More proof that the Left owns Nazis and Swastikas

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2024 Mar 31, 7:49am   99 views  1 comment

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It's their weapon to wield as they see fit in any context that they need to invoke it.

First and foremost it's just a way to smear someone in a mental trap that is indefensible.
Second they can produce a swastika against the Jews, because of course they own the context.


When a stinking filthy commie Leftfuck calls you a Nazi, he is really telling you all about himself.

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1   Patrick   2024 May 14, 6:50pm  

Lol, now the insane left is calling Jewish lesbian Bari Weiss a Nazi for daring to question the narrative:


Nellie Bowles and Bari Weiss are extremely conventional liberals, a lesbian couple, Jewish, graduates of Columbia University, professional journalists, and residents of a very blue big city. But Bari Weiss left the New York Times because of her support for free speech and her concerns about cancel culture, so she’s LiTEraLLy tHe mOSt hOrRiBLesT nAzI eVEr!!!!!!!!

Jewish lesbians, the very heart of the Nazi movement. ...

Journalists warn that the dangerous American far-right is maneuvering to prevent the passage of a bill to punish antisemitism, and they also note that opposition to the antisemitism bill opposed by the far-right is being led by Jerrold Nadler — a liberal Jewish congressman from New York City. Why does this make sense? It doesn’t. It doesn’t begin to. They’re insane. They doesn’t see the most obvious reality, in the most basic way. They have broken with the world of the real.

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