Proxy war retaliation in the US

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2024 Feb 12, 9:29am   64 views  2 comments

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Last week I made an offhand comment about my “theory” on the obvious epidemic of industrial “accidents,” and in doing so accidentally got a bunch of you highly curious and wanting more. It is not really so much of a theory as a possible explanation for a curious pattern I noticed in my regular daily review of the international news. Lawyer Disclaimer: It is only a theory.

But it’s a good theory.

Many of us have marveled at media’s lamentable lack of curiosity over all the mysterious industrial fires and explosions decorating the U.S. over the last couple years, which has fueled all kinds of fiery and explosive speculation. But I will propose an uncomplicated, parsimonious explanation for everything we’re seeing that the media won’t talk about. ...

I’m proposing there is a pattern easily discernible among all these mysterious industrial accidents. What if I told you they loosely came in pairs? What if I suggested that oftentimes when there’s a mysterious fire or explosion or drone attack in Russia or Iran, it’s followed within a few days — or even on the same day — by a matching mysterious refinery fire or explosion in the United States? And that the paired events could often be called equivalent or proportional, and have so far somehow seemed to avoid serious, escalatory civilian casualties? ...

For sake of space, we will only examine oil refineries. And, to keep it manageable, I’ll just start from December (although you can go back for over a year and find the same destructive tempo). ,,,

The pattern is right there, and it’s always highly suggestive. After a brief break for the holidays, our cases resumed. On January 25th, a blaze broke out, again, in the middle of the night, at a giant oil refinery in the southern Russian town of Tuapse. Built in 1929, the Tuapse refinery is one of Russian’s oldest, and is the only large refinery located on the Black Sea.

And then … five days later on January 31st, a gas pipeline mysteriously exploded in an Oklahoma town — near the Texas border — creating a glow on the horizon so big it could "be seen for miles.” No cause of the pipeline explosion has been announced (and never will be).

... Are you getting the idea? Are you with me yet? The timing is incredibly suggestive, of course, but to me, the proportionality of the incidents seems to be the dead giveaway. If your enemy strikes you with a deniable stealth attack against your 40-foot fishing boat, you don’t sabotage their cruise ship, or their rowboat. Your spies swim out in the middle of the night and punch a hole in the side of one of your enemy’s 40-foot fishing boats.

Even Steven. It has to be even-Steven. That’s how your enemy knows it was paid back.

There are ways to test my theory. For instance, try searching for news of similar types of refinery fires in the last six months anywhere else besides the U.S., Russia, and Iran. You won’t find them. Not in India. Not in Mexico. Not in Venezuela. Not in Saudi Arabia. (Note: There are direct military attacks against refineries in Syria and Iraq between U.S. and Iranian-affiliated forces, which is a completely different and not-hidden pattern.) ...

If you look to the media, or ask the ChatBots, or the federal law enforcement agencies, or the military, they will hysterically deny any connection. No evidence! It’s gaslighting all the way down, from here to the end of the official government propaganda pipeline. But please. It is a coincidence beggaring belief that two similar-sized events happen at two oil refineries in Russia and then at two oil refineries in America within a few hours of each other.

Give me a break.

Deniers will squawk about correlation not necessarily proving causation. But correlation is certainly evidence of causation, and nobody disputes that. And at some point, correlation does definitively prove causation.

How many coincidences does it take? How many to conclude that the U.S. and Russia are involved in tit-for-tat infrastructure attacks? Whenever a Ukrainian drone hits a Russian oil refinery, guess what immediately happens to an American oil refinery? It’s like the Russians aren’t even blaming Ukraine anymore. It’s gotten to the point that, when I see news of a Russian refinery fire, I start counting down until I see the bookend story over here. ...

Were you confused why Republicans in Congress supported Ukraine aid for so long? I suggest to you it may be because they were being shown classified information proving Russia was hitting targets inside the U.S., which made the Congresspeople mad as hornets at Russia, for a long time.

It took them a while to figure out Russia only does it after our Proxy strikes a Russian target first.

Our porous border has allowed our enemies to build invisible military bases inside the United States. We have no business attacking anyone until we solve that threat. More importantly, the Russians and the Iranians know we are toothless. Apparently they can strike us at will. If anything, our enemies have shown an enormous amount of restraint.

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1   Ingrid   2024 Feb 12, 9:33am  

the fires did not escape my attention, but the connection with Russian and Iranian fires was obvious. I only saw the reports of the American ones and wondered how it could be, so many fires... have the saboteurs anonymously crossed the borders? was it done with drones? but surely Jeff hit onto something. He better beware, or he ends up like Tucker ! persona non grata in his own country.

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