17% of college students have been prescribed medication for a mental health issue.

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2024 Jun 10, 11:45am   190 views  4 comments

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Psychiatric medication prescriptions for college students have been rising since 2007, with approximately 17% of college students prescribed medication for a mental health issue.

This increase mirrors overall increases in both mental health diagnoses and treatment of university students.


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1   Patrick   2024 Jun 10, 11:49am  

Lots of money for big pharma!
2   Ceffer   2024 Jun 10, 1:46pm  

My nephew's wife at Stanford (she worked in grad counseling) said that half of the undergraduates are on some kind of med. She also said she had to be a suicide hotline for graduate students, who were prone to suicide attempts.

I remember that being the case at UC Berkeley, too, that they put up barriers in Sather Tower (Berkeley's ISIS or Masonic tower or whatever) to halt the frequent embarrassment of student suicides from that location.

High pressure, competition, too much self flagellation from internal sources and external expectations amongst the striving, competition besotted poindexters toiling for their NASCAR stickers leads to suicidal tendencies if demands are not met.

On the other hand, my ex BIL from the donor Bohemian Grove club at Stanford just cruised, playing bridge, taking bowling classes etc. and once just dropped out without notice, only to be welcomed back with open arms later. It is a matter of pride with that group that they 'get by' on the gentleman's 'C' barely passing as a symbol of their aristocracy. Pleasing manners and country club bonhomie are more important. He became a wheel in the State Department.

My nephew's wife gave an interview at her alma mater about how socially arrested the new crops of incoming freshmen were from Covid isolation. They were socially phobic as a group. The terrorism definitely affected them negatively, and she said they needed tutoring just to learn how to socialize normally. Of course, combine that with the maiming vax, you have a whole generation of scholars hampered out the gate, as planned by the Tavistock fiends. The aristocrats like my BIL were likely exempt and had their own 'university within the university'.
3   clambo   2024 Jun 11, 4:45pm  

I probably dated a few nuts come to think of it.

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