Freedom House is now Fake and Ghey

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Investigations into the violent aftermath of the 2020 presidential election continued throughout the year. Hundreds of people were convicted of crimes linked to the January 2021 insurrection, in which supporters of then president Donald Trump assaulted the Capitol and attempted to disrupt congressional certification of Joseph Biden’s victory. A special congressional committee completed its inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the attack in December, referring Trump and several key allies to the Justice Department for potential prosecution.

Assaulted without weapons, including a guy dressed up like a Shaman, a still-wanted Grandma walking between stanchions while waving a US Flag, and of course the vile Pelosi's desk feet putter-upper.

And the "special Committee" was "unselect" where none of Trump's supporters were allowed to be members of as they displeased the Speaker of the opposition party.

Midterm elections in November resulted in divided control of Congress, with the Republican Party winning a narrow majority in the House of Representatives and the Democratic Party retaining a working majority in the Senate. While hundreds of Republican candidates for offices across the country explicitly and groundlessly denied the legitimacy of Biden’s 2020 victory over Trump, most of those whose election would have given them influence over administration of the 2024 presidential balloting lost their races.

The bias is implicit:

In June, the Supreme Court overturned a 1972 decision that had established a constitutional right to abortion, thereby returning the issue to the states. New or existing laws that took effect in many states reduced access to abortion, and at least 12 states imposed near-total bans on the procedure.


Yes, it's dangerous to democracy for elected representatives to remove a medical procedure (of which the government bans many 1000s of procedures and drugs at all levels) that is deeply unpopular with many voters.

There's more on Abortion, Wide Open Borders with Unlimited Immigration, etc. that Freedom House now insists is "part and parcel" of Democracy.
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