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Zillow.com Zestimate - Duplicate Zillow entry for one house
by JG1 on 21 Jun 2011   10 comments, latest 13 years ago
Zillow has two listings for my house - I'm not going to provide the link or address. I looked all around their site and forums about how to correct ...

California Property Tax Assessment Appeals (Los Angeles County)
by JG1 on 15 Nov 2011   1 comment, latest 13 years ago
Has anyone actually gone all the way through the Los Angeles County Board of Assessment Appeals property tax decline in value appeals process? That is, after the assessor has ...

Link submission - Obama Admin. pushing subprime loans
by JG1 on 11 May 2011   Posted 13 years ago
Obama Admin. pushing subprime loans: http://www.businessweek.com/ma #politics
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