The Midazolam Murders

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For the greater good: Did UK MP Andrew Bridgen just let slip the government’s motive for the midazolam murders?

Roguski: Has anyone given you a reason why they don’t want to deal with this discussion? [Ed. – excess deaths].

Bridgen: They haven’t, and apart from the fact that before I was thrown out of the conservative party for raising it I had and hour and a half meeting with a Party grandee who at this stage will remain nameless. I explained all my concerns in January ‘23 about the vaccine harms and NG163 which was…it would appear would well be the euthanasia or euthanising of elderly/vulnerable out of hospital…to make way for the first wave of expected covid patients back in 2020. And at the end of that meeting the party representative said to me ‘Andrew there is currently no political appetite for your views on the vaccines there may well be in 20 years’ time and you’re probably going to be proven right then but in the meantime you need to bear in mind that you are taking on the most powerful vested interests in the world with all the personal risks for you which that would entail’…

[End transcript]

The key phrase here from Bridgen is ‘make way’ which means that the government was anticipating the hospitals to be overrun. They had to ‘make room’ and ‘free up care in the NHS’ based on a predictive model.

Did the UK government see the covid modelling, panic, and then kill the vulnerable to ‘save the NHS’?

If so, who gave the order to kill?

How did they decide who to kill?


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1   Ingrid   2024 Feb 20, 10:41am  

makes one wonder if they did and do the same in Canada. I read that 2 doctors there euthanized 600 people and were proud of it. These are doctors! they swore not to do harm. I wonder if killing someone is no harm? I can understand people who are terminally ill and in great pain, asking to be helped to quicken death, but that should be the exception. In Canada it is now the rule, so it seems. From obituaries in Belgium (my country of origin) I seem to read between the lines that it is done frequently, although the law says 3 doctors must all agree that death is inevitable and no healing possible. But there too, some people are above that, specially high ups. I think of a singer last year, and a poet several years ago. An elderly woman whose only daughter died... just a few examples. As to doctors - why don't they search for ways to heal people instead of helping them die???
2   NuttBoxer   2024 Feb 21, 7:00am  

I think it's premature to this only certain groups were targeted. I read more than a few stories about ventilators and Remdesivir killing younger healthier people. Midazolam is the UK equivalent.

Study, not yet reviewed on correlation between excess death spikes and Midazolam injections:
3   stereotomy   2024 Feb 21, 2:08pm  

It's a murderous scam to eliminate pensioners and medicare recipeints. This country is essentially bankrupt - SS going negative, weaponizing SWIFT so fewer countries want to trade in USD. How's the seignorage going to operate properly?
4   Patrick   2024 Mar 2, 2:46pm  


‘Crime of the Century’: New Research Paper Raises Horrifying Possibility Covid Patients Were ‘Euthanized’
5   Patrick   2024 Mar 5, 3:26pm  


I was well aware of the deadly toxic experimental protocol drug Remdesivir. Because my mother refused Remdesivir and ventilator, she was left to suffer without any care at all. She was starved of oxygen, denied breathing treatments, ignored, ridiculed, mocked and severely neglected. My mother was held hostage. The hospital refused to release her to me. I called the police, many attorneys, nobody would help me.

After my mother refused Remdesivir, which shows 5 times according to the medical records, she was given this deadly drug without her knowledge and consent, after refusing it for 10 days. After 17 days of extreme neglect my mother was terrified and transferred to ICU.

Through medical records I found the document that shows a pulmonologist had already requested for my mom to begin end of life care. We were forced into hospice where my mother was given a date and time to be executed.

On October 22nd of last year at 1 o'clock PM my mother was overdosed on extremely high doses of Dilaudid, Adavan, and morphine. As the nurse began emptying cartridge after cartridge of narcotics into her IV, I squeezed my mother's hand. She opened her eyes and realized what was happening, she shook her head, no, with a look of absolute terror in her eyes. The nurse emptied more than 10 vials and while emptying the final one, the nurse looked at me and said, Just to be sure.

