Solving Immigration and Ukraine Together

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2024 Feb 5, 11:35am   100 views  4 comments

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1   Eric Holder   2024 Feb 5, 12:04pm  

Ukraine has nothing to do with illegal immigration but everything to do with disarmement and nuclear non-proliferation we wanted so bad back in 1990s. GOPers are being stupid by blocking the aid and both parties are being stuipid by tying it to the illegals. And if they want quick cheap solution just give back the nukes, bombers and cruise missiles we took in 1994 and wash our hands. Even the fraction of what we took back then would suffice. The moment the scepter of cruise missile with a nuke warhead flying into Kremlin becomes a possibility there will be no SHMO.

PS. BTW, the USSR has already violated it not once - by invading Ukraine - but twice by transferring tactical nukes to another signatory of the NNPT - Belarus. We now have more than enought reasons and legal cover to do the same. But no balls.
2   Ceffer   2024 Feb 5, 6:28pm  

3   RedStar   2024 Feb 5, 6:33pm  

The Senate really does not represent America anymore.
4   UkraineIsFucked   2024 Feb 6, 1:47pm  

RedStar says

The Senate really does not represent America anymore.

The Senate never did and was never supposed to. You are confusing it with the House.

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