much so, that we consumed and threw them away often still in perfectly working order. Just so we could keep up with the latest technological break through. And it has been one hell of a ride.

Now technology has gotten so advanced, that it trumps practicality, quality, and ruggedness. Every electronic device and appliance that we have bought and thrown away chasing the latest and greatest update. In all practical purposes, were superior to the latest releases. So much so, that I often reflect back on Computers, Laptops, and other electronic devices that I miss because the quality of them was leaps and bounds beyond the latest offering. We got sucked in because of some new feature, just ignoring the fact that the newest offering was not as quality of a product as the previous. Even Operating Systems in my opinion were far superior to what we have now. We were conned out of them. Even Windows 95 was ten times better than any new operating system, from my point of view. They argued that previous OS were not secure, "Secure from whom?!" So today we supposedly have secured computers and I never once had any comprised Windows 95- Windows XP computers like we have now. Government, Corporations, and other nefarious actors did not have the unbridled access to my computers behind the scenes like we have now. I would much rather go back to the good ole days of the worst that could happen is some malware hijacked my computer and bombarded it with so many Adware software that it eventually ran out of memory. Than to not know if Christopher Wray is watching everything I type on my computer in real time, regardless if I hit submit or not.

So as we approach this dystopian future, all of the cool doodads and devices, the medical advances, high tech cars that serve the owners, it's all taking a backseat and is being set back by decades while the Dystopian Feudalism of the 20th centuries depiction of the Future comes into focus. The transhumanism, the unconstitutional treatment of law abiding citizens charging them with thought crimes. We reserved those cautions for George Orwell books, we did not see that correlation that the Sci-Fi Art of the 20th century was depicting the same hopelessness, but only they glorified it. Dare I say they weren't writing Science Fiction at all, but the George Orwell anecdote?

The Utopian façade of Dystopia all of it.

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1   PeopleUnited   2023 Nov 22, 4:43am  

Is TPB waxing poetic here?

The fact is technology is neutral, but humans always and unfailingly will find evil ways to exploit every technology and resource including other people. The globalist satanists have been waiting to ensnare and control the population of the world to greater and greater degrees. Technology is giving them the upper hand, except for on thing. Jesus is coming again soon to rescue believers and set the captives free. Anyone who trusts in religion or technology or academia is a prisoner of these lies, just like anyone captive to a dictatorship like the globalists are seeking to implement worldwide. But Jesus can set the captives free.
2   Tenpoundbass   2023 Nov 22, 5:25am  

PeopleUnited says

Is TPB waxing poetic here?

Well sort of, but the to take aways here are...

1)In pop culture in the 20th century no matter how modern and how many technical marvels we were given, it was never "The Future" enough.
2)The Future was always portrayed in a techno oligarch oppression(much like we have now)

I would say we've arrived to the 80's action and scifi movies definition of "The Future" Just by the way Biden runs his Tom Clancy villain administration.
And the Brazil and 1984 executive leaderships in damn near every sector. Now that it's here... "It's CRAP!"

Looking back many of the products and technology we let go of in chasing the future, were far superior than this plastic and glass rectangle I hold in my hand. It just doesn't have the same panache as those Star Trek Communicator portrayed.
3   Tenpoundbass   2023 Nov 22, 5:40am  

Butt Plug says "more cowbell!"

Buttigieg: Companies Are Delaying EV Spending, But ‘No Going Back’ — Can’t Think ‘Old Technologies Will Work’

Here I am wagering our older technology was far superior at fulfilling our needs vs the manufacturer's and the Government's needs.

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