My mother's oxygen was then taken away. I sat there for an hour watching my mother gasp for air and took her final breath at 3:58 PM.

Since my mother's final breath, I've dedicated my life to not only getting justice for my mother, but all of the families who I've met through this nightmare. While fighting for justice, I've realized just how deep the corruption is, and also how deep the pockets of the lawmakers and everyone who completely disregarded, dismissed and continues to stay quiet really is also.

And I'm going to end this with a quote I find really fitting, and I'm sure everybody's heard this quote before, but:

The world will not be destroyed by those do evil but those who watch them without doing anything.
6   AmericanKulak   2024 Mar 5, 7:50pm  

By a "Big Professional Highly Efficient MegaHospital" Chain, color me shocked.

This wouldn't have happened in a traditional "St. Mary's" or "Southern Bapist" Hospital.

It only happens under "Professional Management" by Hospital Admins and Execs.
7   GNL   2024 Mar 5, 9:38pm  

When everything is finanialized, you're also financialized.
8   Patrick   2024 Mar 8, 2:16pm  


A bombshell new report has sent shockwaves around the world after an investigation into the high numbers of “Covid deaths” during the pandemic uncovered evidence that tens of thousands of elderly people were actually murdered to boost the mortality rates.

The data produced for the report indicated that people were being euthanized using a fatal injection of Midazolam.

The cause of their deaths was then listed as “Covid,” indicating that the virus was killing far more elderly people than it was.

The explosive data from the report was made public by Australian politician Craig Kelly, the national director of the United Australia Party.

The report obtained official UK government data on death rates and causes.

The data appears to show that vast numbers of elderly were murdered with an injection of the end-of-life drug Midazolam.

According to Kelly, the patients were euthanized in order to boost “Covid deaths” and ramp up public fear to garner support for lockdowns and vaccines.

While alerting the public about the data, Kelly declared that it exposes “the crime of the century.”

“These deaths were then falsely blamed on Covid, which was the basis of the public fear campaigns used to justify the lockdowns and mass-mandated injections of the public (including children) with an experimental medical intervention that had zero long-term safety data,” Kelly said in a post on X alongside copies of the data.

10   Patrick   2024 Mar 10, 12:55pm  


As we’ve scrutinized hundreds of cases from across the nation, we’ve compiled a list of the most prevalent characteristics associated with the deadly COVID hospital protocols. We’ve heard these things from victims again and again. ...

