Electronic Brain Link Network
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Electronic Brain Link Network

By anonymous following x   2017 Apr 28, 12:11am 597 views   10 comments   watch   quote     share    

I am a huge fan of science fiction. Playing the What-If Game is always a fun mental exercise with clever people...

What if we didn't have to wait for wireless brain-to-brain communication? For audible and visual brain-to-digital-and-back-to-brain communication?

What if it was an already maturing technology of some twenty years, but currently rested only in the hands of the NSA, CIA, FBI, NGA, IRS, and BLM types? (three letter acronyms only please) :-)

While Huxley and Orwell remain loads of fun on long rainy Saturday afternoons, lets face it, those gentlemen never were quite up-to-speed with what was coming in the Information Age.

What if a disproportionate number of ultra-conservative, secret squirrel, "My name is Smith...Joseph Smith" religious types had been tapping thousands of unwitting brains for years? Simply because of their disproportionate numbers in the organizations above. Tilting the technology in their favor since the 1980's.

What if the NSA had a deeper understanding of the nature of electro-bio-neurology than we had thought possible. Kept well compartmentalized and hidden within the bureaucracy of course. Would it have been for the better that such a thing had been kept secret? Would their hands not have been the best hands in which to entrust such technology?

Feel free to ignore the philosophical challenge. I think most of you have realized by now that I don't put these topics up on the board so that people will comment on them in droves. -eab

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If no one else is up to the challenge, I will add another unlikely chapter to the whacky-what-if scenario listed above.

Suppose the very same secret microwave-tower-to-satellite-to-microwave-tower technology that fuels the Brain-to-Brain Network I hypothesized about above, is on a technological collision course with the the high frequency trading cabal's efforts to provide ever faster, but increasingly minute incremental advantages to the equally whacky world where the super rich get ever richer by buying and selling stocks in subdivisions of time so small that ONLY microwave technology can manage it.

Yeah...I know...silly sci-fi isn't it?

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@deepcgi Is this something along the lines you were going for? US Military: DARPA Grants $65 Million To Connect Human Brains With Digital Devices.

A U.S. Military DARPA program is putting $65 million into the creation of an implantable device that will provide data-transfer between human brains and the digital world.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the emerging technology organization under the U.S. Department of Defense, announced Monday that five research institutions and one private corporation will be recipients of the brain-to-computer research grants. The program seeks to heighten hearing, sight and other sensory perception as well as creating a digital brain implant to relay neuron transmissions directly to digital devices.

The recipients of the $65 million Materials for Transduction (MATRIX) program grants are: Brown University; Columbia University; University of California, Berkeley; Fondation Voir et Entendre (The Seeing and Hearing Foundation); John B. Pierce Laboratory and San Jose, California-based Paradromics, Inc.

Full Article: http://www.ibtimes.com/us-military-darpa-grants-65-million-connect-human-brains-digital-devices-2564040

Found this one as well but not sure if either is what you were going after. Hacking The Brain: The Future Computer Chips In Your Head

Over the past twenty years, neuroscientists have been quietly building a revolutionary technology called BrainGate that wirelessly connects the human mind to computers and it just hit the world stage. Entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg have entered the race with goals of figuring out how to get computer chips into everyone’s brains. The attention of Musk and Zuckerberg means the potential for giant leaps forward. But the question no one seems to be asking is whether our dependence on machines and technology has finally gone too far. Countries annually celebrate their independence from other countries, but it now seems we should start asking deeper questions about our personal independence.

60 Minutes recently ran a piece showing how engineers are using what scientists have learned about the brain to manipulate us into staying perpetually addicted to our smartphones. The anxiety most of us feel when we are away from our phone is real: During the 60 Minutes piece, researchers at California State University Dominguez Hills connected electrodes to reporter Anderson Cooper’s fingers to measure changes in heart rate and perspiration. Then they sent text messages to his phone, which was out of his reach, and watched his anxiety spike with each notification.

The segment revealed that virtually every app on your phone is calibrated to keep you using it as often and as long as possible. The show made an important point: a relatively small number of Silicon Valley engineers are experimenting with, and changing in a significant way, human behavior and brain function. And they’re doing it with little insight into the long-term consequences. It seems the fight for independence has gone digital.

Full Article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffstibel/2017/07/10/hacking-the-brain/#551d144a2009

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deepcgi says

What if it was an already maturing technology of some twenty years, but currently rested only in the hands of the NSA, CIA, FBI, NGA, IRS, and BLM types?

Black Lives Matter has this tech?

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It's fun to play with technology that can fry your brain.
Especially if it can be hacked remotely.
On the other hand we desperately need to improve human intelligence on this planet.

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Bay Area:

Yes. Those touch on the idea don't they? It looks as though folks like Musk and Zuckerberg have been given some convincing demonstrations of at least mind-to-computer control, but based on their own enthusiasm for what they are developing, have seen much more.

