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Election Day Judges - Voting YES or NO
by Michael Cooke on 3 Nov 2022   10 comments, latest a month ago
Election Day will be here soon. Under the judges section, the judges do not list their political parties I also have yet to see a political advertisement for a judge ...

Is CNN telling the truth for once ? Wall Street is buying up family homes. The rent checks are too juicy to ignore
by Michael Cooke on 3 Aug 2021   1 comment, latest a year ago
Article date 08/02/21 Link is here: https://edition.cnn.com/2021/0 Wall Street is buying up family homes. The rent checks are too juicy to ignore....

What's your opinion Chiropractors?
by Michael Cooke on 13 Oct 2012   58 comments, latest 10 years ago
I believe they are quacks practicing pseudoscience. Once upon a time I was severely injured by a Chiropractor in Venice Beach. It cost me thousands of dollars out of ...

Is Miami, FL a good investment yet?
by Michael Cooke on 30 Sep 2012   34 comments, latest 10 years ago
Specifically Brickell, Miami FL. I visited this area on business 2 years ago. Absolutely loved it. Everything is brand new. The area looks extremely clean and business oriented. Just ...
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