Isolation of victim: Victim is denied any access to family, friends, advocate, Pastor, Priest or Clergy, etc.
Strict adherence to EUA protocols: Only option allowed to victims are hospital “protocol” drugs; Remdesivir/Veklury, Baricitinib/Olumiant, Tocilizumab/Actemra. Often forced on victim when refused.
Denied alternative treatments: Denied requests (often ridiculed) for treatments like Vitamins, Ivermectin, Budesonide, Hydroxychloroquine, etc. False statements made that they are not “FDA Approved” or do not work.
Denied informed consent: No informed consent provided regarding medications, treatments, intubation, or procedures.
Gaslighting: Gaslighting by Hospital Staff. Victim and family constantly told the victim will die because they are unvaccinated/if they refuse to be vaccinated or if they don’t comply with hospital protocol or ventilation. Constantly told their loved one “was a very sick man” or “a very sick woman”.
Removal of communication devices: Call lights, glasses, cell phones or other communication devices removed from patients’ possession or placed out of their reach.
Dehumanization: The methodical dehumanization of the victim. Often described as “being treated like an animal”.
Pervasive sense of wrongdoing: Family members, friends, and often the victim all had a feeling that “something was wrong”.
Vaccination discrimination: Discrimination based on vaccine status. Mocking, verbal and physical abuse for being unvaccinated.
Rapid oxygen increase: Oxygen supplementation increased quickly causing lung complications and damage, leading to mechanical ventilation.
Refusal to communicate: Doctors, nurses, and hospital administration refusing to communicate with family or advocates.
Dehydration and starvation: Denial of food, water, or any nutrition. Given diuretics or laxatives.
Restraint abuse: Physical restraint and/or Chemical restraints used. Failure to follow legal requirements around the use of restraints. Ventilation used as restraint or as a method of behavior control.
Bathroom denial: Denial of bathroom use. Forced onto a catheter and/or rectal tube.
Non-emergency ventilation: Victim and family told it is just to “give the lungs a rest”.
DNR pressure or shenanigans: Pressured to sign DNR. Ignored or falsified DNR.
Palliative care pressure: Victim and family pressured into palliative care, comfort care or hospice. Family denied participation in the Palliative Care Consult Meeting. Palliative care ordered without consent.
Isolated even in death: Denied access to dying victim. Denied access to view the body after death. Denial of Last Rites.
Police/Security involvement: Police/Security used to keep victim isolated. Families threatened with arrest.
Refusal of transfer: Refusal to change doctors or make hospital transfer.
Infections and injuries: Sepsis, MRSA or Hospital-Acquired Infection. Pressure sores, skin tears, necrosis.
Neglect: Neglect and lack of basic care, general hygiene or grooming, bathing, linen changes.
Nighttime emergencies: Family woken up and pressured to make instant life and death choices with little information. Staff attempting to “scare them” or “confuse them”.
Perception of malevolence: Victim states or feels like hospital staff is torturing them or going to kill them.
Unqualified staff: Treatment by foreign, travel, FEMA, or unqualified Medical Staff.
12   clambo   2024 Mar 11, 8:03pm  

This is the drug they gave me as they moved my bed into the operating room.
It's like very fast acting Valium.
It's pretty great stuff, although the high is fleeting before you are unconscious (seconds)
14   Patrick   2024 Mar 17, 1:45pm  


Cardiologist Blows Whistle: All Hospital ‘Covid Deaths’ Were ‘Murdered’ ...

However, within weeks of the pandemic outbreak, it had become apparent that the standard practice of putting Covid patients on mechanical ventilation was a death sentence.

In New York City, 76.4% of Covid patients aged 18 to 65 who were placed on ventilators died.

Among patients over age 65 who were vented, the mortality rate was a staggering 97.2%.

The recommendation to place Covid patients on mechanical ventilation as a first-line response came from the World Health Organization (WHO). ...

The testimony from McCullough comes after recent reports revealed that hospital staff were ordered to euthanize patients during the pandemic in order to boost “Covid deaths.”

As Slay News reported, explosive leaked documents emerged that show hospitals were ordered to euthanize patients who had tested positive for COVID-19.

The official documents were leaked from the UK’s state-funded National Health Service (NHS).

The docs further confirm the previous reporting from Slay News that revealed patients were euthanized in order to boost the numbers for “Covid deaths.”
15   Onvacation   2024 Mar 18, 5:11pm  

Patrick says

Those 5 states are 27% of the population. Still...
16   Onvacation   2024 Mar 18, 5:20pm  

NuttBoxer says

I think it's premature to this only certain groups were targeted.

I think it's safe to say there were certain groups that weren't targeted. They want to cull back the world population to less than a billion and/or impose draconian (wear YOUR mask, stay in your house, take the latest injection OR ELSE) restrictions on the population. They almost succeeded and have not been punished yet. They'll probably try again.

But I'm a conspiracy theorist.
17   Onvacation   2024 Mar 18, 5:35pm  

NuttBoxer says

I read more than a few stories about ventilators and Remdesivir killing younger healthier people.

During the "pandemic" a high school classmate, healthy boomer, made the mistake of going to the local hospital. His family never saw him again.

