Seth Rich removal adopted as official globalist policy

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2024 May 15, 6:51am   228 views  11 comments

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BRATISLAVA, Slovakia — Media reports say Slovakia’s populist Prime Minister Robert Fico was injured in a shooting and taken to hospital.

Slovakia prime minister taken to hospital as President Zuzana Caputova condemns ‘brutal and ruthless’ attack.

Fico was hit in the stomach after four shots were fired outside the House of Culture in the town of Handlova on Wednesday afternoon, Slovakian media reported.

A suspect has been detained, according to the Dennik N news outlet and TA3, a Slovakian TV station.

Deputy speaker of parliament Lubos Blaha confirmed the incident during a session of Parliament and adjourned it until further notice, the Slovak TASR news agency said.


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1   Al_Sharpton_for_President   2024 May 15, 7:59am  

He has been outspoken against deepening Western involvement in the Ukraine war, for which he's made many enemies and critics among Western allies, and of course within Ukraine itself.

For example, here's how CNN last October described his ascendancy to prime minister and leader of the small NATO member state... "A party headed by a pro-Kremlin figure came out top after securing more votes than expected in an election in Slovakia, official results show, in what could pose a challenge to NATO and EU unity on Ukraine.”

2   Patrick   2024 May 15, 8:44am  

A friend wrote me that Fico is a skeptic about the toxxine.

Mentioned in De Telegraaf.


He was against Vax Treaty.
3   AD   2024 May 15, 8:56am  

Don't think its a false flag as there is no advantage trying to pin this on the CIA and West.

This may have been a means to send a message also to President Orban of Hungary, who is more an adversary to the EU as far as immigration and Ukraine War.
4   Patrick   2024 May 15, 9:25am  


During the Covid pandemic he became the country’s most prominent voice against masks, lockdowns and vaccination.
5   Ceffer   2024 May 15, 11:35am  

“If we express other political opinions with pistols in squares, and not in polling stations, we are jeopardizing everything that we have built together over 31 years of Slovak sovereignty,” Pellegrini said.

Guess he didn't notice the slight problems with the polling stations these days.
7   Ceffer   2024 May 15, 4:43pm  

He needed one of those assassination cults that will weed out the perps back to all of their identifiable families for several generations. If you have one of those, attempts on your life will be much rarer. Also, watch out for that DNA test if you have any shared DNA with perps (although organ compatibility is likely more hazardous).

8   Ceffer   2024 May 15, 6:00pm  

I remember an unseemly number of African leaders were suddenly killed when they refused the NWO vaccine mandates and WHO inflicted policies over fake Covid 19.

9   Patrick   2024 May 15, 7:30pm  


Slovakia, a nice country in the heart of Europe, is unique in one important respect: it is the only country, out of the whole world, whose leader denounced COVID vaccines and announced a COVID inquiry into excess deaths, corrupt influence of Pfizer, and ill effects of COVID vaccines.

Many of us were wondering what would the outcome of this investigation be. Will excess deaths be finally correctly attributed? Will the cozy relationships between Pfizer and the media it sponsored be disclosed? What answers can we finally get, when a government is led by an honest man wanting to get to the bottom of the “pandemic response”?

Today, we have the answer. ...

The assassin, Juraj Cintula, is an operative of “Progressive Slovakia.” He is also the founder of the “Rainbow Literary Club”.
10   Patrick   2024 May 15, 9:29pm  


Last week he speaks out against the NWO agenda, today they try to assassinate him.

11   Patrick   2024 May 21, 4:48pm  


Lo and behold, a few days later it is revealed by Slovakian press that Cintula could not have been a ‘lone wolf’. Why? Because all his social media communication was deleted TWO hours after the attack. TWO hours after he had been arrested and was in custody.

A few days ago, Slovakian Minister of the Interior Matus Sutaj Estok assured us that Cintula was a ‘lone wolf’ but today confirmed that it couldn’t have been Cintula’s wife that deleted his communication history either.

Two hours after the murder attempt, all Facebook and communication history of the perpetrator was deleted from his home computer. The culprit himself could not do it, because he was detained on the spot. The investigators established that his wife could not touch the IT devices either. Therefore, the head of the ministry believes that the possibility that a group is behind the crime must be taken into account.

What group did Cintula work for and what influence did they have? ...

The image above shows that during the 1980s, Communist Czechoslovak counter intelligence had the wannabe assassin, Juraj Cintula under surveillance for being a US asset. Hmmm.

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