J6 Patriot Hero and Former Political Prisoner of Illegitimate Authoritarian Biden Regime Speaks Out

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2024 Jun 10, 7:48pm   55 views  0 comments

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View Daniel's PDF here

Daniel Goodwyn

A few years ago, I walked into the US Capitol for less than a minute, and for that
I’ve been persecuted to this day - including 2 months in Federal prison.
I’m one of at least 1,417 peaceful protesters so far, known as J6ers, who are being
targeted by the DOJ, and it’s far from over.

I will show you how you can help at the end of this short presentation.
To start, this video takes you back to the moment when a Capitol Police sniper
instigated a riot by shooting Joshua Matthew Black in the face, setting in motion
what Democrats and RINOs alike still like to call “The Insurrection”. ...

The Map
They say if you were
in this imaginary red
line that they drew
after-the-fact that
you were trespassing
even though the
“restricted” signs and
fences were removed
early in the day.


I walked in the building through an open door
manned by police who weren’t stopping anybody from
entering, and didn’t break anything, take anything,
or harm anyone. I stayed inside for under a minute
and left when an officer told me to. ...

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