What if Voice-to-Skull and Video-to-Skull wireless technologies were not purely the stuff of paranoid dreams of Manchurian Candidate film fans, but a reality? I know it's a stretch, but i'm not suggesting heavy-handed mind control - only wireless communication. It feels, at first-blush, like "we have not only put a man on Mars, without telling you all, but we've opened a Hilton there as well." It seems absurd that such a monumental feat of Neuroscience, Ophthalmology, Extreme Low-Frequency Microwave line-of-sight-free networking, and digital processing research would not slap us in the face each and every day in business, medical, and political news. But that is why we have our mental exercise, yes?

The advantages of keeping such research secret, such as the US intelligence Agencies did with other programs like the Star Gate Remote Viewing Programs of the 70's, is of course prudently defensive. We don't know where it would lead. Surely, it would only be prudent to keep it secret, especially if satellite to ground-based microwave array to skull implant technologies actually worked. Perhaps transmitting and receiving information without wires from the audio and visual cortex is not too far a leap from the miniaturization trend.

Isn't that part inevitable? iPhones so small you don't need to hold them. Earpieces and microphones so small, you don't need to wear them. Some of you will know this piece of the mind game is old news. Maybe the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy 16 Series will come by prescription only...

"Not everyone can use the new iPhone 16 liquid. Make an appointment, today, and ask your Doctor if iPhone 16 Holo-drops are right for you. And remember, last year's iPhone 15s Contact Lens system is now more affordable than ever." (We don't even want to touch-on the iPhone Lasik fiasco of 3 years ago. Shudder)

Well. one conflict I see arising in such a scenario, is the also inevitable collision between government secrecy and private enterprise. You wouldn't be able to keep Doctors Strangelove, Einstein, Oppenheimer, and Welby hidden away from the super-rich boys forever would you? Again inevitably, some non-government capitalist, just like Musk or Zuckerberg or Rice, is going to get wind that breakthroughs have been made - that microwave networks of immense power are humming with activity that makes no other logical sense, and will begin R&D of their own.

More horrifying would be the possibility that the technology is considerably more reliable than previously thought, and had in fact been used surreptitiously already.

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Fun to think about but not reality. The brain is the most complicated entity known to man. Someday this will be possible maybe but we're not even close yet. Hell we can't even figure out the human genomes intricacies yet with it's diploid 3.2 billion linear base pairs. The brain is a somewhat random (learned) collection of 10 billion (if I recall) connections.

The genome is coming along. Prices for sequencing have dropped significantly and there will soon be many millions to run machine learning codes on. This is in progress. It'll take a while to collect the necessary data to train on brains.

What will happen first is we'll (China first) use CRISPR to engineer embryos so that they are super intelligent. A whole generation smarter than Einstein. It's only a matter of flipping ~50 SNPs in a genome to do it. 50 as that is the square root of the known number of SNPs that are already correlated with high IQ and the square root is all that is required. So it's relatively trivial to do soon.

At that point that generation, the elevated compute-power that'll be around in 30-40 years and the AI will figure the brain out.

7   deepcgi   ignore (0)   2017 Jul 11, 9:31pm   ↑ like (0)   ↓ dislike (0)     quote      


I hear you. I think that's very accurate, with respect to the Holy Grail of Mind-to-Mind networking, but I put to you that it may end up not being necessary to decode each individual brain's interpreted neural activities to perform voice or image to skull transmission.

8   just_passing_through   ignore (0)   2017 Jul 11, 9:41pm   ↑ like (0)   ↓ dislike (0)     quote      

Fair enough... Could be...

9   deepcgi   ignore (0)   2017 Dec 2, 1:56pm   ↑ like (0)   ↓ dislike (0)     quote      

In My Mind, there is no question there would be a preponderance of LDS secret squirrels and big oil money in this theoretical Mind-2-Mind Network. The prophecy that (to paraphrase) "the Elders of Zion would rise up and save the US Constitution while it hangs by a thread", heated up in the young returned missionary mind-share in the 80's when E. T. Benson spoke about it repeatedly as a dire threat to our nation. That would be the year that the CIA recruited me twice. I just got over pretending I was James Bond long before that. The irony, of course, being that to keep secret a technology that allows for synthetic telepathy, mind reading, surreptitious voice-to-skull, and neural network sync with bio-chemistry, while it is tested on unaware American citizens, is itself the penultimate destruction of the Bill of Rights.

That is where this becomes an intensely interesting story. All of the other religions arrive late to find that the mormons have already constructed a mind-2-mind paradise in their own image. (So OK, i'm leaning it a bit toward my own personal bias here, but 'hey' it's my What-If, right?).
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Oh, and how stupid of me, it wouldn’t be a Hilton on Mars would it? It would be a Marriott Inn and Suites.

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