After a couple of days at Kaiser Vallejo he was "life flighted" to Stanford Medical Center where he spent 2 weeks on "life support" until he died; Remdesivir and ventilation. He should have stayed home, drank lots of liquids, and rested until he felt better.

RIP Nick, You never should have taken the experimental biologic agent.

18   richwicks   2024 Mar 18, 6:11pm  

Onvacation says

RIP Nick, You never should have taken the experimental biologic agent.

The vax didn't kill him, the hospital did.
19   Onvacation   2024 Mar 20, 8:13pm  

richwicks says

The vax didn't kill him, the hospital did.


Not to mention the vax didn't work for him.

Same thing with the other person I know that died "from" the Wuhan; ventilator, drug induced coma, death. He was also fully vaxxed.
20   richwicks   2024 Mar 20, 8:53pm  

Onvacation says

Same thing with the other person I know that died "from" the Wuhan; ventilator, drug induced coma, death. He was also fully vaxxed.

The only way to prevent this from happening again is to be brutal against not just the people that carried this out, but their families. I still think every person in authority that pushed for this should be executed and their entire gene line exterminated through forced sterilization.

But it will never happen. They will do this again.
21   Patrick   2024 Mar 20, 10:09pm  

It is kind of insane that perhaps the worst mass murderer in history, Fauci, gets Secret Service protection at the expense of US taxpayers.
22   stereotomy   2024 Mar 21, 1:22am  

Patrick says

It is kind of insane that perhaps the worst mass murderer in history, Fauci, gets Secret Service protection at the expense of US taxpayers.

Meanwhile "they" deny Secret Service protection to RFK Jr. Coincidence?
23   richwicks   2024 Mar 21, 7:51am  

Patrick says

It is kind of insane that perhaps the worst mass murderer in history, Fauci, gets Secret Service protection at the expense of US taxpayers.

Why? The secret service protects war criminals, that's their job. Bush killed around a million, Obama around 2.
24   Patrick   2024 Mar 21, 11:03am  

This makes a good meme.

25   Patrick   2024 Mar 21, 11:05am  

stereotomy says

Meanwhile "they" deny Secret Service protection to RFK Jr. Coincidence?

Wait! That makes an even better meme!

26   Patrick   2024 Apr 1, 5:07pm  


I’ll never forget the story shared by a work associate. This was in the beginning of Covid-19 (early 2020).

She shared how her family was told her father had tested positive for Covid-19. She described his medical condition as elderly with pre-existing conditions and struggling to breathe. She said initially 911 refused services because he was Covid positive.

Next, she communicated how the family frantically made every attempt to contact the medical system for 2 days with no response. No medical treatment was ever offered. Finally on Day 3, an ambulance arrived but it was too late. He died almost immediately upon arrival at the hospital.

She was devastated. ...

Her story is one of many who needlessly lost their lives from Delayed Treatment.

It's hard to avoid the conclusion that Fauci and the other mass murderers wanted as many people as possible to die from their Wuhan creation.


$100 billion in vaxx sales
facilitate mail-in ballot fraud
reduce social security expenses
27   Patrick   2024 Apr 3, 5:25pm  


This is because Sweden did not engage in mass murder.
29   rocketjoe79   2024 Apr 5, 9:28am  

Death rates may be strongly affected by fentanyl deaths.
30   Patrick   2024 Apr 15, 10:34pm  


Humza Yousaf and Jeane Freeman ordered to explain widespread use of DNR orders during pandemic

The two former SNP health secretaries are expected to be questioned under oath about the use of Do Not Resuscitate orders in Scotland, after bombshell allegations of forged signatures and blanket use

They were ordered to murder as many people as possible, and they did exactly that. The goal was to scare people into taking the toxxine.

But who gave the order?
31   richwicks   2024 Apr 15, 11:01pm  

Patrick says

But who gave the order?

They don't know. This is what a cutout is in intelligence.

They can't finger the criminal but they were given (tricked?) into following orders.

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